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Sunday, February 3, 2019

On The Lookout

A few months ago, a german shepherd dog was found mutilated in Seaside. Someone posted about it in the Seaside classifieds on Facebook. The poor dog had been mutilated and partially eaten by a damn cougar. Someone once posted about it in the Oregon Coast Craigslist page on Facebook. Someone asked if anyone was looking for their German shepherd dog. My response to that post was "Kill the damn thing!" I meant that! I have a dog. I don't want to worry about my baby when I take her out to go potty at night. Even though I am with her, and I don't let her lag. We are still out in the country, and this could happen to Mya. One Seaside resident said he's seen cougars stalking him and his dog, and he lives in an apartment complex. Thank GOD I don't currently live in Seaside.

Well, there was one jerkoff, a woman who looked like a drag queen and whose name I don't remember, it got angry at my post. I don't remember it's name, but I do remember it lives in Seaside. Where the cougar was spotted. This thing was practically making a joke out of this post. I sensed some "I don't care about the dog" attitude in it's comments. It's response to my comment was "A smart person knows what to say. A wise person knows when to say it. Neither one of those types made this comment." I just laughed at it's comment. Having read it's comments on this thread, it didn't sound any more "wise" than it thought I was. Besides, it doesn't know me. And I don't make friends with libtards. And yes, this "person" was a libtard. It looked like one.

Well, my response to it's comment was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself. LMAO!! I said "Anyone with average intelligence knows to tell a liberal snowflake to go screw it's self." I must say, that was good! I don't like to brag, but my response to that libtard's comment got a lot of likes, and even some laughs from several viewers. My comment got more likes than it's comment did! And a lot faster too. LOL!! Well, it tried to make it's self sound smarter than it was by saying in response to me "Thank you for proving me correct. Have a nice day" I wanted to tell her to just go to hell. But like Katrina said when I told her about my encounter, "And with that, you should just drop the mic!" She said I nailed that libtard. I hate to sound like Onision (Shit! Onision ain't got nothing on me!) but I think I did nail that liberal snowflake! Anyways, it was triggered!! LOL! I know someone is triggered when they walk away saying "Thank you for proving me correct". Especially when they bring it on themselves. LOL! It should have just left me alone.

Well, it didn't change my view at all. I still say kill the damn cougar!! It is apparently making it's way south. This is why I stopped putting Mya out the window too. Not only because cougars have been reported around here, but so have coyotes! Even though it was more convenient to put Mya out the back window and just let her run off and go potty by herself, especially at night I would worry about her being out there by herself. And I did see a cougar out the back window once! Mya was out there too. I saw the cougar at the window and I screamed, smacked that ugly beast upside the head and brought Mya inside quickly! I think my screaming scared it, because surprisingly, it didn't attack me. But I think it was chasing Mya, which was how it wound up at my back window. I haven't seen it since, but it did open my eyes about putting Mya outside alone.

Well, I looked at that liberal snowflake's profile on Facebook and discovered why it got angry at my comment to kill the damn cougar. Because it was a catfag. It had the ugliest cat you ever seen! Another gray tabby! What is it with libtards and gray tabbies??? I also saw a picture of it that it posted. A picture of her in some gay bar, with a lot of her queer friends getting drunk. Then I knew this person was a liberal snowflake. Only a liberal would go around wearing a crew cut without being in the military.

Well, catfag, pantherfag, whatever it was, if I ever see that damn cougar here in Tillamook, that liberal snowflake better get ready to kiss that damn thing goodbye because I will not hesitate to blast it's brains out if it so much as lifts a whisker at my baby! And I don't give a shit what any snowflake says about it. She can call me "unwise". She can hate the ground I walk on. I don't care! She can kiss that cougar's ass goodbye because it will be as good as dead if I ever see it! Mya is my baby! I'll do what I have to do to protect her! That's why when I take her out at night, I watch the area like a hawk! I watch what Mya is doing. I don't ever take my eyes off her or the area around her. If anything even feels wrong, I am on guard!

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