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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

50% Michael

OK, on to a better subject, INXS. Yet again! LOL! Lately, I've been noticing Michael all over again. This time it's coming on stronger. Of course I have always loved the band members each in their own way. But lately, I've been eyeing Michael much more than I have over the past 10 years. Kindof like it was during the last couple of months before he passed away. Only then, it came on much more gradually than this. I've been at this for the past 2 weeks, and I don't know what's causing it! But then again, I never know what causes it! It just happens when it happens. Sometimes there is no cause. And this time, it is really strong. Usually after a rest from INXS fanhood, it is always Michael that reminds me why I am an INXS fan in the first place.

Last time I got heavily into INXS, Michael was responsible for sparking my interest, but it was Timmy I was more sweet on. I am still sweet on Timmy, but now my old feelings about Michael are coming back. Though I have yet to get really close to him, I think there is a block against it now. But I am gradually working on that block. It helps hearing my friends' stories about him. I have several friends who have actually met Michael. I don't consider what I had with him a "formal meeting". If he were to see me now, he would not recognize me at all. Back in 1991, when I kissed him, I was younger and thinner. He'd see me as this fat, ugly old crone and definitely would not remember me kissing him. If he noticed at all. He was looking at all the fans surrounding him. I remember. I'm not too sure I stood out very much. But I was like a schoolgirl kissing her favorite idol. Or like a puppy dog who was kissing someone she hadn't seen in months.

Oddly enough, I did not remember that experience until I went to an INXS concert with JD fronting in 2006. I mean, I remember Michael coming down the aisle, and I remember reaching out to kiss him, but I did not feel the giddiness I felt when I saw INXS again in 2006. Or I didn't remember feeling it. It could also have been because INXS was not my favorite group in 1991, Roxette was. I still loved INXS, but Roxette was my favorite group back then. Now, not any more, and I find myself constantly going back into and out of INXS fanhood. I don't know, this is just me. This is who I am.

Well, all those old feelings I used to have for Michael are beginning to come back. They have been creeping up on me for the past 2 weeks. I saw some clips on YouTube with him in them, and that was perhaps the beginning of it. I even found the clip where Oasis called Michael Hutchence a "has-been". UGH!!! Made me so mad I wanted to smack them good!!! Michael was so nice, treated those miscreants like royalty! And this is how they repay him. I don't want to sound like a radical INXS fan, and I am trying hard not to, but I HATE Oasis!!! They suck! And I think they are jealous in that clip because they don't even look half as good as Michael did! But unfortunately that was the beginning of the end. Michael, as I understand it, was so sensitive and humble. That remark just broke him. There was one song up for nomination that same day, and I would have loved to seen that one win first place award! Not fucking Oasis!!! I hate them!

I heard the next day a friend of Michael's made a joke about him being called a "has-been", and Michael did not like that joke either. He didn't laugh. Clearly, he was disturbed, and someone should have taken notice, and maybe done something about it! Like kick the two men of Oasis in the teeth for saying that!

Ya know all this comes at a shock to me, and probably lots of other fans. I once said on the old INXS.com site that I may never become a Hutch fan again. I guess the old adage that says "Never say never" is true! LOL! I always avoided getting close to him again before because well, he is gone from this world. As sad a thing as that is to say, it's true. A fact that cannot be denied. But thinking back throughout my history, that kind of thing has never stopped me before. I've always been an admirer of Dian Fossey, even am now in the process of writing a story with a character based on her. I still am an admirer of her's. Been an admirer since around 1988. She's quite a person to look up to. But she's also been dead since 1985. Harpo Marx too, my most favorite actor of all time, I've been an admirer of his since around 1983, and he's been dead since 1964. I also still love my grandma, who has been dead since 2001, and my Groucho. I still call her my baby. She's been gone since 2006. So, just because someone has been gone for a long time does not mean I should stop loving them for what they do or who they are. Or were. Same should go for Michael.

It helps that I joined these groups on Facebook dedicated to Michael, and now am seeing pics of him I've never seen before, and love intensely!!! Not only that, but hearing other peoples' stories of him and the first time they saw him, or met him. A lot of them are much more dramatic than my own. Like this one friend I have who went to a concert and Michael gave her one of his water bottles. And another friend who tried to shake hands with Michael, and he wouldn't shake hands with her so she flipped him off. And she said he laughed after she did that. LOL! I think that is the one story that has begun to bring me to this point now. That's the Michael I would have figured he was! To laugh at himself like that. Not the angry, depressed man who appeared in his last year to have this wall built around himself. But that was caused by a dumbass who thought it would be a good idea to kick Michael to the curb, which cracked his skull and caused him to lose his sense of smell and taste permanently. That caused his depression, and then his life took on a downward spiral from there.

And that's not even the end of it all. Then the deal with Bob Geldof taking his daughter away from him. I cannot believe how many people say that Michael stole Paula from Bob, which is insanely untrue!! Paula left Bob to trap Michael! The whole thing was her fault, not Michael's! But Bob kept Michael's baby from his family, even after he was gone. For that reason, I hate Bob Geldof!! When Peaches died this past year, I said Bob Geldof got what he deserved! Karma at it's finest!! People may hate me for saying that, or may think it's a horrible thing to say, but I say tough nookies!! It's true! Bob kept Michael's baby girl from him and his family, so karma came back and bit Bob in the ass, HARD!!! Bob Geldof, if he had been smarter, would have seen this coming sooner or later.

Now, the last thing I ever want to do is sound like a fanatic, I won't become that! But when I see people blaming Michael for what happened, saying things like he stole Paula from Bob, I have to speak up! Bob got his feelings hurt I am sure, but there were strong feeling all around too, not just Bob.

Well, I would say I am about 50% a Hutch fan now, I still love Timmy a lot. I just cannot bring myself to kiss my pics of Michael. Not ready for that yet! LOL! If I were 100% a fan, I'd have done it by now.

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