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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Are People Better Looking Now Than Years Ago?

I saw this question on Quora, and I had to mention it here. I saw one person's answer and he said no, people today are actually getting uglier. I agreed with him. I said all women today either don't want to identify as their true gender or are feminists, neither one of which is ever attractive. Women who choose to play the gender version of musical chairs, usually look more like boys than women, so they are usually ugly. Feminists are usually fat with crew cuts and manly facial features so they are almost always ugly too.

And the men today. Oh my GOD!! They're nowhere near as attractive as they were. In fact, I think Michael and Timmy are the last two handsome men left in the world. Well, Timmy anyways. But all other men today are either fat, bald, gay, trans, or are cat-lovers. Also neither one of which is usually very handsome. Gay men can be cute, but I would never fall in love with them. No point in it. Trans men are never cute! And I don't particularly go for bald men either. And cat-loving men are not even real men. I think most of them are the so-called "gender fluid" types.

I have a running joke in fact that there will never be another Michael or Timmy! They are the last of their kind. And if there ever is another Michael or Timmy, then you girls had better be careful!! Because they could really be women who only identify as "men". That's the future of rockstars! And that is sad. I treat it as a joke, but really it is sad. Sad to know that real men don't exist anymore. Sad to know we will never see a real man or woman without worrying "is that really a man?" or "is that really a woman?" For those of us who do not want to date someone who is the same sex as we are, and only just looks like the opposite sex on the outside.

Well anyways, I added this to my answer...

You know what I blame for this surge in ugly people? I blame cats. Yes, cats. Those furry little squatting bastards that have now infiltrated almost every home in the world. You notice how ever since cats have surpassed dogs in popularity (since the mid-1990s) people have gotten uglier? At the same time, we’ve seen a rise in obesity, mental illness, and general physical ugliness. I’ve never seen a man (or woman for that matter) that preferred cats that was in any way even remotely physically attractive.
I remember on Facebook, there was this guy, a young guy, and he was always complaining “Why can’t I get a girl to fall in love with me?” Well, I got a good look at his picture, and though he was kindof a nice person, he was unfortunately very UGLY!!! Well, through the months I realized why he was so ugly. He was a cat person, who never had a dog in his life. And I noticed this in just about every person I knew that was born into a family that preferred cats over dogs. Their kids always came out looking ugly, or were autistic. I think this guy unfortunately had both.

I hate to say it but it's true! I don't really like to call other people ugly, but if it's the truth, it's the truth. I've never seen any cat person that was as attractive as dog people. I think I did a post about this earlier on this blog. It was right after I found out Chris Cornell (whom Katrina adores with all her heart) was a dog person. Chris Cornell was a handsome man! Almost as handsome as Michael and Timmy. Well, Katrina would argue he was better-looking, but we won't get into that. Katrina used to like Billy Joe Armstrong, from Green Day. Now, she looks at him and says "yuk!" He put on some pounds! Katrina is no longer attracted to him. Billy Armstrong is a cat-person. That says enough.

Compare the men today with the men of yesteryear, and there is a distinctive difference. Men today want to look like women, whereas men of yesterday knew they were men and dressed and acted accordingly. They were not afraid to act like real men. They were not afraid to be real men. These days, libtards shame men so much now for acting like men, that men nowadays don't want to be real men. They get shamed out of it. So, for acceptance, they do what is acceptable to the left. They identify as the opposite gender. 

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