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Saturday, November 19, 2016

New Tim-Hutch Leader

Well, I stepped off the podium of Tim-Hutch Love, and appointed a new head administrator. She posts good pics and articles. She never posts anything without there being proof, so I like her. She'll keep the group respectable. I still want to keep it a free-speech group. Well, Katrina tried to start something last night (KATRINA!!!!!!) but I told her not to go there. It was with Tess, and I guess it was after she saw the post I made last night. But Tess is not in our group anymore, and I told Katrina, even if I allowed it, it would not do any good to say anything to her because she wouldn't be able to read it. Apparently, Katrina did not know that the gray checkmark beside a person's name means that they are no longer in that group. Now, she knows. She's not in many Facebook groups. She is almost never online. Someone like her that drives 50 miles to work (one way) each day, works 50-60 hours a week in a major corporation, has 4 kids, a husband, 6 horses and 4 dogs hasn't much time to get online. I'm surprised she found the time to have the baby! LOL! That's a joke, BTW! I'm happy she has the baby! The only reason she's been online a lot lately is probably because she has the baby now, and working less hours at work to take care of it.

One of my friends told me now Kelly P is saying stuff about me. But Kelly P. is the least of my worries. She can say about me whatever she likes. She can even say she does not believe it when I say I was not talking about her. I don't know how she would think that I was talking about her, I do not know her well enough to say anything about her. All I've ever said about her is what I know for sure; that she has me blocked on Facebook, and that she is one of the people working to get the wheels in motion for the Michael Hutchence statue, and she is one of the admins for that group. That is all I know about her. How could I talk about her having cancer when I had no idea that she did? But again, she is the absolute LEAST of my worries. She had no way of knowing about my father. It's the people who DID know about my father that is pissing me off right now!!! They knew about him, and still believing that I think cancer is a joke!

But ya know, I am getting better now. One of my friends this morning told me that Tess is indeed a strange one. How she once posted something from her daughter and it was all too weird. That Tess is mentally unstable. People have been confronting me about my blog, saying I wouldn't like it if someone said something bad about me and everyone believed it, I would not feel good. I said as long as they don't say things like I kill puppies, I don't care what else they say about me. This is just as bad as saying I kill puppies. I think Tess planned this. Or one of those dumbass trolls did. I think they planned it to "get even" with me. But it's not a slap in the face to me. It's a slap in the face to my father! And you slap my family in the face, then you're dead to me!!! That's an expression, BTW! I'm not a killer!!! LOL! In my head, Tess is nothing now but a nobody. She's dead as far as I am concerned! And I DON'T want her back on Tim-Hutch Love! Even after I am gone!!!

I got a good mind to block Rosanda too. She was also one of the people I told to leave Tim-Hutch-Love yesterday. I hated to. But she too is slapping my pa in the face. I asked Rosanda to become my friend last year, I liked her because she had such a sweet disposition, and I always loved her pics, edits, artwork, and I thought she was pretty too. I still do! Believe me, it hurt to ask her to leave the group. But, she totally disappointed me! I should have figured out what kind of person she was when she turned against Nancy! Nancy is one of the sweetest people I know on Facebook! And she never says anything about anyone without there being positive proof. But Rosanda has said some terrible things about Nancy to a lot of people. Who knows? Maybe Rosanda has always been a little angry at me because I did not turn against Nancy, and this just gave her the excuse she has been waiting for to unfriend me. Maybe? I don't know. But I do know now that she disappointed me very much! I didn't know she was so DUMB!!! Not to mention, pathetic!!!

Nancy told me she told Tess off. Tess is saying things with no proof to back it up. Kelly's name was not mentioned anywhere on that post. And the only time cancer was mentioned was when I said my pa had it. That is it. I did not say the name of the person I was talking about, nor what she was ill with. NO WHERE!!!! But this is why, when I write about someone on this blog, I usually name names. Because if I don't, then there is total confusion! So, once again, I am going to start naming names. Or at least use initials, like Kirk P. does on his diary. 😊 For the record, the woman I was talking about's initials are JC, and she had a simple bladder infection. So there! And she is fine now. And also for the record, I have had bladder infections myself! Even some that landed me in the hospital for a few days. And yes, maybe I did deserve them! I used to drink a lot of sodas and no water. So, I say I did it to myself. So there!! 😝 Blow that out your asses you stupid trolls!!! 😠

I am so totally done!!! Hopefully the trolls are satisfied!


Rita Love said...

Very true Dee, I don't believe you wrote that blog about cancer. What I done witch was very absurd of me is listen to everyone else, I don't normally do that, I like to listen to both sides of the story and take on from that. But people drummed it in my head, saying that she will harm me. I believe this at the start well yes I can give my self a accurate reason for that because I was on hospital with a lot of crazy people harming themselves right in front of me like lightning themselves on fire, or grabbing a knife to kill. Scary huh? Well yes I was very afraid and I think people just scared me. But then I came to my senses I said to my self. Dee has always been very open and honest with me and wouldn't do anything to hurt me and if she was to how?? She lives very far away from me. Lol so I left there line of blind flock. And start to lead my self towards the right path and I'm very happy I did. Because I love ya Dee and stupid people have nothing better to do then be stupid. So don't let them try and hurt you remember this, there not hurting you, there hurting their soul! In the eyes of God. You do good or bad you are forgiven but you must mean it from you're heart, and then you will enter the gates of heaven and live eternal life. God bless you Dee xx

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Love, even if I lived in the same town as you, even across the street from you, I would never hurt you. That's just not my style. And I never get involved in drama between my friends. If I do, it doesn't make me love my friends any less. Not even these people who gave up on me. We're all imperfect. We need to learn to look past each others' faults and spread love and peace. It's what Michael would want. And I would do ANYTHING for Michael! :)

Rita Love said...

Very true

katrina said...

hey Dee.
i know these people have slapped your dad in the face and you'd like to punch them back in their faces. but can you please move on to another subject? theyre the ones that lost a good thing,-you. they lost the most loving, caring, sensitive person I know. so, they are not worth rubbing this in their faces every day. do some more posts about dogs. or another post about animals. ok? fuck those people. forget about them and move on. remember what your dad would want. right? youve always said that to me about my mom. well, i am turning it around on you to tell you this is what your dad would want. ok? ;)

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

Katrina! You're exaggerating! I'm not that sensitive. And I can be an asshole too, I know I can. LOL! Just all this cancer talk made me think of dad again. I just lost him. It's going to take a while to get over him. Now that the "c" word has entered my mind again. I miss that man more than anything now. Even more than my dogs. At least I know I will see my dogs again. I'll never see my pa again, and everyone mentioning that word in my ears again has reminded me of that. I need time. I need time to get over this. I need time to forget that word again. I need to get a puppy and cheer myself up again. I was almost there until this word entered my daily vocabulary again. I just think I need to get over it. I need a while.