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Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Month, New Video

I'm doing videos more and more these days. I can't explain it either. I'm not as angry as I was a week or so ago, but I am still miffed about people believing that I think cancer is a joke! I mean really! These people knew my father had died of cancer. They should have had the sense to tell themselves that because of that alone, I would not be making jokes about someone else having cancer. And don't tell me I need to get over it! To me, saying that I think cancer is a joke is like slapping my father in the face. I'll get over it when I am good and cured. I should just ignore them, I know that. But I cannot help it. It's still stuck in my mind. It's going to take a while to get over that because I am still mourning my father. This isn't something I can just easily let go of. I made a video about it last night with a message to those people. If you want to call them people. Oh well hell, I think they're about as "people" as a person can get. That's why I hate people so much! At least a dog would try to comfort me in my time of mourning, not judge me. Shoot! Maybe I should try to get another chihuahua, they're perfect little ambassadors!

Well, I am healing, but it doesn't help much. I gotta live each day the best way I can knowing there are still people out in the world, former "friends", who still think I think cancer is a joke. I'm going to wake up tomorrow with that thought in my head. Those people will wake up, and they will be able to call and hug their parents. But I won't. Not my father. He's in the ground now. That thought takes a heavy toll on me. I still have his phone number on my cell phone's contact list. The most hurtful thing about it is I can dial that number and get nothing more than an operator saying "This number is no longer in service". It hasn't been easy for me to get over losing my pa, and with this turmoil now in my life, it makes it even harder. But this too shall pass. The sun will still set tonight, and rise again tomorrow. Work will still carry on as usual. I am no longer on Facebook, so that makes things a lot easier. I am taking this time off Facebook to heal. Hopefully I can get a dog and my world will be brighter again.

Anyways, here is the video...

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