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Friday, July 11, 2014

Why I Hate Show Breeders

Well actually, I have talked about this subject before. But since so far this month, my posts have all been about why I hate some things, I thought I would continue, in celebration of me making the Complaints Board, thanks to the Dirty dozen mob, who have called my blogs and videos "hate speech". I'm just holding up the tradition! LOL! So instead of mixing the subject of show breeders in with another post, I've decided to devote an entire post to why I hate show breeders so much.

Now, I will point out first that when it comes to breeding properly, I will always grudgingly side with show breeders. I know that the majority of them do good by their breeds. Though there really is that 1% that are shady, and yes I have met those "shady" type show breeders. Most of them do good. Without mentioning any names, any show breeder who with holds any information about their dogs, or cats, or even themselves, is what I call "shady". Like if you ask them what lines they are using, and they cannot answer, or won't answer, that's shady! I once knew a breeder who also showed her dogs, someone on an email group she started asked her how many dogs she has, and this breeder refused to answer, saying "that's none of anybody's business!" This same show breeder, I once heard, kills puppies that don't meet her standards because she refuses to let anyone buy a puppy from her. Even for just a pet. That kind of show breeder is very shady! Anyone who won't answer questions often has something to hide. I would beware of those people.

As someone who was trying to enter the show game, I considered my life to be an open book. In fact, I still do! I use the name "Timmyfan" online, but don't use it in real life. I always introduce myself by my name. If someone wants to know what lines I am using, I always answer. Only one person has accused me of not answering when she asked me what lines I am using, but I did answer her. Just at the time I sent the info to her, my posts were being monitored, and I guess that one didn't go through. Damn show breeder mods!!! If someone wants to know about me, and asks me, and I feel it is a legit question, I will answer. Some people ask stupid things out of malice, like if mcgillicutty were to come up to me and ask me how much I weigh, I would not answer her, because I know she'd be asking me out of vindictiveness. Not as a legitimate question. Besides, judging by the children of her generation, she's probably a fat-ass, Twinkie-eating, video game-playing, anime-masturbating dunderhead herself. She sure doesn't breed good-looking Chihuahuas!

But if someone were to ask me what lines I am using, how I got into breeding, how many dogs I have bred, titled (if I had any titles), things like that that are relevant, I would answer. And since I don't breed to show, if they asked me why I don't show, I would tell them exactly why. Because I hate show breeders. I think dog and cat showing is nothing but a big ego-boost. And I have seen perfectly good dogs have a hard time getting the first points, whereas dogs that I thought looked terrible finish their championship in a matter of a few months. It's all to me like a beauty pageant. Look at kids like Honey Boo-Boo. Surely there had to be kids in the circle that were more attractive than she was! Yet she always takes first place in those pageants. I don't know how! Dog shows are no different. And show breeders have some of the worst egos I've ever seen in anyone!

My first encounter with an evil show breeder was with someone who called herself Bischi (or Bischis, sometimes she added the "s" and sometimes she didn't). Her real name was Barbara. I have a feeling I know who she was, but I am not 100% sure. She was too afraid to reveal her last name, and I'll tell you why. For some odd reason, she was fascinated by me. She stuck to me like a puppy dog, or like a little sister who won't leave big sister alone. Anyways, she talked about me on a forum I had left several months before, and when I confronted her about it, she completely denied she did anything. Not that I mind really. She called me a story-teller, and I love to be known as a great story-teller! That's how one writes the good stories. But I found out she was lying when she said she didn't do that to me, when a few months later, I'd say no less than 6 months later, I said something about someone from the Pluba forum, on the pro-merle Chihuahua forum. I was angry at the person I was talking about at that time. Ratlady gave her opinion of this person and a friend of her's, so I threw my opinion in too, at that time. Well, Bischi saw that post and perniciously cross-posted the post to the Pluba forum. Once I saw her doing that, it said a lot about Bischi's character, and also told me that she lied when she said she did not talk about me on the anti-merle Chihuahua forum.

I didn't mind Bischi talking about me, or cross-posting the post to the Pluba forum, even though I don't believe she did it because she cared anything about the person I was talking about. I believe she did it only because she wanted to scourge me. What made me angry was that she lied to me. She wanted my respect so bad, but she lied to me! You're not going to earn my respect or trust by lying to me! Then people were saying I was the stupid one because I did not like Bischi! But that's the kind of thing people always do with show breeders, no matter how evil they really are. I'm not saying Bischi was a bad breeder. She could have been the best possible breeder for Chihuahuas out there. She could have been the Dave Navarro of Chihuahuas and pioneered a lot in the world of Chihuahua breeding and showing. I don't doubt her as a fine breeder of Chihuahuas. I'm saying she sucked as a person. I'm not the kind of person who looks at what titles a person has on their dogs as a way to define them AS a person. I look at the person themselves from the inside out. And Bischi was a sucky person. I don't like her. Not in the slightest! No wonder she would never tell me her name. She was scared. Or embarrassed because she's an asshole. If you're going to be embarrassed by being hateful to an innocent person, then don't be hateful!! I wrote that post on Ratlady's forum, you notice I was not embarrassed by it, because that was how I felt back then, and the person I attacked on Ratlady's forum knew it. It shouldn't have been any surprise to her. Well, I don't feel that way now because she changed, and so did I.

That's the problem with show breeders. That's why I think showing dogs and cats is nothing but a big ego-boost to these breeders. They hide their dastardly behavior behind titles and purple ribbons as if that's their saving-grace. It's no different than a con artist hiding behind religion or large sums of money and soothing double-talk. Then taking your money, skipping town, and giving you nothing in return. That's why I don't judge a show breeder by the titles on their dogs, but would rather look at the person inside. Bischis was an evil person. She may have had 100 titled champion Chihuahuas, but she was an evil person. That was all I saw. I didn't even look at her dogs after I saw what an evil being she was. I didn't want to. Because I was not going to judge her by the quality of her dogs, but by her own personal character. And I did NOTHING to Bischi at all. Some people argued because they said Bischi hated me because I liked Ratlady. Well guess what. I still like Ratlady! Although I admit for a while I didn't because I thought she was poo-pooing breeding dogs the right way. But she has her own mentors, and once I thought about it, she and I are really NO DIFFERENT from each other. We're both artists, and a little nutty in the eyes of show breeders. But in all fairness, show breeders are even more repulsively nuttier than we are. So, those show breeders who say we're nutty can kiss my funky ass! And Bischis, well the way she acted I would even go so far as to say, was downright psychotic!

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not saying ALL show breeders are like Bischis, but the majority of them are like her. Just like not all Michael Hutchence fans are like Bittertears, or not all JD fans are like Catsredrum. But Bischis was just my first encounter with abhorrent show breeders. I always try to keep an open mind when I meet new people, and I was perfectly willing to accept Bischis had she not shown me her displeasing comportment.

That's another thing about show breeders I hate. That's why I believe they hide behind titles and purple ribbons. Had a regular person did what Bischis did; lie, cheat, backstab someone, and was just generally rude and immature; everyone on the Pluba forum would have spat in her face! I've seen them do it. But because she had titled, champion Chihuahuas, everyone was patting her on the back, praising her and saying "I'm very happy to meet you bischis!" I was confused, but early on I figured they were just cajoling her because she is a show breeder with titled dogs. No other reason in the world! Just that she was a show breeder with titled dogs. That automatically made her right and everybody who didn't like her in the wrong. And I have seen that kind of behavior from show breeders and those who ennoble them all over the internet. I think that is what gives show breeders like Bischis that "God complex".

At first I didn't want to judge all show breeders by the actions of Bischis. I figured she's only one person. Not all show breeders can be like her. And I admit I have met some nice show breeders. Even befriended some. Even some on the Pluba forum. None of what I say is about those I've met who were nice people as well as being good show breeders. But unfortunately, those show breeders are few and far between, and often they get ridiculed, or are not always as respected as the show breeders who are assholes. I've even seen that happen. Not all of them are disrespected, like one person I knew on the Pluba forum, she came from a family of show breeders and I once heard her say her mom was president of the Boxer Club of America for several years. She was a very nice person, one of the nicest on the Pluba forum! I'm sure she was a well-respected breeder. But not all show breeders who are as nice as her are as respected. I've seen that happen and it's sad too!

Another thing I hate about show breeders, if you plan to breed dogs, or cats, and you get your animals from less-than-reputable sources, the show breeders will frown on you and give you a bad attitude about it. But then they turn around and say they would never sell a breeding-quality dog or cat to someone who does not show. And as a customer, you're like "Well, how the hell am I going to show anything unless I get that show-worthy dog or cat?" That doesn't make sense to me! Granted there are some show breeders who will sell to a first time breeder, but again, they are few and far between, and most of them get ridiculed for selling to someone who doesn't show. It's very sanctimonious of them! And I have NEVER in my life seen a show breeder that will explain to you HOW you can get that first show-quality animal. So what does the person do that wants to breed for show?? They go to anyone who will sell to them, even if it is a less-than-reputable source! If someone has tried with all their heart and soul to go to a show breeder for help and the show breeder wouldn't help them, then the show breeder has no right to complain whatsoever when that person does go to that less-than-reputable source for their breeding stock and ruins their breed!

That happened to me. I called the Evergreen Chihuahua Club when I planned to breed Chihuahuas for show, and asked them about getting a mentor. Well, they referred me to Rio Bellon, who is a well-known show Chihuahua breeder in WA state, and does have some nice dogs. I called her and before I could even tell her why I called, she interrupted me with "You want to buy a dog from me, right?" I said "No I do not. I want to breed Chihuahuas for show and I need a mentor, and the ECC referred me to you!" Then Rio told me that she only mentors people who buy dogs or stud service from her, then added "if you called me looking for a show male puppy, I wouldn't sell to you. If you called me looking for a female puppy I wouldn't sell to you!" Then a couple years later, on an email group she was on that my sis and I joined, Rio said to me once that I need to find a good mentor with good dogs instead of buying my dogs from just anyone who will take my money. I wanted to slap Rio in the face, HARD, when she said that!! It made me so angry because just a year before that, I had called her asking her for mentoring and she wouldn't help me at all! Now, here she is yelling at me, saying the breeders I bought dogs and stud service from are just people who would take my money from me and that I need to find a REAL mentor. Who the fuck did she think she was to say that?? And what gave her the right???

Rio has done that and worse to me and my sis. Odessa was in heat. Groucho just happened to be in heat at the same time, and we were going to get Odessa bred to a good male. The breeder who owned the male we had already chose to have Odessa mated to asked us to bring Odessa to the show and she would take her to her facility from there. Well, Groucho tagged along with us, and she happened to be in heat too. I figured why not find a mate for Groucho too? I admit it was a last-minute jolt I should have thought more about before taking stud service from anyone there, but I figured why not line-up future prospects for stud service while we were there waiting for the breeder who was going to take Odessa? So, we went around and asked the people who had the best-looking Chihuahuas we saw there if they do stud-service, and collected names and phone numbers. Mind you, at first I was going to save all these numbers for future breedings. I did not fully intend on breeding Groucho at this time. It just happened out that way. Well Rio never asked me why I was going around asking other breeders about stud service, she just assumed my sis and I were there with 2 dogs in heat and we would just drop off our dogs with anyone there at the show. She didn't know about how we were already there to meet someone who was supposed to take Odessa. She never asked, and she announced how my sis and I were at the show with 2 dogs in heat on the email group without knowing anything else about the story. I was afraid the people on there were going to think I was some kind of dog-pimper or something! UGH! Again, I wanted to punch Rio in the face for that! She made me so angry!! If I had done something like that, the other show breeders would have said I was slandering someone. But since Rio did that, it was A-OK! No problem.

Rio was no different than Bischis. The only difference is Rio said what she did to my face, and didn't hide her identity. I guess I should respect her for that, that's a facet a lot of show breeders on the internet don't have. Again, I think bischis hid behind anonymity because she was embarrassed of the things she did to me. And I say if you're going to feel embarrassed at any time about it, unless you are mentally incompetent, DON'T DO THESE THINGS!!!!!! I'm not embarrassed by anything I say on these blogs. People have tried to shut me up, and tried to bring harm to me because of these blogs. But I am not humiliated by it. In fact, I was very proud of how I stood my ground, even after the people in Bozeman found out about this blog. I was thrilled that I held up so well, even in the face of their anger and threats! Made me believe I was a lot stronger than I ever thought I was! hehehe! Bischis hates me, not because I like Ratlady. Not because I said things about someone from the Pluba forum on Ratlady's forum. Bischis hates me because she wishes she had even half my strength and integrity! But she never will as long as she does shit to people like me, and is afraid to reveal who she really is to them. That's the mark of a coward, like mcgillicutty. Not someone who is genuinely strong and confident, like me! I think that is why all the DDM hates me! LOL! Because I am intrepid enough not to hide behind anonymous names, or hide my pictures, and they still hide behind anonymous names and have no pics of themselves on the internet. Eddies' mom has one of her in a costume. CrystalK only posts pics of herself from 30+ years ago. It was Passion Wolf who posted a recent pic of CrystalK and from what I saw in that pic, she is one big, fat, ugly fucker!! She has almost no hair, she's fat, fat, and I mean F-A-T!!! And has bad teeth. A true redneck.

I may be fat and ugly myself, but I don't hide behind anything. And the skinny pic I posted was from only a few years ago. I thought long and hard before I put my first pic up, especially knowing how the dirty dozen mob are. But I decided I didn't care. I would only post pics I am proud of, and no others. But show breeders have got to have something wrong with them! Its rare to meet a show breeder who is friends with anyone except other show breeders. A lot of them look at newbies like they are grubby lice! And very few are willing to help someone who needs it. All they do is complain because someone is not breeding to their standards. Even though they have no right to complain when chances are the show breeders are the cause of that person breeding less-than-show-worthy dogs or cats in the first place!! If I were to start breeding again, I sure wouldn't do it for show! Most people, all they want is a pet anyways. Who the fuck cares about titles? The only thing I would do that show breeders recommend is health-testing. Not that I am thinking of breeding in the foreseeable future. But I sure wouldn't do it to show! I think it's enough when an experienced show breeder looks at your dog and says "I think he/she looks good enough to show!" Why take that dog into the show ring for nothing more than political purposes just to inflate the breeder's ego??? Then you wind up with asshole show breeders just like Bischi! I don't want to be like that!!! I can't for the life of me understand why anyone else would!

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