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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Person Inside

Ya know, I know I curse show breeders a lot. At the same time I realize how important they are to their breeds and preservation of the breeds. I also cannot forget the lessons I learned as I was dealing with show breeders. My experiences with them made me look at the world in a different manner. Most of them, not good! Show breeders taught me all about the dark side of humanity. Before I used to get into pet forums, I must have had on a pair of rose-colored glasses. I thought there was always good in most people. I thought pet people were the best people. I thought conversing with adults would be totally different than conversing with teenagers like the ones I knew in school. Well, there was this group of show breeders who pointed out how I used to get so outrageously angry at little things. I actually agreed with that statement, and it did help me change. These days, it takes a LOT to make me angry. I'm no longer that person that used to flip out at the slightest things. Some show breeders pointed that out, and I was able to look at that and change my attitude. It took a while, but I think I managed quite well.

Well, that was one good thing they did. You all now know I started my group to admire Timmy and Michael. Well, already I have begun to run into some problems. I thought this would happen. I invited a lot of my friends (though I haven't gotten around to inviting every one yet), most have stayed on the group, but some have quit. Well, I don't want to force people to stay. I'm not out to do that. Though it would be nice to have all my friends there, if they don't want to stay, then they don't want to stay. I'm not going to twist their arms. That is not why I created that group. But I think I might know why some of them did leave. In the group, I showcase a lot of pics of Michael and Timmy, for everyone to drool over. I do also post some pics of other band members for those who like all the guys. I do discuss their songs and lyrics a little bit, but not much admittedly. But the group is there for us to share pics, stories and lust over the guys. I remember one of my friends brought this up in another group, and that was his biggest complaint, in other groups there was little discussion about INXS's music, and more lusting over the band members. And he didn't want to hear it.

Well, that's the kind of person I am. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE INXS's music!!! Their music has always been a source of inspiration to me. But I mean, let's face it. One of INXS's biggest selling ploys was how handsome these men are!! Another of my friends mentioned someone on Instagram saying Michael was not all that handsome. I said she's got to be blind, or a lesbian or insane! No girl otherwise can look at Michael and say he's not that handsome! Well, back in 1983 and 84, he wasn't much to look at. Looked like a teenage boy then. But by around the Kick era, Michael had blossomed into quite a handsome young man!! I fell in love with him on first sight, and that's something I don't do loosely. Well, that's one of those things I also learned when I was dealing with show breeders all those years. Look at the person first, THEN look at the persona. That also applies to INXS. Unfortunately, it was looking at the persona instead of the person first that was not good when dealing with show breeders. Because most of the time, they were sucky people. Not all of them, but most of them were. I have met some show breeders (admittedly not many) who treated people like equals, were willing to help, didn't look down on those who haven't been breeding/showing as long as they have, and knew how to mind their own business.

Now, show breeders like those in the dirty dozen mob, who gripe when their privacy has been invaded but turn around and spill all kinds of private info about other people, I don't trust them as far as I can throw them! Most of them don't use their real names, and won't tell you if you ask them. Most good, decent breeders will gladly share their real names with potential customers. Or, I always called them "clients". But one thing I learned when dealing with show breeders back in those years, is don't look at a person's persona first!! Look at the person. Show breeders may hate to admit it, but they are people too. Shoot! Even I hate admitting that!! LOL! Some wannabe show breeders will look at them as show breeding deities, and will suck their dicks or lick their clit. I don't do that. I'd rather stand aside first and watch them to see if they are truly good people. THEN I will look at them as accomplished show breeders. And I'll tell you, that used to drive the other show breeders absolutely CRAZY!!!!!!! LOL!

For example, this one show breeder who started it all with me, who called herself Bischi, or Bischis. Back then, I wanted to do right by breeding chihuahuas, and was perfectly willing to listen to those more experienced. Apparently Bischi had many show-stopping chihuahuas. But there was one problem with her, she sucked as a person! She was hateful, spiteful, a liar, cruel, a hypocrite, everything bad that a show breeder is as a person! Yet because she was such a top-name show breeder, everyone else thought I needed to kiss her ass and lick her clit in the midst of her acting like an asshole and totally ignore her bad points. Well, that's not how I operate. I often hear that you can tell how good a person is by how they treat animals. Well, that is true, to an extent! But it doesn't stop there. There's a lot to be said about how you treat people who have done you no harm, and never intended to do you any harm. I never did anything to harm Bischi, in fact, I was willing to even make friends with her at one time. But she ruined it with her lies and deceiving, and hypocritical ways. Now, I realize people are naturally hypocrites, but show breeders claim to hate hypocrites (I never met one that didn't say that) but then they turn around and abuse the privilege themselves!! Especially those like Bischi! She thought nothing about slamming my personal info all around, but when I asked what her name was, she hesitated to tell me. Her real name is Barbara. I think I may even know what her last name is, even though she wouldn't tell me that at all. It's OK. I am almost 99% positive I am right.

Well, anyways that is why I am the way I am. I see Michael Hutchence and Tim Farriss as people first, with feelings, ambitions, personalities of their own, and a soul. Well, Michael has none of that now, as he's moved on to the next world. But Timmy is still here, and Michael did have all that when he was here. The fact that INXS makes awesome music is just like the icing on the cake. But I think I would have loved Michael and Timmy even if they were not such talented musicians. While I do love their musical side, they were people before they were musicians too. So that is how I see them.

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