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Sunday, September 29, 2019

I Got Better

Well, I found out today that Karen Boegli did not delete my mom from her friends. I guess that's a blessing. But now why is she keeping my mom and she deleted and blocked my sis? That's kinda puzzling. I figured she was going to delete me, but why my sis? I was kinda thinking about that since ma told me she is still friends with her. The thing is, I don't think Karen ever really decided she likes my sis. She barely liked us when we first moved to Bozeman. The only reason I clung to her like I did was because she told me she once lived in Everett. I never lived there, but I do know the town. That kinda made her more familiar to me. So, I started thinking of her as a figure from home. That's why I took to her like I did. But honestly, I don't think Karen ever really liked my sis. Sadly enough. That's why, even though my sis did nothing to her, she still deleted her from her friends when she deleted me.

The reason Karen didn't like my sis is probably because my sis was always fighting with Andy. Andy would call her names or say something in reference to her weight (he did that with me too), and my sis would always yell at him, or respond in some way. I kept trying to tell her to just ignore him! Believe me, ignoring Andy drives him absolutely BONKERS!!! He HATES that!! He hates it a lot more than yelling names back at him. So, I tried to get my sis to stop calling him names back, and she just wouldn't do it. I always ignored him. I didn't listen when he would call me names. And he HATED that! It drove him up the wall! LOL! My sis needs to really learn to ignore dumbass people. But she doesn't! She always thinks she's accomplishing something by calling a heckler names back. She's not. She's just making herself look bad. The best thing you can do is just ignore them. I know I do. And they hate it!! Do not respond in ANY way. Don't even look at them. Just pretend like they're not even there.

Well anyways, my sis said most of the people back at that complex in Bozeman noticed Karen hadn't been the same since Brutus and Misty died, and I really cannot blame her for that. I was the same way after I lost Groucho. And I did lash out at people after that. I was also the same way after I lost my father, and I lashed out at people then too. I even lost people I thought were friends because of that. Not the first time, really. It also happened the same way after I lost my grandma back in 2001. I lost people I thought were friends then too. So, now that I've cooled down a bit, I do hope Karen comes around again and gets back to her old self. However, that may not ever happen.

After I lost my dad, and was rejected by people I called friends, I decided to get myself a puppy. My sis helped me a lot in that too. I needed that puppy! That was when Mya came into the scene. And I must tell you, Mya did wonders for me!!!! After she finally came here, I was happy again. I was smiling all the time, I began to become friendly with people again (slowly) although I am careful now with whom I am friendly with. I wasn't crying anymore or depressed. It was like the whole debacle with my dad dying and the INXS buds abandoning me, never happened. In fact, with Mya in my arms, it was like all those former feelings and thoughts just disappeared. I'll still never forgive those INXS buds for what they did! Far as I'm concerned, they all can go suck a diseased cock and die! I don't care. But they will never bring me down like that again. In fact, I have a plan that when my mom dies, I'm quitting Facebook forever. Or at least until I can get off that emotional rollercoaster.

Well, Karen lost both her dogs, she brings a dumb cat into her life, and she is STILL miserable!!! LOL! It's funny! I think this is proof that dogs make people more friendly and loving, and much happier. Karen even admitted that before she got Brutus and Misty, she was a recluse. She didn't talk to anyone. And she was a cat person then too. Now, she's got a cat again, and is still sad about losing her dogs. She never got better by getting a dumb cat. You never do. Over the years, I've always noticed it's cat people who are unfriendly. It's cat people who act crazy. It's cat people who are reclusive. It's almost never dog people.

I warned Karen before she ever got that beast that cats make people go crazy. They are Satan's toys. There is a good reason cats are not mentioned favorably in the Bible. It's because they are evil. Karen got angry with me for saying all that. But her actions this past weekend, have proven it was all true! She's never been this bad with me before. We were good friends. Or so I thought. I think it was her dumb, fat crony Karen Schuller who talked her into getting that stupid cat! Schuller thinks cats are "gifts from GOD". That is so dumb! And obviously quoted by someone who does not read the Bible, nor know GOD. I've seen how cats turn people against each other. That is what has always led me to believe they are Satan's toys. That's why liberals love them. I'd love to kick the ancient Egyptians in the face for even thinking of domesticating such an evil beast!

I remember when Karen was trying to think of a name for that beast. I wanted to suggest naming it "Armageddon". LOL!! I never suggested it, but I sure did want to. Because I knew once she got that thing, she was going to change into a person I was not going to like. In short, the end of the world on our friendship. I just didn't know when exactly, or how, it was going to occur. I just knew she was going to change. And not in a good way, either. That's what cats do to people. Once people favor an ugly, useless beast over their own kind, you know the world is coming to an end! First, the WBC said gay marriage would mark the end of the world. In a way, I could understand how. Because gay people can't breed. Already we are seeing human numbers dwindling. The second step, worshipping cats and panthers! It happened with ancient Egypt. They all died out before the birth of Christ, and it's most likely because of cat-worship. We're seeing the same thing happening now.

Stay tuned! The worst is yet to come! And don't say you weren't warned!

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