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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Behind Your Back!

Everyone always says when I post about them on my blog that I am talking about them behind their backs. Well, that is not necessarily true. Yes, I do talk about people on here, it used to be that I did not mention names of anyone on my blog. Not unless I felt I had to. Well, now that ends, I will always mention names on this blog now. Hey! I'm giving the people what they want! Don't blame me for that! I've found now that when I do not mention names, there is total assumption. My ma has told me that when I have a problem with someone to talk it out with them face to face. Well, usually I do, if it's a problem I believe can be solved. But if I told everyone, that I felt I had a problem with, what problem I have with them and it turns out not to be true, I always thought I'd look like a complete ass. That's where this blog comes in handy. It's a place for me to get those petty, obscure feelings out.

Say, for example, I suspected Mark had the hots for me. Nobody told me he does, but the look in his eyes told me different. But Mark is involved with another girl named Rosie. Should I tell Rosie that I think Mark has been looking at me funny? Or should I come to my blog first and type something like this....

"You know what? I think there's this guy I know who has the hots for me. But I cannot prove it yet. The problem is, he's involved with another girl. I can't get involved with him. But I don't know how to tell him."

The truth is, I wouldn't dare tell her unless Mark does something that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was indeed falling for me. THEN I would tell Rosie. If I confront Mark, or Rosie, with this assumption of mine, and it turns out not to be true, I'm going to feel like a complete ass, and it'll most likely have Mark thinking that I made this story up because I want him. And that wouldn't be true. And Rosie might hate me in the end, because Mark would assume that I have a crush on him, and that I want to take him away, and Rosie would surely believe him. Not even ask me if I have a crush on him. Or she would assume I am jealous of them or something. Which would also not be true. But that's what she would assume, because it's popular opinion. Or it would be a typical response most other people would feel. But I am not like other people.

Now, just imagine that Mark and Rosie were people I knew only on a forum or Facebook or something. And Mark seemed to pay special attention to me, sometimes even making a cyber-pass at me. But let's say Rosie and I are not friends and Rosie even has me blocked and I can't communicate with her. But Mark is seeing her while making a pass at me. How can I tell Rosie that Mark is making a pass at me through PMs? Simple, I post it on this blog and hope somehow that Rosie reads this. It's not meant to make people feel sorry for me. It's meant to warn other people. It's part of my "I care too much for my own good" service. I would hope that when Rosie reads the blog post I write about Mark, that she would confront him with my allegation. Hopefully, Mark would tell her the truth. If not, I could provide proof, and very often I do.

My blog is an open forum, I don't block anyone, and I even allow anonymous posts. I'm more likely to respond to people who use their name though than I am to respond to an anonymous user. You can even find this blog on Google. This blog is totally out in the open. People like Tess Obrien take bits and pieces of blog posts from here and posts them in Facebook groups that I am not on, and makes assumptions about posts I make without ever confronting me herself about it. So I ask you, who is talking behind who's back? Not me. Anyone can read and comment on this blog, and usually I get facts before I post anything about anyone here. But to post about me on a forum that I am not on, that IS posting behind someone's back. Katrina even got on Tim-Hutch Love and called Tess a fat-ass pig, and I deleted her post. Not because I cared anything about Tess. But because she was no longer there at the time and could not respond or read it. I have never been known for talking behind anyone's back. Not when I have proof. If I don't have proof, I say in my posts "I think" or "I believe" or "perhaps" or similar words and phrases. Those kind of words indicate speculation. Nothing more. Speculation is not meant to be taken seriously, it's just a precaution. And people need to learn the difference.

I remember on Facebook, this chick named Claire Aisha said speculation and lies are the same thing. She, being a lawyer, I thought would know better! Somehow I don't believe she is a lawyer, but she says she is and I gotta believe it. I guess the law is different where she comes from. But speculation is when I believe something is true or not, and I know it could be proven wrong. Lying is when I say something that I know for sure is not true but I say it anyways as if it were true. I remember one time on a post by a friend I call Naughty, I said Michael would not like the drama going around in Facebook groups now. Well, Christina (Michael's sis) asked me what groups are causing drama. Well, I did not really want to name names at all, but Christina, GOD love her! She pushed me into telling her. So, I told her the group I had the most trouble on, it was the Michael Hutchence and His Life Fan Page. I even explained in my response to her that it was "The group I personally had the most trouble on". And it was! I was kicked out of there and after I was kicked out, Maria made a post about me and bashed me. She didn't make the post before I was kicked out, so I would have a chance to respond if I wanted to. She did it after. I'll never forgive her for that. Especially since I offered to post the offending post there for her and she wouldn't let me. She said I would be arousing a bad situation. So, when someone asks me which INXS group on Facebook I think is the worst, I'm going to tell them! I'm going to tell them based on my own experience. Claire Aisha can call it lies till the cows come home, it does not mean she's right. I was just stating my opinion based on my own personal experience, and not a lie at all.

Well, fuck Claire! She doesn't believe in any such thing as having an opinion or a personal experience. She seems to think everyone's opinions and personal experiences are all the same.

Well, that's one thing no one can ever honestly accuse me of. I've never talked about anyone on my group after they left, that's not my style. Like I said, I even stopped Katrina from talking about someone who had left. Well, Tess didn't really leave on her own, I told her to get out. Thankfully she did, and she's not allowed back in. But to talk behind someone's back is just not my style. At the very least, I'd say what I have to say on this blog. I can say more without getting too many other people involved. Everyone these days though seems to always want to get other people involved, even when it doesn't concern them. I think it's because of the damn liberals, like my sis says. I've noticed things have been going downhill since Obama became president, and a lot of it has to do with all this damn political correctness.

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