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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Left Will Never Learn

People on the left are so stupid!! A couple of Canadian humanitarians have been kidnapped in Nigeria. There is a highway in Nigeria where people are often kidnapped from, and typically they are returned unharmed, but usually only after a ransom was paid to them. Well, this couple thankfully got away unharmed.

People these days make one terrible mistake; they listen to liberals. Leftist liberals tell people that all cultures are the same. That islam is a religion of peace. You should know better than to believe that bullshit! Islams worship cats. They are NOT a religion of peace! You've seen how catfags act! I post it on here almost every day. I am a member of a group on Facebook, and have been for a long while. The group is about scammers in the pet trade. About 90% of the complaints listed on that group are of cat breeders! I've been telling people for years, cats make people go crazy! It is rare that you see dog breeders spamming. Not saying it doesn't happen. I'm just saying it's more rare than it is in cat breeders. I know that has little to do with the muslims in Nigeria, but it gives you an idea of the morale catfags all over the world have.

All these people listen to the leftists saying that if they go to Africa, even in Islamic country, they won't be hurt. They will be greeted with open arms. Fuck that! We lost 2 sets of tourists to islamic muslims! Remember the Swedish girls who went there into muslim territory and got captured and beheaded? How about the couple that went biking through islamic country? They were captured and killed too. Now, these Canadians were kidnapped. It's sad how the leftists are misleading people all in the name of globalism! What is even sadder is how the cultures in other countries take advantage of this "all-inclusive" movement to get new victims. Someone in a video I watched said "These people are taking advantage of the open-mindedness of the western world." My response to that was "In other words, they're taking advantage of the leftists' stupidity!" I swear! Liberals are making all Americans look bad! I mean worse than before!!! Because of leftist liberals, sometimes I am ashamed to call myself an American. It's sad that I feel that way! But sometimes I do.

You people need to learn that not all cultures are accepting. Take the people on northern Sentinel Island. They've been isolated for over 55,000 years, and they are very hostile!! They do not like strangers at all. Anyone who dares approach their island is always greeted with angry guards stationed at the beach with spears and arrows. Several people have been killed by the natives on that island. The latest was last November. So, don't buy that 'all cultures are welcoming' bullshit! There are cultures out there that will kill you as look at you!

Remember 9/11? A lot of people seem to forget about that, especially the libtards. Now, they don't want anyone mentioning 9/11 because it "might offend muslims". Well, I say fuck that!! I could care less if I offend some stupid muslims!! I'm not going to forgive them for doing that to our country, and killing over 2000 innocent people! No way! Fuck the damn muslims!! They can kiss my ass! Only the libtards will forgive the muslims, and the only reason they'll do that is because they're stupid. On top of being loony and ridiculous! Liberals do not realize they are expediting the end of the world. Look at the mess they are making of our world! They want to allow killer cultures into America. They want to encourage every woman to get abortions. They want to turn men into women and women into men. Feminists want to do away with the family unit. They want to encourage colored people to harm and even kill all whites.

Or maybe they do realize it. Maybe the end of the world is what they actually want. I told you that feline worship was going to bring on the end of civilization as we know it! Liberals love cats, so it's like I said, cats being more popular than dogs is going to bring an end to humankind. It happened in Egypt. It'll happen here too. It's already on it's way to happening. GOD is angry because liberals also reject HIM. They're too busy worshiping cats to bother worshiping the REAL GOD. I warned you all, several years ago, that this would happen.

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