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Monday, January 5, 2015

Fat-Shaming Week

There is a week in the middle of October where thin people are told on Facebook and Twitter to go around and take pictures of fat people without their permission and post it up with the hashtag referring to that week, so other people can look at and shame that person for being fat. NOW I know why this young girl took that picture of me at the gas station and at first I had no idea why I was being snapshotted without being asked to smile or say cheese!! LOL!! Because it occurred around that time. She wanted my pic for this fat shaming week. For a long time I wondered why anyone would want my pic, especially if they don't know me. Now, I know! It's a Facebook/Twitter thing! LOL! Oh well! I don't care personally for myself, like I said before, none of those people can hurt me. But what gets me is why does this week even exist? I learned about it through a video by a guy on YouTube, and he mentioned that one young girl already has killed herself over being bullied this way. I still wish that girl would have told me she was taking my pic! I would have at least smiled! If a bunch of dim-witted, dumbass bigots are going to look at me and say shit, I would have liked to have been smiling in the pic!!

But the idea that one girl has killed herself over this kind of thing really bothers me! Fat shaming never works, and I've said it before! I hate people who claim they shame fat people "for their own good". Because they don't do it for that person's own good! Face it! And admit it!! They can never get me to believe they point, laugh and call some fat person names because they care about that person's health and well-being! They do it because they are miserable people with nothing better to do and nothing intelligent to say, and they want to beat down someone else to make that other person as miserable as they, themselves are, so they pick on the one group of people that it is now acceptable to pick on, and that is fat people. That is why they do it. They are, in a sense, bigots. Nothing more, nothing less. I don't care what they call themselves, they are BIGOTS!! I hate bigots! You notice no one with any sense goes around making fun of fat people. If you took everybody who makes fun of fat people and put them all in a pile, and take all the people who know it's wrong to make fun of fat people and put them in a separate pile, and cracked each one open like a walnut, you'd see the people who make fun of fat people are the people who have the most problems and the most hurt inside them. But that's why bigots exist.

This kind of thing is also what killed my Michael! He got sick of people constantly taking his picture without his permission. And he wasn't fat!! Not by a long-shot! But it shows that people don't care who they hurt with their pictures and words. Makes me mad that people like that did that to him and, in a sense, took him away from us, the fans! If I didn't already have so many videos and pics all over the internet of myself, I would have felt the same way. Of course being a rock star, Michael had plenty of pics out there of himself too. He should have been used to it. But there are times a person just wants to be left alone. Or there are people out there who don't care to have pics of themselves up on the internet. And just because said person is fat does not mean he, or she, doesn't have the right to have that respected. And that is what I have against having a week devoted to fat shaming. Fat people may be bigger than average, but in the end, they are still people. Just because they are carrying a few extra pounds does not mean they are not people too. They didn't all of a sudden change species just because they put on a few pounds. But again, that's the kind of stuff bigots do. That is why I hate bigots!

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mikessa said...

Next time some dumbass wants to take your pic for some stupid sick joke about fat people, give them the finger or stick out your tongue at them. It just might make them stop and they will move onto someone else. They do it because they think your not gonna do anything.
Or this, tell them that you'll shove that camera up their butts if they don't cut it out.