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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Excess of INXS

Yesterday was Lily's birthday, she is Michael's little girl. Well, that little girl is not so little anymore! She's 18 now! A grown woman. She had better get herself out there now and look for a boyfriend, if she doesn't already have one yet. She should do her part to carry on Michael's genes. He's got some good ones! He had a lot of talent, and he was handsome to boot! Lily looks just like him! She's sure to have beautiful children, if none of those ugly Paula genes show up!! GOD forbid!!

Anyways, I kinda celebrated by watching an INXS video I put together myself from videos I collected about INXS. One of the videos I collected was a series of interviews of the men of INXS. I saw Timmy again for the first time in a long time! Ya know, my love and fascination for Timmy has now been dormant for a couple years. But seeing him again last night on TV, I remembered why I love him so much! Not only is he talented, he is also really funny! When he pointed out his "incredibly awesome ass", as he put it himself, I laughed! I said "Well at least he acknowledges it!" LOL! Well, I always thought that myself! LOL! He does have an incredibly awesome ass! I love his buns! It's what made me notice him in the first place, back when I first fell in love with INXS back in 1990. Actually it was Michael who first caught my attention, but it was Tim who kept my attention going.

I never actually formally met Michael, I did see him perform live only once. And I did kiss him! LOL! Well, I was a teenager then. Teenagers don't care about personal space. I didn't. Any parent of a teenager certainly knows that! Since the last time I saw INXS perform live on stage, I even forgot how it feels to see them perform live! I was reminded last night, which is why my first INXS concert back in 1991 did not stand out in my mind. At that time, there were other groups that I actually liked better than INXS. Especially this one Roxette. I had a huge crush on Per Gessle. And yes, I did see them live too, that same year in fact. Well, I am no longer such a huge fan of Roxette. I actually stopped crushing on Per Gessle in 1992 when that incident with this couple named Patti and Chris happened. A long story! And I think I have told that story on here before. But thankfully I was not as into INXS as I was into Roxette back then, or INXS would have been extinct in my mind too.

Well, between 1992 and 1997 I didn't even much think about INXS. I was taking a bit of a rest from INXS fanhood. And any rock star fanhood I believe! I still liked music, but there were no bands that I particularly liked in that time period. None that I can think of. I remember in 1995 I had a dream that I married a famous rock star. Guess who that rock star was. It wasn't Michael, Timmy or Per Gessle. It was not MC Hammer or Richard Marx. It was actually Tom Petty! LOL!! I don't know why I had a dream like that. While I like a few of Tom Petty's songs, he is not among my most favorite musicians. He's not even really all that great looking!! He kinda looks like a lanky version of John Denver. But in '95 I wasn't even looking at any rock stars at all.

I probably never would have gotten back into INXS except in 1997, something happened. It was a couple months before Michael passed away, and for some unknown reason to me, I began to look at my pics of the guys again. Little by little, day by day, I would stare more at my pics. By the time Michael passed away, I was just enough into INXS again to take notice. And for it to have an effect on me. I remember I cried. But not right away, because I couldn't. When I first heard the news, I was working on my Metazoic checklist. I didn't have time to cry. But it hindered my accuracy. There are probably some animals from the original list that I never got to transfer to this current list, and are now completely lost somewhere in cyberspace. I cried that night in the shower and when I went to bed, I cried myself to sleep, thinking of Michael.

For several years after, even hearing Michael's name made me cry all over again. That must have went on for about 4 years. Then in 2002, I took another break from INXS fanhood. In 2005, for some reason, I woke up from a sound sleep, thinking about INXS, and started looking all over the internet for INXS things. That was when I discovered the Fan Forum. That's also when I discovered a nudie pic of Michael, which made me fall in love with INXS all over again! LOL! Well, that only lasted a couple weeks, then someone posted an incredibly awesome pic of Timmy, and I saw him in a whole new light!! I had loved Tim before, when I acquired some INXS videos in 1998 and found out how funny and spontaneous he was. But I never really thought he was handsome (aside from his cute buns) until I saw this pic posted on the INXS Fan Forum. Then, I fell completely head-over-heals for him!! I even liked him better than Michael! In the pic, he was standing looking so sexy in a most sexy pose!! And after seeing that pic, I was in absolute fucking LOVE!!!!! Too bad the Fan Forum is no longer up! I don't trust the Switchboard!

Well, for the past week or so, I have been looking once again at Michael a lot. I even kissed his pic yesterday for the first time since 2005. I did it without even thinking! It just happened! But I remember I said to myself "Hey! I haven't done that in a long time! And it felt GOOD!!!" Maybe I will do it more often. LOL!

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Nasty asf, keep your obsessions to your ratchet self you're too crusty for that gay guy Timmy