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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Singing "I Told You So"

HA!! This is a pip! Bob Geldof was going to try and put on some concerts, but it looks like now that's going to flop because he had to cancel 3 gigs already because he wasn't selling any tickets. Karma at it's finest!! Bob Geldof has been having some pretty bad luck lately. His ex-wife dies on him, then his daughter, and now, the big goon can't even sell tickets to a concert to save his life! I've mentioned it on here before, you can't piss off a man like Michael and get away with it!! Now Geldof has the curse of Michael on his back! And it's only going to get worse unless he makes good with Michael's family and the remaining members of INXS. All they ask is that they get to see Lily. Not difficult is it? So allow Michael's sis and the remaining band members to see her, and maybe things will start working out for Geldof again. What goes around, comes around! And Geldof has treated Michael's family terribly! After killing Michael too!! So, hahaha!! I said this would happen and it did! Shame-Shame-Shame on you Bob Geldof!! You'd better shape up or be prepared to ship out!!

I still can't stand Bob Geldof!! I don't even like capitalizing his name! LOL! That's how much I can't stand him! He killed my Michael! That is an unforgivable sin to me. I could have had Michael, and he could have been happier. Maybe. Well! You never know!! At least he wouldn't have inherited Paula's problems if he'd gotten together with me. But I know it could never really happen. Like I said before, rock stars NEVER marry fans!! EVER! It just doesn't happen.

Well, I may be getting a pet soon. I won't say what kind or where I am getting it from, as I am not quite sure yet. But I am tired of living all alone with no companionship of some kind! So my Facebook friends recommended I save up to get my own pet. So, I am trying to do that, long and hard!! I'll just get the bare essentials for the next few months. By the time I am done with those few months, I should have quite enough to get the pet I want. Having the dogs back here just made me realize how lonely I was. So I decided it's time for me to save up for another pet. I don't care what it takes! I don't care if I have to do completely without for the next few months! I just want a pet to love, play with and cuddle. So, it's time for me to save earnestly.

I have a name all lined up and I have an idea of the video I want to make when the pet does arrive. I promised my friends I would make a video of the pet I get. Me, dancing with it to INXS music! hehehe! That would be cute!! My sis is going to help me. But that's all I can say for right now.

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