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Friday, November 11, 2016

Republican Vs. Democrat

Wow! I've noticed, just over the past year or so, there is a HUGE difference in both parties. I personally am a libertarian, which my sis says is like a combination of both only without the bullshit. Of course I've always known there was a difference between the two, and yes, they all do attract like-minded individuals. My sis probably could explain this a lot better than I could too. I have nothing personal against republicans or democrats as I am not on either side. I don't care how others voted, it makes no difference to me. But all I am saying is over the years, especially this past year, I have noticed the big difference between the two parties. Not all are so great. But a number of them I can relate to. I'll probably get my eyes opened a little further as time goes on with Trump as our president. Who knows? But this is what I have learned so far...

Republicans are the most honest it seems. They say exactly what they feel. And they don't seem to care if it hurts others or not. This is a trait I cannot really get angry at, as I am that way myself. I've always been the kind of person who says "Let the truth ring loud and clear". I'm even honest about myself. I say things about myself that no one else would normally admit to. Because I know it's true. Though I also say I am ugly, but that is a matter of opinion. I am attractive to some people. But if someone says I am ugly, I'm always like "Well, at least it's the truth!" But I am not upset by being ugly. Really, I'm not. This is who I am. I especially get "you're fat and ugly" by teenagers and catfags. LOL! I got that comment a few days ago on my video by some kid named Fredericka. She had an Italian last name of some sort, and she is a teenage catfag. She was pissed because I hate cats. LOL! So to ease her own insecurities, she called me "fat and ugly". I just said to her "Thanks, you're probably fat and ugly yourself. And you're a fag." Well, I know for absolute certain she is indeed a fag. Don't know what she looks like though. Just like everybody else that goes around YouTube talking about how bad other people look, she doesn't have any pics or videos of herself online. So, for all I know, she could be a fat and ugly kid herself.

Seriously, I need to go back to not responding to trolls! LOL! I have fun teasing the fags, but I am also breaking what took me 2 years to perfect! Well, I blocked Fredericka from my channel. Some of the comments she made sounded like the sordid words of a psychopath. She needs serious therapy. At her age, maybe it's not too late to help her, so I hope she gets it. One thing I will give her credit for, she never said anything about me going to McDonald's all the time! LOL! But then again, I don't think she's even old enough to know much about the movie Supersize Me. I used to get the McDonald's comments a lot from bigots when I started going on YouTube. But then again, that movie was still a big thing then. But I have not been to a McDonald's or Burger King, or even a KFC since May of last year. And you know I haven't not eaten since then! LOL!

Anyways, now on to democrats. Whereas republicans are honest about how they feel, democrats tell people what they want to hear. They hide everything, including how they really feel. I mean, I can understand them feeling sorry for the minorities, but you know we cannot keep on apologizing for the things that have happened to them in the past that people today had absolutely no control over, and nothing to do with! I personally had nothing to do with slavery. I've never had a slave in my life. And I knew nothing about slavery until I saw the series Roots in the early 80s. Hillary supported this Black Lives Matter movement. BLM is full of nothing but a bunch of fags! I'm serious! You go into a neighborhood that is predominantly black, and say something to the effect of "ALL lives matter", I mean they will knock you out cold! There is a video on Youtube depicting this. The guy held up a sign that said "ALL Lives Matter" and he was chased out by a fag, a BLM supporter.

I don't know why that fag got so angry because the guy said "All lives matter". That means ALL lives, just like it says. That includes black, white, red, yellow, all lifestyles, all religions, all creed, everything. That's the way it should be. But because the guy didn't say that ONLY black lives matter, it made that fag angry. But then again, that's a common behavior of fags!! That's why I call them "fags". They're hot-headed! The same guy went to a predominantly white neighborhood, and held up a sign that said "Black lives matter", and he wasn't chased out for that, nor even cussed out. Sadly, democrats would support movements like that because it's what the general public would want. I think we need to solve this country's problems first though, and not worry so much about other countries. We should not really care if Iraq is free. That's their government's problems. Not ours! They sure as hell don't care that we have homeless veterans on the streets of this country!! So, we need to focus on our own problems before we try to take on the world's problems! But democrats don't want to do that. They want to make overseas problems our own. They want to ship jobs to China and other such countries while we have families here struggling to make ends meet.

If you ask me, it's not the republicans that is the worrisome race. It's the democrats. Why would we even support a party that does terrible things to our own economy just to improve the lives of those people who have nothing to do with this country? GOD help me for sounding selfish, but we really need to cure our own ailments first, then we can try to solve problems with other countries AFTER our own problems are solved.

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