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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Amy's Baking Company, The Sequel

OMG the crazy woman is back!! LOL! And yes, she is crazy. Some guy said she acted like a cat with her claws out and all she had to say about that was "meow". She is definitely crazy! It's a shame she does not see that. But then again, cat people can never see how crazy they are. Some admit it, but Amy will not admit it. You can't admit something you don't acknowledge. For that reason alone, I would never eat at their restaurant! I wouldn't eat anything made by some cat-fag! She'd probably put a hairball in the food! I used to hate having to pick those damn things up! Let alone have it put in my food. That's why I don't have cats and don't want cats either. Though I wouldn't mind a Siamese or a hairless cat. No hairballs to cough up. Having Persians, they cough up hairballs several times a day. Ours did! Siamese, well let me put it this way; I had a Siamese for 3 years, in that time, he never coughed up a hairball.

Well, as nutty as Amy is, she's nowhere near as bad as her husband, Samy. Samy is the one with the big mouth. Not to mention he is greedy and unprofessional. They both made an appearance on Dr. Phil, and Dr. Phil had someone, who was an expert in business consulting, come in and give some advice to Amy and Samy. One of the things he suggested is to give things away for free. It's one way to pique the curiosity of new customers. Samy sat in the chair shaking his head. He absolutely opposed the idea of giving anyone any discounts or free samples of anything. Like I said, he is greedy! He said something to the effect of "If they wanna come in and try the food, they can afford to pay for it!" That's all Samy thinks about is the money! Not the customers! Meaning money means more to him than people. I wouldn't have married him! Besides, I think he's a bad influence on Amy.

Amy told Dr. Phil that she can't eat, she can't sleep, all because she gets death threats and offers from people who want to fuck her. I remember a LONG time ago, I used to let things like that bother me. But not anymore. I remember I lost 60 pounds once because I was angry over some things that happened on an internet forum. I got myself down to about 90 pounds! I was anorexic, believe it or not! LOL! Then I thought to myself, what the heck am I doing?? Why am I allowing an incident that happened over the internet to get to me this way? Though part of it could have been because I was vulnerable after losing my grandma, as it happened about the same time, also because I was young and didn't know how to handle situations like that yet. I was also rather new to the internet and message boards. Those piled up together may have been contributors to why I let things like what happened do physical harm like that to me. Things that today, would not affect me at all.

This business consultant also told Amy and Samy that they need to give up this urge to read every post on their Facebook page, and Yelp, and Twitter, and just focus on those that love their business and are loyal customers. Now, there I totally agree with him! On UMG Productions, we are not allowed to respond to customers who leave feedback. We have staff who reads each comment posted, and if it is irrelevant to the story they are commenting on, the post gets deleted. But I, as a simple author and contributor, am forbidden to read any of the comments, or respond to them. Like Dr. Phil says in this episode (and my supervisor always said the same thing) sometimes the comments are poison! Some can be a learning experience, but only from those who have actually read the story (not the free samples). So, I do not read comments on there. That's for another team of workers, not me. I barely read the comments posted on this page anymore! LOL!

But most of the reason my supervisor does not let me read any comments left on the UMG site is because I could get the urge to respond. Though I have now had years of practice at not responding to negative comments (and not even really reading them), she doesn't even want me to be tempted. So, I don't read the comments. My supervisor wants both the customer and contributor to have a good experience with the website. Unlike at Amy's Baking Company, where if you don't like the food, you get cussed out. My supervisor wouldn't stand for that at all!! Not from any of us! She'd have my head on a platter if I did that!! But Samy has such a big mouth, he cannot stop himself from responding to negativity. Amy thinks if she doesn't respond, the trolls win. Well, that's not true at all! If you respond to trolls, which is exactly what they want you to do, the trolls win, and you've just shown you are weak and vulnerable. When a troll or hater posts a negative comment on one of my videos, I don't really look. I give a quick glance and look for a few key words, and if I see those words, I don't read anymore of the comment and pass it by and ignore it. Just move on to something else. I never let it get me down. Not anymore! Life is so much more pleasant when you just knock over the trolls and haters and go on with your own day to day life! It's kept me smiling all this time! And the trolls get butthurt when you stop responding to them, and sometimes that is even funnier than what they were trying to accomplish.

I still say Amy needs to do 3 things in order to succeed in life. Since Dr. Phil's staff gave her cooking 100% thumbs up, all Amy has to do now is get rid of Samy, get rid of the cats, and grow a thick skin. Ignore the haters, and listen to legitimate complaints from people actually trying her food. Not just the compliments.

Anyways, this is the video where they go on Dr. Phil and ask for help with their business. Notice how Samy acts throughout the whole show. Also notice Dr. Phil's reaction to Samy's doubting.


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