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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Happy Late Birthday Michael!

Actually, I spent the last 2 days going in and out of this watch party hosted by a group I was on. I'll probably leave that group now. I said I would stay until after Michael's birthday. That is all. I don't want, or need, to be in anymore INXS groups. Not that I was treated badly there. It's just like I said, I want to keep my association with INXS fans down to a minimum. But I did enjoy the watch party, it was fun! And a wonderful idea! Something like that should go on every year for Michael's birthday! It's great to celebrate his life. It's good to see people doing something different for his special day. Most people post tons of pics, or music videos on the groups, or links to his songs. However, I like the idea of a watch-party. That was pretty unique! Unfortunately, there is only so much you can do on Facebook.

Another birthday for Michael came and went. He would have been 59 this year. I miss him every day, but I think about him constantly too. I still feel like I need to make up for the time I lost, not paying him any attention, and even to a point of not liking him anymore. I think I'm going to be making that up to him for the rest of my life! I know he would not feel that way himself if he were here. But he's not here and I do feel that way. Still love Timmy too. But now, my love for Timmy has been coupled with a love for Michael as well. The thing that still gets me is, I've seen Michael in the earlier days of INXS. I am not attracted to him in those earlier days. In fact, I don't think he really blossoms until 1987, when Need U Tonight comes out. That's the Michael I fell in love with. Not the earlier Michael. In the video for The One Thing, to me, he looks like a teenager. He still has those teenage characteristics. I have this thing against falling in love with teenagers. Even when I was a teenager, I never fell in love with other teens. I always went for older men. It's just a thing with me. That's why, up until 1987, I don't think Michael was that attractive.

Michael was not that attractive in the earlier days, but Timmy! Timmy looked good throughout INXS's career!! Even in the early days! He was beautiful!!! In the video for Don't Change, I can't take my eyes off him!! He looks awesome strutting around in that jumper!! My apologies to Michael, but if I were going to fall in love with any of them from the earlier days of their performing, it would have been Timmy! Or Jon. But not Michael. Yes, I think even Jon looked better back then. Katrina also likes Jonny. I told her about my meetings with him, and she asked me how I could contain myself standing next to him. I told her I couldn't really. I was just good at faking it! Looking at him in person was so mesmerizing, I almost fainted!!! He is gorgeous in person!!! I also said the same thing in the beginning about Michael. But not in the earlier videos. This is why I so adore INXS, and love watching their videos. The whole band is made up of almost 100% good-looking men. How terrible it would be if the modern "privilege" culture were to destroy that! Being white men, who are probably Christian, the men of INXS would be scorned mercilessly! And I would hate that!!

Well, in other news, I made a video about that Desmond IsAmazing kid. Well, really it was about transgenders and this thing they have going on about how they think it's OK to push shit like that on children! I saw another video with this Desmond kid, and he said if your parents don't let you become trans, then you need new parents. If your friends don't accept you, you need new friends. While in some cases, I would agree with him, especially about the friends not accepting you, you cannot change your parents! Most parents want what is best for their kids, and introducing them to a mentally unstable lifestyle is NOT the best thing for their kids!! And I have yet to meet a trans "woman" that is in any ways convincible. They all still have very manly voices.

Last night I saw a trans "woman" on Quora, and he said his father would beat him with a belt for saying he's a girl. While I do not agree with how his father handled it, I said to this person that he is still a man. He was born with a penis, so he is a man! He keeps trying to say "I'm a woman!" I told him a woman is born with a vagina. A man is born with a penis. He says he's a mom, but I bet he did not give birth to that child! Women and men have so many differences. No one however, has been able to come up with a way to give men the ability to carry and birth a baby. They just can't! Even with a donor vagina! Men don't have the musculature that it takes to push a baby out of the body. They don't have the flexibility in the pelvis to allow the baby to come out. That is something that cannot be duplicated in a sex-change operation. Only nature can do that. That is why a man will never be a woman.

I also quote a video where an LGBT activist says that someone who puts the definition on a billboard of the word "woman" is making trans "women" feel threatened and unwelcomed in their society. Those were his words. Well, ya know, the exact same thing can be said about men who dress up as women! I'm very offended by men impersonating women! What if I were to go around now and say that? How would the snowflakes of the world deal with that? Would they just tell me to suck it up and accept it anyways, even if I don't want to? Probably! Because the only people they care about are people who are not biologically men or women.

I knew this would happen!! Give gays the right to marry and be accepted, now they want to change how we feel and what we say. I accepted gays and gay marriage gracefully. But now, they want to push for pedophile rights, and trans rights. They want to give them rights at the expense of those of us who do not want to be harassed. I don't want some trans "man" molesting me! I would not want some 20-40 year olds molesting preteen children out there! That is not pleasant to see, or even think about. See, in order to gain those rights, they have to take rights away from those of us who are not attracted to trannies, and kids who do not want to have sex with people who are 20+ years older than they are. Remember the story of Steven Staynor? You really think that should be normalized??? We gave the gays an inch, now they want to take a mile!! I accepted gays, I accepted lesbians, trannies, well I'm still working on accepting them. It'd be easier to accept them if they were not so ridiculous! But I refuse to accept pedophiles!!! Never gonna happen with me!! I don't care how much they gripe and cry! I will never be anything aside of disgusted seeing a grown man trying to have sex with a small child!!! I said in the video, the only thing in this world that I find more disgusting than cats and panthers, is pedophiles! I can't stand them! And I will never accept them!

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