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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why I Hate Vegans and Vegetarians

Everyone knows by now about my plight against vegans, I have made numerous blog posts, videos and Facebook posts about why I hate vegans and vegetarians and why I do not agree with them. Well, the dirty dozen mob has now begun to accuse me of "slandering" vegans. HAHAHA!!! As if they've never done it themselves! And if vegans had their way, everything the dirty dozen mob stands for wouldn't exist! But that's the trademark of the dirty dozen is bitching about other people doing the exact same things they do. That's why I can't stand them.

Anyways, here I have decided to discuss why I can't stand vegans and vegetarians. Now, I do have a number of vegan buddies, and I like them as much as I do my other friends. But they are the ones who respect me as a non-vegan. They all already know there is going to be no converting me, and they accept that. Well, when they accepted my friendship, they accepted the fact that I am never going to go vegan. I've heard all the vegan arguments, and I know about animals as I have studied them all my life. Vegans and vegetarians claim they do what they do for the animals. Vegans don't want anyone eating animals or animal by-products, they don't want us owning anything made of animal skins, or other body parts of animals. Many of them don't want us to own pets. Unless it's a rescue from a shelter. They hate it when we think of animals as "property", they condemn zoos, circuses, pet stores, even breeders. They also don't want any animals used in medical tests or product tests. Vegetarians are much the same, except sometimes they eat eggs and dairy.

I remember a couple years ago, I came across a rogue vegan who called herself MsPearlsGirl. Boy! Was she angry!! LOL! She belonged in prison! Not on my channel! She used cuss words and threats against me and my family in an attempt to get her point across, which brings me to the #1 reason why I hate vegans and vegetarians; they think just because we eat meat that it is OK to threaten a member of their own species. But threatening their own species is a crime! You could actually get up to 5 years in prison for that, so I heard. That's why I say MsPearlsGirl belongs in prison and not on the internet.

 Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians, they tend to believe animals (especially prey animals) have the same feelings humans do. There is actually a word for this kind of thinking, it's called anthropomorphism. It's a mental illness. Prey animals do not have the same feelings humans do. They don't mourn over lost herd members. They don't know they are being raised to be slaughtered, and if you tell them, they are not going to know what that means. You can say to a pig "someday you will become bacon" and the pig won't have the slightest clue what you are talking about. Nor would they care. Animals live in the "here and now". They don't have future hopes and dreams. Vegans equate prey animals with humans, saying "So why don't we kill all 3 year old children (or younger) because they don't have any hopes and dreams either?" Well, the parents of that 3 year old child the vegans want killed may have hopes and dreams of their own for that child. Cows, pigs and chickens don't have that for their babies at all. And it's not like the babies will grow up to dream of their future plans either. They're fricken animals! Not like the animals you see in movies or stories. They're just animals. In fact, most herbivores live their lives knowing someday a predator will take them. In human civilization, humans create hopes and dreams for their future. Cows, pigs and chickens don't have any capacity to do that at any time in their lives.

Another reason vegans disgust me is because they want us to go against nature. I can't, and I won't go against what nature intended! Humans did not get where they are today by being strictly herbivores. If we were meant to live our lives the way cattle, pigs, sheep and chickens do in the wild, we would not form close family bonds like we do. We would not be bonding as well with other humans the way we do. We would not care if one of our own family members get killed by a predator, or dies naturally. We would not be as social as we are. Antelope live in herds, yes. But it's more of a safety thing than a social thing. There is safety in numbers. Safety from predators. Living in large herds ensures the strongest antelope make it to the feeding grounds and breed, where the weaker individuals feed the predators. It's not a compassionate way to live, but that's how nature is. But the vegans want the world to live like a Disney movie, where everything is easy, harshness does not exist, and everyone is singing Kumbaya with each other. Including the animals.

Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians, their arguments are silly!! I remember one vegan telling about how she went out with a friend, and this friend ordered a roast beef sandwich and asked if the beef had been humanely slaughtered. Then this vegan ordered a roasted puppy sandwich out of nothing but spite. The waiter did not have a roast puppy to serve her, but I am sure that vegan got some hard stares! How they can bare to show their faces in any non-vegan restaurant, I'll never understand!! I mean, who has tried to eat a "roast puppy"?? Not me! I imagine dog meat does not taste very good. Cat meat either. I would have been embarrassed if I'd been with that vegan. But beef is awesome!! I think it's the herbivorous diet that makes cows taste so yummy!! Whereas a carnivorous diet might make cats and dogs taste terrible!

Another reason I think vegans are weird, they think prey animals deserve rights. Well, rights do not exist in nature. This one guy I saw on YouTube put it in a way I couldn't. He said "rights are a product of civilization. Those who want them fight for them." and on and on. Something to that effect. Domestic animals have whatever rights we give them. They have yet to fight for their own rights. This guy went on to say that rights do not exist naturally. A cow does not have the right to live if a predator, like a tiger, decides it wants to eat that cow. The tiger does not care about the cow's rights. All it knows is that it is hungry. Same with humans. If a lion decides it wants to eat a human, it's not going to care about that person's right to live. To a lion, that right does not exist. Same with cows, pigs and chickens. If a person is hungry, that prey animal's right to live does not exist. All the person is going to think about is "Hmm, that ham sure looks good! I want to eat it!" In nature, everything is fair game.

Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians, they think just because we eat meat that we cannot be animal lovers. This is complete and utter bullshit! Just because I eat an animal does not mean I hate it. I hate spiders, I would never eat them. I hate panthers of all kinds, I would never eat them. I actually think cows are cute, pigs are kinda cute, and I love birds of all kinds. I don't eat these animals because I hate them or I think they're ugly. I eat them because they taste good, and their meat makes the perfect centerpiece for the meal. To equate me eating meat to being an animal hater is a fallacy! It's just ridiculous! I just cannot say I love prey animals the same way I love my dog.

This brings me to another reason the vegans annoy me. They're always asking how I can love my dog and have compassion for him and not have any for a bunch of prey animals. They think ALL animals are the same. They are not. My dog is a member of my family. That is how most people see their dogs and cats. But no one sees cows, pigs, sheep or chickens as members of their family. So it's not so bad when we eat them. And if humans, dogs and cats are equal to pigs, cows and chickens, I wonder why PETA made this poster that spoke out against testing on animals that had a picture of a banana and said that humans are no closer to a rat than they are to a banana. Something like that! Anyways it was implying that we should not use rats for experiments for human medicine because biologically we are no closer to a rat than we are to a banana. Vegans say that, and yet they compare us to being closely related to pigs, cows and chickens. Or our dogs and cats being close to cows, pigs and chickens. So, in one instance that helps their cause, we are not close to being like rats. And in another instance that wouldn't help their cause, our pets are closely related to prey animals. Leave it to vegan logic!

Another reason I hate vegans and vegetarians is because of PETA. I hate PETA. The vegans and vegetarians think PETA is doing all this good for the animals. They don't know that PETA kills more animals than they save. But the die-hard PETA supporters are very skeptical of that. But the proof is in the pudding. PETA has been caught killing thousands of adoptable dogs and cats over the years. The PETArds are just in denial. PETA just doesn't want people to know about these pets they kill each year. And another reason I hate PETA is ads they put out like this one:

Yes I realize that's a drawing, but it shows how PETA lacks class and integrity. And they wonder why their ads have been banned from public networks. I've seen Ingrid Newkirk get into a debate with the head of the Fat Acceptance movement, and she could not debate without throwing insults at the other person. And Ingrid Newkirk is no Queen of Sheba herself! She's ugly as fuck!! But she is proof that you don't have to be fat to be ugly. PETA also turns kids against their parents by sending out books like these to kids in school:

I think the much more appropriate cover would be this one, at least it's more honest:

Yeah PETA hides under the guise of protecting animals when they are really behind the backs of their donors killing animals. They piss me off!!! That is hypocrisy of the highest level! These are why I always say if I ever have a child that becomes a vegan or a PETA supporter, I will disown them! In fact, the threat of learning that is enough to make me want to not send my kids to school. I'd rather homeschool them.

I've been watching nature shows all my life, I was watching them while other kids my age were watching Sesame Street and the Electric Company. I'm used to seeing lions killing buffalo, or hyenas disemboweling wildebeest, or African wild dogs play tug of war with a gazelle's innards. Nothing about killing animals for food disgusts, or surprises me. The vegans hate me for it too! LOL! After seeing scenes like that all my life, I can totally watch a cow get it's throat slashed and bleed out, and it won't have any affect on my emotions whatsoever. Believe me, the way animals kill other animals in the wild is no different!

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