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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why I Hate Tree-Huggers

A lot of people believe tree-huggers and vegans are the same thing. I don't believe they are. I remember a long time ago, someone on YouTube said I was a tree-hugger. LOL! I don't even think that idiot knew what a tree-hugger is! He just said it to get an angry reaction out of me, which he did not succeed in doing. All he managed to do was make himself look like an idiot. Tree huggers are like vegans, but I don't think they are exactly the same thing. Many I am sure are vegans or vegetarians, but some I know do eat meat.

A tree-hugger is someone who constantly recycles everything. They do not purchase products that cannot be recycled. They often protest to save the forests. They won't step on an ant, but they don't think twice about stepping on a human's head. They think of nothing but saving the planet, which is all fine and good. Many of them also don't believe in GOD, yet they think they're acting all goody-good. Most of them don't believe in buying pets from a breeder or pet store. They think every one shouldn't have a pet unless it's a rescue from a shelter. They also don't believe in reproducing because it takes land away from the animals.

Again, just like show breeders, I even have friends who are tree-huggers. I don't have many, but I have some, and they are not any of the fanatics. The radical/fanatical tree-huggers are the ones I am mostly referring to in this post. My first encounter with a tree-hugger was on the Acmepet forum. It was Kallie. Of course back in those days, I had no idea what a tree-hugger was! I'd never met one, and sure never heard the expression. Kallie never even told me she was a tree-hugger. I figured it out years later, judging by a lot of her actions. Then I figured out Kallie was the quint-essential tree-hugger! She had a Chihuahua, but she also kept 2 german shepherd dogs. She said that was her favorite breed. I like GSDs too. I had them before and I swear they were the smartest dogs! My girl Fossey, I named her after Dian Fossey, who I know also had GSDs once, I would talk to her and call her my beautiful Miss Fossey, and I swear she could understand me!! She'd be wagging her tail and lick me on my face.

Anyways, Kallie ran a rescue that she called Nikko's Pet Rescue site. Apparently it's not up anymore. Karma maybe? LOL! Well, it happens. Anyways, she ran a rescue for animals. I know she had dogs, cats, a horse, and several other pets she mentioned, all from rescues. Well, you all know the story of my encounter with Kallie on the Chihuahua forum at AcmePet. I also admit I was not being very mature or amiable either, any more than she was. But by that time I was sick of pet people getting on my case about everything. I had been accused of being a homophobe, a racist, unfair, rude, angry, etc. I was tired of it. In cases like that, I always think the person making the accusations are either just grasping at straws or picking things out of the sky to gripe about.

Well, Kallie accused me of being rude when I said I don't like Chihuahuas that look like the Taco Bell dog. But once more, I was asked by another forum patron for my opinion on what I think constitutes a "good Chihuahua". So I answered, honestly. If that patron hadn't asked I wouldn't have said anything about it. But she did ask, so I answered as honestly as I could. But Kallie got butthurt anyways. This brings me to 2 reasons why I hate tree-huggers: 1. they poke their noses in places it doesn't belong, and 2. they try to act all goody-good, when they're not all good! They're really nothing but asswipes!

Then Kallie goes on to say something to the effect of "I've been on the GSD forum for 5 years now, and no one has ever said anything like what you just said!" And I was like "What has that got to do with me??!" Maybe those people were never asked for their opinion like I was. Or maybe they were not honest people like I am. I admit, I can be brutally honest! I can even seem rude at times. I have no trouble admitting that. And yes, I have lost friends because I am so brutally honest. I consider that part of my life's work. If you have no enemies and too many friends, you're doing something wrong. You're being an ass-kisser and that's one thing I won't turn into. Anyway, this brings me to another reason I hate tree-huggers, they're too preachy! They seem to think it's their personal business to control other people by preaching to them. And they think all people have to act the same way as one another. Well, surprise Kallie! I act like me! I don't act like the people you knew on the GSD forum! Because I am NOT them!

After all that was said and done, Kallie decided she didn't want anything to do with me anymore, saying things like "Don't ever post to me again!" LOL! But this brings me to the next reason why I hate tree-huggers, they think they're better than anyone else, and that their company is the only one that matters. Bullshit!! I wasn't posting to Kallie in the first place. She was the one who decided to poke her nose into my post and make it all about her. I just made a post about a Chihuahua puppy I was excited about getting, and hopefully would soon been sharing pics of. Kallie hijacked that post and turned it around to be about her. Another reason I hate tree-huggers; they're attention-whores! Kallie could go suck a diseased cock and die for all I care. She is not an important person in my life!

I was so DUMB back then! I tried to apologize to her and a couple others, and I also tried to get out on a technicality. That was what hurt me the most! The fact that I felt I had to lie to get those people to like me again. That is something I just cannot get over, and won't either! It set the stage for the way I am today. I'd rather be dead myself than to have that feeling again! Acceptance from strangers is NOT worth losing your own self-respect! I wish I had known that back then, I never would have lied to those people or myself! I would have just stuck to my guns!

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