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Saturday, July 26, 2014

What I Love & Hate About Reno

As many of you may know, I moved to Reno back in January, and sometimes I regret it, and sometimes I just love it here!! Reno, like most large towns, has it's good points and it's bad points. It is a big town! Not anywhere as big as Las Vegas or even Seattle, but it's a big town that has a lot! My ma moved here in March of last year, and it was her that invited me to move here back in January when I had to live in that trailer for 3 days without any running water. It was difficult. But that was the final straw that made me decide it was time for another move. I didn't say much about it in this blog because it was really a last minute decision. As much as I miss WA state, I decided to move here until Noah calls me from Oregon. Then I can get out of here, and start looking for a place to move to there. From that point on, I am going to become an Oregonian. I'm probably never moving back to WA state again. Though I cannot really say that, I love WA state. It's where I spent the majority of my life. So, who knows?

Well, before I made the final decision to move here, I sat down and made a pro and con list of things that I knew about Reno. The biggest con was the heat. I know here it gets to above 100 degrees in the summer. But honestly, I didn't think I would be here that long! I actually thought I would be out of this state by now! And if I had been in this state by now, I would have thought the place I got stuck in would be air conditioned. Well, Donna has a swamp cooler, and now it works, but it didn't when the heat outside got to over 100 degrees. Then again, she said that is a fluke because it worked very well last year. So I don't know. But now that she has fixed it, it works great! That was one thing about living in Bozeman, at least that apartment was air conditioned. In the summer, that was great!!

There is a pro to this place, well sort of!! LOL! If you get hungry, and it's too hot to cook, you can always go to one of the many restaurants in this town. I've been to several! But since I am going for a lifestyle change, I cannot eat out too much! But the food in most of the places in this town is very good!!! My favorite place to go is the Peppermill. I was hooked on their mashed potatoes there for a while! It had a flavor like I'd never tasted before! As a great cook myself, I think I detected what flavors they used. I think they use a little garlic and parmesan cheese in their recipe, and it was AWESOME!!! They were the very best mashed potatoes I ever had anywhere! Let me emphasize, they WERE the best! They are not anymore. They must have hired a new chef because the first time I had their mashed potatoes, right after I moved here, they were smooth and creamy and the flavor was just right. Now, they're lumpy, crusty and seem to have lost that good flavor. Last time I had their mashed potatoes, they were not as good as they were when I first had them. It's sad!!

Looking for an apartment in this town was not easy! All the apartments I could afford were in areas that were loaded with garbage, probably had mice and cockroaches. Then I found Donna in the Nickelsaver ads. I thank GOD every day that I found her! I almost didn't want to call her because of the bad experience I had moving in with Patti, another stranger who was looking for a roommate. But Patti didn't know what she was doing. Donna does. I will say that my experience with Patti has made me much more alert, and before even consenting to an interview with Donna, I asked her what she is looking for in a roommate, and she told me. One of the things she elaborated on was that she is a loner and she doesn't want anyone who is going to hang out under her feet. This is why I get along so well with her. Neither one of us is in each others' business. I'm a loner too. One thing I never do is poke my nose in someone else's business. I just go about my daily routine, and that's it. If I feel Donna needs help, I help her as much as I can. Like yesterday with the screens. She was having trouble putting the screens back in place, so I helped her out.

One thing about Donna that bugs me, she won't let me help her out in the yard. Every time I ask her, she says she doesn't need any help. But I feel so bad when she does all that work by herself. She is very spry!! LOL! She has a lot of get-up-and-go for someone her age. I like that! But I just feel bad when she does all that work herself. But I guess she's used to being a do-it-yourselfer. That's good for her. But it makes me feel bad not doing much around here to help. For my daily exercise, I go to the fitness center, and I do love it! Since I've started, I've lost around 35 pounds. I only started 3 months ago. My sis is still my inspiration! I'm not calling this a diet. I don't like to use the word "diet". I'm calling this a change in lifestyle. I haven't changed what I eat, I've changed how much of it I eat. Before I started this change, I used to could eat 2 hot dogs in one sitting. Now, I can't anymore. One hot dog fills me up very well. The only time I splurge is when I go to the buffet, and that really is not very often. But then again, if I am going to pay $10 to go to one of those places, I am going to make it worth the money!! A person pays more than that for a good prime rib dinner in a restaurant. So, yes, I am going to splurge when I go to a buffet. I just limit how often I go to those kind of places to maybe once a month. IF that often! But I find I still lose weight, even after going to a buffet!

Well, one of the things I hate about summer, knowing both Donna and I are loners, I have to sit out in the living room to work on my computer. I cannot just do it in my bedroom. The living room is where the cooler is, and the cool air does not reach to my bedroom very well. I feel bad because I feel like I am invading Donna's space. Of course I did warn her that when summer set in, I was going to be spending a lot more time in the living room because of the cooler. I can't stand heat. Too much heat makes me cranky! So I am hoping to be able to move out soon. Though it's going to be a dark day for Donna! She says I am the best roommate she's ever had. And I am going to miss her besides! I don't want to leave her in a bind, but when Noah calls me, I have to be there, no matter what! I don't know if they are going to allow me to give Donna 30 days notice. But I do hope she can find a good roommate just like me that will treat her well and pay their rent on time. That's one thing I always make sure I do is pay my rent when I am supposed to. I may not pay much else, but I always pay my rent.

Another bad thing about Reno, the damn traffic!! Yesterday was HOT as Hell!! And I got caught in traffic. Vegas was with me, and he was panting, poor baby. But both of us were stuck in traffic in that damn car! Nothing I could do about it. Just comfort Vegas and give him some water. He was the one who was mostly in the shade though, I was the one who wound up getting sunburned! LOL! But thankfully we got home and everything was OK. Vegas was fine. I will say I have met some nice people in this town. One time I was walking Vegas and a couple of guys pulled up and offered me and him a ride where we needed to go. At first I said no because we were almost home anyways, and that was where I was headed. But they said it was OK anyways. They felt bad for Vegas because poor baby, he looked tired. So I accepted. The people here don't appear to be as helpful as they were in Port Angeles, but some people here do seem nice. And that is good!

Well, those are some reasons I like and some reasons I hate this place. I know no place is perfect.

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