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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why I Hate The Dirty Dozen Mob

Apparently, they are incapable of getting things like this through their tiny heads. Or maybe I should say fat-heads. Or maybe even butt-heads. LOL!!!!! OK enough joking around. Always gotta begin with a joke or two. Especially on a post like this. I was looking back at some posts I made over the past month, and I want to touch up with everyone the main reasons why I hate the people of the dirty dozen mob so much. Including the dirty dozen themselves, since they don't seem to understand why I can't stand them now.

The dirty dozen is a group of 50-60 year olds (possibly older, except for mcgillicutty who is in her 20s), with the mentality of 10-15 year olds. They call themselves Eddie's Mom, CrystalK (or CJK or House Hermit), mcgillicutty (SaRa), Rhonda (the Watcher), Lhasa Lady, Pitter (Nunya beeswax), and Sheltieluver. They are known as the dirty dozen, even though there's not really a dozen of them. Now, Lhasa Lady I have mixed feelings about, she can be hateful, but she can also be nice too, in all fairness. This isn't about her. This is about the others on the list. Pitter can also be nice, but I think it's a blanket to hide that inside she is really an evil person. But there are several reasons why I can't stand these people. Now, I used to hang with them, and we got along OK. But a problem I had back in 2005 changed that forever when someone who called himself "Pal" and I had a confrontation.

"Pal" posted a link to monkey medicine and addressed it to me. I asked him what it was about. It was a very sincere question, and reasonable I might add since I don't study monkey medicine. I study monkey ecology and evolution. Well, the next thing I know "Pal" is throwing insults and getting just outrageously angry at me, acting like a complete asshole, and all I did was ask him a question. After that, I saw the rest of the dirty dozen frolicking with this asshole on the forum. It made me think, if "Pal" sees me like this, and the dirty dozen are friends with him, what must they think of me? And we were basically friends before that incident. It made me look at them in a whole different light. I never trusted them again after that. Forget about ever making friends with them again! Once trust is lost, it's hard to get back, even though the actual members of the dirty dozen did nothing themselves. Just the fact that they were associating with this idiot that had just attacked me for no reason whatsoever was enough to make me lose trust in ALL the dirty dozen mob. Not only did "Pal" attack me, he also attacked my best friend Katrina, who back then jumped to my aid. Though I have since asked Katrina not to do that anymore. I asked her back then! I'm a grown woman, I don't need someone else to stick up for me. But Katrina always says I do it wrong. She would like me to tell more people to "fuck off".

Anyways, that was the one event that made me completely lose my trust in the dirty dozen mob. Their actions over the years did nothing to ease that feeling of distrust. I went back some months later only to find out they were still pecking at each other like a bunch of hens. This I think is the reason Passion Wolf always calls them "the hens". To this day, I still believe "Pal's" act was a set-up. Why else would he get so angry at someone who never did him any harm, or anyone else on that forum? The only member of the DDM that I never hung with was Rhonda. She hated me from day 1!!! LOL!! Yes, I find that funny. Funny as in comical. She must have been in her 50s, and hates a 30-year old just because she feels like it. LOL! To me, that is funny. Almost like she is jealous because I was younger than her. I dunno. People have been jealous for nuttier reasons than that in our history. Actually, I would say Rhonda is probably the same age as my ma. She's just not as mature nor as intelligent as my ma. I know she's married, she's probably like Patti, never had kids. And it's probably not the first time she's been married. And I would say, this marriage of her's is probably as dysfunctional as the rest of them must have been for her to be the way she is.

I understand that some people just cannot get along with others, usually there is a good reason, like a glitch somewhere, or a clash in their personalities. I also understand that I am not a person for everybody. I'm very highly complex. I'm so complex that sometimes even I don't understand myself! I speak my mind, and not everyone can handle that. Not everyone is fit to handle that. I can even be brutally honest about what I see and what I feel. Well, I am straightforward. I don't cuss when I give my opinions, because I don't think people will take you seriously if you cuss.

Anyways, here are the main reasons why I hate the dirty dozen mob:

1. Probably the biggest reason I hate them is because they get angry at other people who do the exact same things that they do. Its like this, CrystalK was disrespectful to my sister once who came in and gave her opinion on something, and she started yelling at my sis. My sis's opinion didn't even have anything at all to do with CrystalK. And to Crystal's friends, her attacks on my sister was all good, fine and dandy. But one day I gave my opinion about cats on my blog, suddenly I was the bad guy and being bashed by Crystal and all her stupid friends. It's like if the dirty dozen does something shitty, everyone is like "OK, you're fine. We still love you guys!" and no one is allowed to argue with them. But if someone else does exactly the same thing they do, especially to one of them, the dirty dozen is like, Oh my GOD!!! Stop the world from turning! Somebody called me a "doody-head"!! I'm gonna go kill myself!!! And all the dozen tards start attacking the person who did it like the cavalry coming to save the day!

2. They always attack the same people, and never stop. And never seem to learn their lesson! I just recently found out they are still attacking me. But hey! For me that is OK. I also kinda wonder if they are still attacking Passion Wolf? And they don't seem to understand I have a damn good reason to attack them! And once they have you in their sights, they target you for life!!

3. They always call people 'hypocrites". Like that is some terrible thing!! And like they live 100% by everything they say! Well, they don't. No one who is human is not in some ways hypocritical. Face it, it's part of human nature to be a little hypocritical!! And the DDM are some of the biggest hypocrites I've ever met in my life (refer back to #1). But all humans are. You show me a person who is not hypocritical in any way, and I'll show you a mechanical tin man that is remote controlled.

4. They are always crying slander. In order to be one of the dirty dozen mob, you have to cry slander on someone, except an existing member of the DDM! But as a member, you are allowed to slander anyone you damn-well want to any time you want to. Believe me, they are not as innocent as they make themselves out to be!

5. Some of them cuss, and then claim they never do the same and then hate it when someone else cusses at them. The biggest offenders of this is CrystalK and mcgillicutty. Both cuss WAY more than I do!!! Again, refer to #1 for the rest.

6. If you don't like them, they will post your personal address, phone number, and pictures just to poke fun at you. Sometimes they will even call your house, just to hang up when you answer the phone. Unfortunately for them, I am proud of all the pics I post online. They cannot possibly insult me with my own pics! Also again, refer to #1 for the rest!

7. They have been known to call peoples' jobs who offend them, and have gotten people fired before. Also they have been known to call the childrens' schools to have kids thrown out that belong to people who have offended them, and CPS too on the people who have offended them. They will go to whatever lengths they can to make someone who offends them look really bad. Whether the person has really offended anyone or not.

8. They hide behind anonymous names, creating multiple accounts most of the time, just to harass someone who has offended them. Refer once again to #1! They bitch about anyone who does the same to attack them!

What does it take to offend the DDM? For one thing, own a pregnant dog or cat. Or a pet that goes into heat without having titles or points to it's name. Another thing that offends the DDM, call CrystalK names!! Or be brutally honest with her. They HATE that!!! LOL!!!! That sets all of them off quicker than scat!!! Or be brutally honest with any of them! The worst they will do is call you a liar, just so no one believes you. The dirty dozen manipulates everyone to believe the person who is brutally honest about them is nothing but a liar and a slanderer. This is their procedure they use so that no one believes the truth about them. This is why they throw the word 'slander' around so freely. But only when someone else is doing the talking, or writing. Apparently it's not slander when the dirty dozen does the same thing. UGH!! They make me sick! I can't even stand looking at them! They're like slugs to me, disgusting and gross to look at and think about. Another thing that offends them, Do what they are doing, only direct it at them! Again, refer to my #1 reason for hating them so much!

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