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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Two-Part Post

OMG!! I had forgotten about this!!! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 I read a post last night that I wrote a couple years ago, when I had that turmoil on Facebook right after my dad died. It was about Tess O'brien. It was about her telling everyone that I raped her. LMAO!!! That's soooooooooo fricken funny!!! She told everyone that I raped her. She lives in Australia and I've never been there, and I live in the USA. I wonder how I "raped" her? With a submarine?? Or maybe it was with that train that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to build going from the USA to Australia. Ya know, to eliminate air-travel?! Tess O'brien is so DUMB!! It is unbelievable she is even still alive. I feel sorry for that kid of her's!! I truly do!! To be raised by such a dumb woman is going to wind up being detrimental to that child's growth!! But I dunno. Maybe the kid is smarter than it's mom. What would be even funnier is finding out how many people believed that bullshit, and who. LMAO!!! I have the feeling one of her believers is a big, dumb goon named Matt Burney. He's probably the one that instigated the idea. Seriously though, I'm no rapist. I can't even believe Tess O'brien thought that one up. And even if I was a rapist, do you think I'd actually want to rape something that looks like this....

If I was a rapist with sense, I wouldn't touch that thing with a 50-foot pole!!! My dog's shit looks better!! Maybe if I were a blind rapist, I'd want to rape that. But that would be the only way I would even think of touching that. It'd still be gross, even if I were blind. LMAO!! I'll tell you, I've coughed up and spit out things that looked better than that thing! I realize I'm no great-looker myself, but at least I'm not as bad-looking as Tess O'brien!! 😂😂😂

The only good thing about looking at this buttwipe, is that she'd be so easy to caricaturize. I could write her into a story, where she rapes the animals. Then the animals take one look at her and run away screaming.

Ya know, I actually just gave myself a cute idea for a movie! LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 Watch for it on my YouTube channel!

Speaking of YouTube, guess who is back again!! It's Alysin Chains. Or excuse me, "Chainz"!! The new Hobofart. The only difference is this one is a catfag. Check out the little love-note it wrote to me...

Now, before you go thinking "TimmyHutchFan, that doesn't sound so bad" let me tell you something about little miss Chainz. When she says yes, she really means no. When you read this person's messages, you have to think in opposite terms. Basically this is nothing but a bullshitter. The only reason I am just now realizing it, well.... I've really known this person was a bullshitter all along. I just don't usually judge someone by how they act when I first meet them. But this person has been very consistent to a point where I am believing my first impression of this person was correct. So, when I read this comment, what this person is really saying is "I know exactly why people attack you, and it's not for no reason!" This was my only response to this comment...

And I am! I think the next time I see this person, I'm going to have a bit of fun with her. Him?....It! Whatever it is. I might just create a video just to have some fun with it. I knew this person was going to come once I put up my Veganism Is Dying video. She is so predictable!! LOL!! I knew that video would draw this person in!

Most of the time, I know why I am "attacked". It's because I speak my mind. People don't like it when someone speaks their mind. Especially liberals. But do I care what liberals think? No. I sure don't! I stopped caring about that long ago. Most of the time now, I just laugh at them. I like to share those laughs. I'll let you all know when I see Alysin Chainz again and how the outcome of that goes. But be ready, it's going to be about cats. Maybe my next video will be titled "Why I Don't Like Cats". That should draw this Chainz person in for sure! 😂😂😂 Like I said, it's a catfag. It cannot help bringing up cats every chance it getz! LMAO!!!

But then again, I don't know. Now that it knows I'm onto it, I may never see it again. Maybe it only likes the surprise sneak attack. Oh well. I'll be waiting. 😉

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