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Monday, November 21, 2016

Tomorrow is My Thanksgiving Day

I announced this in my group today. I do not celebrate Thanksgiving anymore. At least, not the same way other people in this country do. That day was never meant to be celebrated every year. My Thanksgiving, from now on, is going to be celebrated on November 22 of every year. No matter what! Know why? That is the day Michael Hutchence got his wings. This year it will make 19 years since he got his wings. That is the day I am going to celebrate his life. I bought a turkey (breast) to roast and everything! I'm celebrating Michael's life. I am celebrating having him in my life. Even if it was only briefly and only once. At least it was something. And I did get to kiss him! He let me do it. LOL! I miss him, every day of my life. The world is a difficult place now without him, but at the same time, it is a better world now for him having been in it. Better than it would have been had he not been in it. I feel like Michael was meant to be one of them peacekeepers.

This time of year has always been difficult for me, ever since I found out Michael was dead. And now my pa is gone too. So this year has been extremely difficult for me. This holiday season, I can predict, is going to be more difficult for me than any other previous holiday season. My pa always knew how to make holidays fun. But it's going to be hard this year, as it will be the first year I won't even be getting a Christmas card from him. He won't be calling me to say "Have a happy Thanksgiving" and "Did you call your mom and sister yet?" That's always been his primary concern was if I kept in touch with my ma and sis. Even when he was very ill.

I need to stop this!! I'm depressing myself again. I actually haven't cried since yesterday around noon or so, when I saw Katrina's post on Tim-Hutch Love. Now, I am doing it again as I am writing this.

But to dad, Thanksgiving was the traditional. He doesn't know now I am using it to celebrate Michael's life. My dad wouldn't understand Michael really. He's a country music fan. He was not much into rock-n-roll like I am. But for me, Thanksgiving is what it says, a day of giving thanks. And for me, the one thing I am most thankful for is having Michael in my life. So that is why from now on, Thanksgiving is going to always be on November 22, IF I must celebrate any day this month, it will be that day. I sure would not celebrate it as a day other Americans celebrate it as. As one of my friends last year pointed out, and she is a Native-American, for her it's a day of greed and genocide. I saw her post about that and I said "She's got a point!" I too am of Native-American descent (Cherokee and Chocktaw), so I should not be celebrating it for the 'traditional' reasons. And I haven't. This is about the only thing I am politically correct on, because it is just not fair! So, instead of celebrating greed and genocide, which should NOT be celebrated, I celebrate a great man who gave so much of himself to the world, and in the end received so little back.

In the song, Never Tear Us Apart, Michael sang "We all have wings... But some of us don't know why!" Well, Michael had his wings and didn't know why. No one ever told him he was an angel in his life. Or if they did, he didn't know it or understand it. Hopefully now, he knows it.


katrina said...

I only get thursday off, i can't come by tomorrow. sorry, but i have to work.

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

I know Katrina. Don't worry about it till Christmas.

Rita Love said...

Miss Michael so much

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Yeah, me too. Like everything!