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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tax, Tax, And More Tax!

I hate this time of the year! UGH!!! I would so enjoy autumn, if not for these damn football games and election commercials! I'm supposed to be enjoying my time remembering Michael. But instead I get all this crap thrown in my face! I hate it! Makes me mad every time! I don't even want to vote! I'm sure not going to vote for a president, because I don't like either candidates. Now, Oregon has this thing, Measure 97, which is going to add sales tax on all purchases! Oh-Em-Gee!!!

One of the main reasons I wanted to move to Oregon in the first place is because it is close to the ocean and no sales tax on anything! That would totally suck!! If this measure goes through, I might as well move back to Washington! I don't see why not! That's why I moved to Oregon and not Idaho! Idaho charges tax on EVERYTHING! Including food items! That's what Measure 97 will do here! It would totally defeat the purpose of my moving here! Shoot! At least if I moved back to Washington, I may be charged tax on non-food items, but I wouldn't have to pay tax on food!

I would move back to Washington on only one condition; that I get my old apartment in Ocean Shores back! That's the only way I would move back there! Well, yeah that and if this Measure 97 does pass in this state. I hope it doesn't pass! I don't have kids, so I really do not care about what they do in school. And I think there are other ways our state can get school funding anyways! This whole dang election scares the hell out of me! I kinda thank GOD my father is not here to endure what is ahead! Of course he would probably still be in Arizona. Measure 97 would not affect him. Just Oregonians. But there is still the presidential thing.

I wish we had a third candidate running for president. I don't want either of the cumwads we got running today to become our next president! Obama was bad enough! I got no respect for him! He didn't have respect for this country! So I got no respect for him. Like I said to my viewers on my group, Trump is a fucking noodle! And Hillary is a lying skank! I hate both of them! Our country is doomed if either one gets in office!


mikessa said...

They been trying to do that in OR for a long time and it will never pass. There trying to do it here too. People in these states where there is no sales tax had been trying to add sales tax with no success. People in Oregon don't want it and we don't want it here either. It will never pass. People just don't want it

mikessa said...

There is a third candidate running for president. His name is Gary Johnson. he's a libertarian and former governor of New Mexico as I heard from one of my friends who use to live there. He's actually the BETTER choice.

You wonder why you never hear about anything bad happening in New Mexico lately? Because its run by libertarians. This is what our country needs.

Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan said...

If I have to vote, I'll look him up! We need a change, but I want to make sure it's the right change!