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Friday, December 2, 2016

Stay Angrier

Sorry, I have to say this. One of my visitors yesterday said when I make posts spreading hate, it makes other people angrier. I said that's too bad for them. Far as I am concerned, those people can stay angry! Get angrier! Get angry enough to uproot hell if you want to. Get angry till it hurts! My apologies to my friends, but those who abandoned me, I hope they get so angry it keeps them up at night. I am already angry about them spreading bullshit they had no proof of. I think if they were in my position, they'd feel the same way. Once again, I never post anything on this blog as facts unless I have proof of it. I may speculate, and if a person is capable of reading properly, they will know I am just speculating. The dumbasses who take things I say out of context will think that I believe it's a fact and will get angry at me.

Well, I have absolutely no plans to go back to Facebook anyways. Not in the forseeable future. Maybe in the far-distant future. I have things I need to work out on my own first. But if I ever do go back, I won't go for any INXS fans. Not again. Next time I get on Facebook, I'll only ask family and close friends to join me. I'm sick of the fake "friends". I'm sick of being who they want me to be just to make them happy, and in a flash when I am being myself, they get so easily offended. You know what's funny? A lot of those people were Clinton supporters. I hate to drag politics into INXS conversations, and I hate putting republican-democrat labels on everything, especially INXS fans! But I noticed a pattern among those who unfriended me. The majority of them were Clinton supporters. Most of them wanted Hillary Clinton to win. I spoke with Katrina about this when she came over last week. I just happened to notice that pattern.

I just have to ask why? Why did they want Hillary Clinton to win? Just because she's a democrat? Or because she's a liberal? Or because she empathizes with minorities? She wanted to let people in this country that hate americans. They are the types that want to bomb us all off the face of the earth. You really want that in our country? Of course I have no idea if she really would have done that, but she once said she did want to allow muslim extremists to this country. We would not have been safe getting on buses or even our cars. They'd have planted bombs under your car too as you slept at night. Honestly, I do not want a president that wants to just help minorities. I want someone who wants to help ALL of us. I want someone who wants to treat everyone as an equal. I know for sure we are not likely to find that in Donald Trump. Which is why I did not vote for either him nor Clinton. Besides, I saw what Bill Clinton did to this country, and I don't like it. We got dumb kids now roaming the streets that cannot look at a map and find North America. We got kids all grown up now that were never taught a sense of moral values because they were never disciplined as children. So what do they do? They go out and commit horrific crimes!

Ya know, that's one thing that gets me angry now, knowing there are kids out there that have never been spanked in their lives. Sure, some kids can do well without being spanked. But I never will understand a parent "negotiating" with their kids. That seems to be the biggest substitute now for discipline and I think it's a bad mistake! You don't negotiate with kids as if they were adults! That's why so many millennials have this attitude of entitlement. They think the world owes them something. That's what kids grow up believing when they are negotiated with instead of told "no". They grow up thinking the world owes them, then they do things like kill police men, shoot up schools, rob stores, shoot up their workplaces, and just become a general nuisance. I would never negotiate with my kids! No is no. It means just what it says. NO! People need to learn that.

I keep thinking about this story I once heard about a mom whose little boy was invited to a birthday party of a friend, and she took him to the toy store and her little boy saw a toy he wanted very bad, even though they were there to buy the birthday kid a present. The mom told her kid no at first, then he pitched a fit and she gave in anyways, and they went home without a present for the birthday child. She said she did it because she didn't want her child to hate her. Someone like that does not need to even be a parent! She's too weak! Yes, her kid would hate her for a while, but he'd have gotten over it soon. Personally, if that were my kid, I'd have totally shamed him! I'd have sent him to the birthday party with a note telling the birthday child's mom that my child could not bring a present because he was selfish and demanded I buy him a toy he wanted instead. And Sorry for the inconvenience. Yeah, my kid would have gotten some harsh stares and maybe even harsh treatment at the party, but it would have taught him a lesson! It would have taught him how society treats selfish, greedy people. Maybe, and I would hope, it'd make him change for the better.

My worst crime is I speak my mind. LOL! Yes, it has lost me friends before, I've never gotten beat up or anything for it yet, though I am prepared if that ever happens. I'm pretty strong! But in the end, you find out who your real friends are. Sometimes even people who say they like you because you speak your mind, don't really mean it. Say something that they totally believe is immoral, whether it is or not, then see if they still like you. The ones that are your true friends will.

That's what I like about Katrina. I sometimes yell at her, we don't always agree, sometimes I even say things she does not like. Even things she has found disturbing. But, we are still friends. We love each other like we are sisters. Shoot, even my own sis and I don't always agree. But we are still family. I'll never stop loving my sis, nor my good friends. In harsh times, it's always good to know they are always around. I just wish they were closer. Katrina's the closest, and even she lives 150 miles away! That's why we don't see each other that much.😢


mikessa said...

I think you should just leave the INXS pages and just stay on FB for your real friends and family.

One of the reasons I left the conservative pages was because of all the anger that shows up on there. It was nothing more than an anger fest, as I would call it. But it was getting to me to the point to where I was snapping at everyone, and I just couldn't do that. Its one thing to be angry at Obama when he does something stupid, its another when they get all shitty about it and go on continuously. There no different than liberals when they complain about Trump winning the presidential election, except that conservatives don't go around protesting and destroying their towns.

You need to stay away from anger inducing pages. Try some dog sites, there always fun and you get to see some really cute puddins.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

That's what I need right now, to see some cute puddies!!!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

It used to be fun conversing with other INXS fans. And I used to hate show breeders and rescue people. Well, sometimes I still hate rescue people! They can be real assholes. But I've only noticed INXS fans have gotten progressively worse since the days of Rockstar: INXS.