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Friday, February 15, 2019

Some Psychological Facts Most People Don't Know

  1. We are naturally predisposed to pay attention to sex, food, and danger.
It's how we react to it that becomes learned behavior.

If you are having a hard time befriending the person that you like, try befriending their friends first.

What if you have a hard time befriending the friends?

People with low self-esteem tend to humiliate others.

Remember this next time someone insults you.

Subjects who were told that the results of their IQ test were poor expressed more national and religious prejudices than those who reported higher results.

Not sure this is true or not. But it is interesting.

Loneliness is as harmful to your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

It takes a bit of training to overcome loneliness.

Lonely people are better at perceiving other peoples' loneliness.


Single people are the ones who give the best relationships advice.

Probably true. My best advice is don't get married!!!

If you want someone to like you more, get them to do you a favor.

Maybe this is why I don't have many friends. I don't like asking for favors from people I don't know.

If you want to beat someone on rock, paper, scissors, ask them a random question first and quickly proceeds to play, it will confuse their brain and make them pick scissors most of the time.

I never even seen the point in playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

If you know that someone is wrong, don’t contradict them, make them contradict themselves by asking questions that lead to the contradiction.

I admit I have a habit of doing this all the time.

If you want to know if someone is lying to you, ask another liar.

OK. I know quite a few liars I can ask.

While it is true that their pupils dilate when they like you, keep in mind that they also dilate if they hate you.

Sometimes they dilate if they are just simply angry.

The most common lie is “I’m fine”, keep that in mind.

Usually if I say I'm fine, then I am. I don't beat around the bush. I mean what I say.

People’s favorite topic is themselves. If you want someone to like you, make the conversation all about themselves.

Yeah, but be careful of those who never ask you about yourself.

Feeling ignored causes the same chemical effect as that of an injury.

Ya know, I've found this to be true. But it's even worse if the person ignoring you just keeps giving you dirty looks.

Money doesn’t bring happiness, what you do with it might bring you happiness or transform you into an emotional train wreck.

I always say if I had more money, I could be happier. And I know that for a fact.

Being in a romantic love affair can’t be distinguished from having an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Those who don't understand love don't understand how true this is!

It is possible to die from a broken heart, it is called: The broken heart syndrome.

I think this only affects people who already have weak hearts. Mine is pretty strong.

When people say that they don’t have time, what they really mean is that they have other priorities. Watch them fall in love and see how all of a sudden they managed to get time out of thin air.

When I am freshly in love, I can't seem to live without the object of my affection.

The more you know, the more you realize what you don’t know.

And too many people think they know everything. I don't claim to know everything. I just don't talk about things I know absolutely nothing about.

When you try to remember the past, you are actually remembering the last time that you remembered the event rather of the event itself.

I guess this is why some memories get distorted over time.

Almost twice as many serial killers are born in November than on any other month.

Penguins are all serial killers.

People who lose their virginity late (after 19) have a higher income and education later in life than those who lost their virginity earlier.

Hmm. Does this mean I can open a business and be successful?

The people who give the best advice are the ones with the most problems.

It is those problems that give them knowledge. Experience is the best trainer.

When someone says they have to ask you something important, you immediately recall the bad things that you've done recently.

That's why when I hear someone say "I want to ask you something" my heart races.

Blind people don’t get schizophrenia.

Schizophrenics don't claim to see things that aren't there either.

Men are not funnier than women, they just make more jokes, not caring whether people like their humor or not.

Actually, not caring what others think is what makes you a stronger, more creative person.

Getting paid for doing something you like can make you less creative.

Maybe this is why I haven't had a new story idea since the UMG Productions website went up.

Comedians and funny people are on average more depressed.

It happened to Robin Williams.

When a person dies, they have 7 minutes of brain activity left in which they see as a dream-like sequence of their memories.

The infamous moment when "your life flashes before your eyes".

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