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Monday, July 13, 2009


Anna got accepted to Bozeman's chapter of Montana State University! She was so excited she ran out the house screaming "I GOT ACCEPTED!!!" I am so happy for her! I am not surprised however, I knew she'd get accepted!! There was no reason for her not to, she did make the dean's list of honor roll students this year. MSU would have been foolish not to accept her! LOL! Well, it's Anna's day to shine, and I feel good for her. Looks like both of us got something big this month. I got my stereo and Minnie and Anna got a CD she always wanted and acceptance into Bozeman's University. Awesome!! Maybe for once things are looking up. It's about time life started throwing some bread crumbs our way!!

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Anonymous said...

I worked real hard to get into Bozeman because its what I wanted. If I want something really bad, I will do anything to get it.

Now all I gotta do is get my butt over there.