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Thursday, August 30, 2018

YES!! Strength Prevails!!!

Aha!! I told you this would happen! LOL!! Something is up in the INXS community, I've lost 3 people on Facebook.

But do I care?

I do not! 😂😂😂

No sir, no ma'am, no how! I'm tickled in fact. I love it! Know why? Because I've proven to myself that I have my strength back. Those people have me blocked and I don't even give a shit! It's also a testimony of how effective having Mya here with me really is. So that is why I am tickled. I said that if some of these people haven't blocked me yet, they soon will. I said I would personally see to that! LOL!!! And it worked!

I think I know the reason. It was because of that video I posted on here. LOL! Well, the whole thing was the truth. Those who didn't like it can kiss my ass. I'm not going to delete the video. Instead...

That's OK. I got a shitload of those fucktards blocked too. Fuck them! I didn't used to block people. This is a new thing for me. But hey! At least I am me again. This is also why I've kept the number of INXS fans on my Facebook down to a bare minimum. I don't have many at all. And like I said, I can take them or leave them. No problem. Most of the INXS fans I have on Facebook are people who asked me to be friends with them. Not the other way around. I've only asked as many as you can count on the fingers of one hand. And they were people I really liked. My real friends and my family are still there. That is all that counts.

So far, the only facebook friend I've lost that I felt bad about was Kathy. But with her, it wasn't like I didn't expect it. I knew once my dad died I was never going to hear from that family again. So, I was sad to lose her, but definitely not surprised. There are even still some people who haven't accepted my friend requests yet. I don't know if they just didn't get them or if they don't recognize me or what. But oh well! Hopefully they'll come around. Even if I have to weedle them a little. LOL!

I gotta tell you all though. I'm beginning to get a little disillusioned with Facebook. Been getting that way for a while. If it wasn't for my friends and family being on there, I probably would have given up Facebook long ago. I'm finding out social media is way overrated anyways. UGH!! I actually kindof like Quora though. It's kinda fun! And I do most of my communicating on YouTube. I still love making videos. Nothing is going to stop me from doing that. I'm getting better at it in fact. I've been learning a lot on YouTube. It is watching these videos on YouTube that has made me strong. That's how I learned about libtards and what to expect from them. So, that is why it is no surprise to me that the buds I lost on Facebook have been nothing but INXS fans.

Of course I still have friends who are liberals. But they are not like the SJWs. The far-left libtards. And hey! I warned you all I am not friendly anymore. The libtard SJW INXS fans have no one but themselves to blame for that. I got sick of giving my all to people who did not really care. Were not going to be there for me. So, this time on Facebook, I say fuck them! I don't care. And anyone who sides with the libtard SJW INXS fans can fuck themselves too. I don't care. All I have to say to those people is you are now officially mooned...

Monday, August 27, 2018

I Made A Video of My #WalkAway Story

This video is getting a lot of attention. The things I posted about in my last blog post, I talked about here in this video. I actually saw a video of the guy who started this #WalkAway campaign. He was refused service in a coffee shop. See what I mean about the irrational hatred you see in liberals. I experienced the same thing with the libtard SJW INXS fans after my father died. Of course I wasn't trying to buy coffee off them. If I was served coffee from them, I think I'd have taken it to the police station laboratory to have it analyzed. Even then, I would have tossed it on the street. I just wouldn't trust them with my back turned now.

But my turn around is another thing I can thank the libtard SJW INXS fans for. I talk about some of them in here. I talk about Matt Burney (I don't use last names. Just first names in this video). He was the first libtard in 2016 to show me how libtards are. I also talk about this woman I was friends with for only a few months, named Kimberley DeRidder DeKok. The one Katrina refers to as "the kok-sucker". I even used a bit of a clip I got of her after Kimberley dumped me for no reason. I happened to bring her up in a conversation between us because she said she wasn't going to get involved, and then "hang in there", and then she blocked me on Facebook. For NO reason at all. Well, Katrina said to me "O You don't need a friend named DeKok anyway! Fuck her!" LOL! Of course I left out the "fuck her" bit. I do enough cursing in this video. I even used Katrina's character "Katrina Hates You" to illustrate. In this video, I almost forgot Kimberley's name. That's how insignificant she was to me. Like I said, we were only friends for a few months. She's never even been to an INXS concert.

I also talk a lot about Kelly Poulter (Austin). She was the one that spread "the BIG lie" about me. And what got me was how many people I thought were good people, that followed her. It's exactly the same thing I see in these anti-Trump libtard protests. They are highly manipulative, just like Kelly (and Tess O'brien) are. They take things the mainstream media says out of context (in my case, the "mainstream media" is Kelly Poulter and Tess O'brien) and they run with it. They gain followers by saying things like "Don't listen to the right wing! They're telling lies", when really, it's the leftists that don't have all the facts. Just like the libtard SJW INXS fans didn't have all the facts about what I was writing about in my blog. And just like the anti-Trump protesters, when I confronted them with the truth, they didn't want to listen. They just said things like "What you wrote in your blog is disgusting!" and "You need help!" It's just like the anti-Trump protesters saying everyone who follows Trump is "racist" or "xenophobic" or "islamophobic". Well. I admit I am islamophobic. I don't want islams here! I think they need to be shot on sight when they try to come into this country. But that's just my opinion, and it is a fact that islams kill so many innocent Americans. So, I will always say keep them OUT of this country.

I don't talk about Rosanda in this video which is surprising. But really, she did nothing any different than what the other libtards did. A libtard is a libtard. No matter what country they come from. And yes, liberalism does exist in other countries. Matt Burney, Tess O'brien and Rosanda Herbert are all proof of that. They are also the best proof that Australia is a very liberalist country.

I even talk about the first bout I had between the libtard INXS fans and myself back in 2016. And how one thing I said triggered them. The thing about nuking all radicals off the face of the earth. LOL! They did not like that. They were TRIGGERED!!!!! LMAO!!! But at least I am not the only one who thinks that. And as for Antifa, they are nothing more than a modernized version of the KKK. They are no longer racist against black people anymore. Now, they are prejudiced against the right wing. Look at the similarities...

The KKK was founded by democrats, Antifa was also founded by democrats.
The KKK always wore masks, Antifa always wears masks.
The KKK did a lot of anti-black protests in the 90s, Antifa does a lot of anti-Trump protests today.
The KKK always burned crosses, Antifa always burns whatever they can find.
The KKK used violence against blacks, Antifa uses violence against Trump supporters.

I wondered where the KKK went and why I never hear from them anymore. This is why. Now, they've become Antifa. That's why they are always chanting "No Trump! No Hate! No KKK no fascist USA!" Well, I have to admit, I am glad they are no longer racist against black people. But I wish they would just give up this stupid agenda that all Trump supporters are bad people. Trump supporters, I've found so far, have been the most well-informed, accepting, and more educated group of people. MUCH more so than those who supported Hillary Clinton! I heard the democrats are calling the young girls that Bill Clinton raped "sluts" and are even still slut-shaming them. UGH!!! The lengths that some people will go to to defend their "favorite" politician!!

Well, when I posted this video, I totally expected to lose subscribers. So far, I've only lost 2 subscribers. Hmm. Not as many as I expected to lose. LMAO!! I wanted to set it to music. I thought the Blue Danube would have been a great choice! I wish I had thought of that back when I lost the SJW libtard INXS fans on my Facebook friends. It would have been a funny video!! But at that time, I was so distraught over what happened to my father, I was not thinking of funny videos to post then.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

I Love #WalkAway

I walked away from the liberal party some time ago. To me, the clincher was when the blind sheep libtard INXS fans thought I said something about one of their "friends" having cancer (when really she did not) and then just took something I wrote on this blog out of context and ran with it. That's what liberals do! What those people did to me is exactly what I see others like them doing to Donald Trump. That's because libtards never accept facts. I may have been a liberal before, but I always presented facts.

One thing I always hear from libtards is how Donald Trump is a racist xenophobic dictator who hates gays, people of other races, blah-blah-blah. But you know what, when asked what Donald Trump has done that is racist or xenophobic, the liberals never give a straight answer. All they say is "everything he's said is racist" or "Look in the news" or "It's all around". I compare that to what the blind sheep libtards said about me, that I was a "vindictive, horrible, nasty cunt" and that I am "evil" and basically saying I am a horrible person and not a good friend. None of them could prove it though. As I had never been anything but kind, giving, respectful, and (a little too) generous with them. I blame myself totally for being overly generous with them. That, I admit, was my own fault. That's why now, I don't share anything in INXS groups on Facebook. But they took that and ran with it. And other libtards believed them and also ran with them.

People compare Donald Trump to the KKK, but Donald Trump I heard actually helped a lot of black communities in the 80s and 90s. A member of the KKK would never have done that! Donald Trump is trying to keep the radical islamics out of this country. Hillary Clinton wanted to let them in! And keep in mind, Obama supplied ISIS with weapons. I told you all Obama hated this country! I told everyone that back in 2008 in this blog! I knew he was going to cause harm to this country. I could tell he hated this country because he did not stand up properly for the pledge of allegiance. I thought that was wrong then, and I haven't changed my mind in the past 10 years.

I also heard the liberals say Trump is a pedophile. Where is the proof of that??? What child has he raped? His wife is young enough to be his daughter, but when they were married, she was 35. I think that is a consenting age. See. That is why I don't like liberals. What they did to me is exactly what they are doing to Trump. Nevermind that Obama has no respect for the USA, nor did he show respect to the Queen of England. And nevermind he supplied ISIS with weapons! And how about the rapist predator Bill Clinton? How often have you seen libtards stick up for him? Nevermind that he raped young girls and was impeached out of office! But the libtards do not think about that. They only focus on Donald Trump's misgivings. They take them and blow them up. What happened to me in 2016 with the libtard INXS fans was no accident! That was a foresight to how libtards act. Then they shut people down who do not agree with them, and tries to throw facts their way. Several YouTube channels have now been shut down because they've spread the truth. YouTube considers them "too dangerous" because they speak facts. They speak out against the left.

My sis says that "left wing" and "right wing" does not exist outside the USA. But I think she's wrong. The mentality is there in other countries. Most of the blind sheep were from places like Australia, Europe and the UK. So, the mentality does exist in other countries. Australia is becoming like the middle east. I remember how they hated it when I spoke out against Paula Yates. Obviously, they don't have free speech rights there. So, Australia is obviously a libtard country. I used to want to visit there. But after seeing the libtards that live there, no thank you!! I would say let the ocean swallow up the whole continent, but I don't want to see kangaroos go extinct. Well, I also still have some buds in Australia. I'd just encourage them to leave the country. Leave! Before it's too late.

Well, the more I learn about the leftists, the more I lean towards the right. Many people are. That's why this #WalkAway was invented. We are learning how the left is spreading nothing but lies, hatred, deceit, and rage. We are learning about the hypocrisy that is the left. We are learning how the left is turning Americans against their own country. We are learning how toxic the left is. We are learning how racist the left is. The left is, unfortunately, now calling the shots, which is sad. It means this country will lose everything. That's why I want to get out of this part of the country and go east to Maine. Where there is no leftists or anything that will make this country the crazy shithole it's turning into. Californians are moving here and I don't like that. Illegals will start marching in, and with them all their problems. They're already starting to invade here. Most of the people who live in this complex are spanish-speaking Mexicans. I'd wager not all of them are legal immigrants. They're also already starting to invade Montana, which is why I am encouraging my sis to move to the east coast with me. I don't know if my mom would move. She's getting too old to move to a new place. She likes Reno too. But Reno is going to become the shithole that San Francisco is before too long. Wait and see! Even Hollywood is leaving California and moving east!

Oh! And you dumb leftists, before you go and shout out against closing American borders, and allowing ISIS into this country, you might want to think about what happened to the young couple in this article. Then ask yourself, do you really want to let people in this country that will smash their way into your home and rape, rob and murder you?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I'm Moving to Maine

Man! I've had it! I'm moving to Maine. I've been planning it for a long time, and I've finally gotten serious about it. Been looking into it for some time and reading up on what they got there and I like what I've heard so far. They got lighthouses! I love lighthouses. Always did! I'd give my back teeth (what's left of them) to see some old lighthouses! They are also heavy into antique stores! I love antiques! Also, Maine is a conservative state! I belong there!

What got me so serious about moving to Maine is I saw a video this morning, and it was talking about how now the libtards want to make some states "less white". UGH!! It makes me think about what happened in Portland since Trump has been elected. Lots of rioting and the crime rate has risen. Maine is one of the top 5 safest places in this country to live right now. Maine is actually #2, Vermont is #1, and Vermont is another conservative state. Detroit, MI used to be "more white" too, but since blacks have moved in, it's become one of the most dangerous places in the country to live. See, this is why I don't like living in liberal states anymore. Illegal immigrants and liberal blacks are turning states like this into a third world country! I want to get out of here before that happens in this area!

I like Maine the way it is; with fewer black liberals and no illegal immigrants. You will notice, when you look at the list of the top 100 safest places to live in the USA, the first 4 on the list are all states that are more conservative. That is, no liberal black people and no illegal mexicans. That says something right there. I don't mind blacks if they are conservatives, and I don't mind Mexicans like my dad, who were here legally and learned the language before coming here. What I don't like are these liberal black shits who commit crimes and are complete racists who don't even want to admit they are racists, and illegal immigrants who sell drugs, rape and murder people and don't care to learn how to speak english. Most people in Maine don't even carry guns.

Well, this is the list of safest states according to this site:

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. New Hampshire
  6. Connecticut
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Hawaii
  9. Massachusetts
  10. Washington
I'm not so sure Minnesota should be in there. I've known a few people from Minnesota and they were not what I'd expect from conservatives. And shockingly, Idaho is not listed there. Now, Washington I would totally disagree with being on that list. Visit Seattle someday and see how the homeless people there act. It's not pretty! A lot of people in Washington are libtards. Plus marijuana has been made legal in that state, so it's hard to think of Washington as being a "safe state". In contrast, look at the list of most dangerous states to live in by the same site:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Louisiana
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Texas
  5. Florida
  6. Arkansas
  7. Alabama
  8. Missouri
  9. Alaska
  10. South Carolina
Most of those states, I've noticed, have become very liberal over the years. Though in Louisiana, my biggest guess for the reason that state is on there is because that is where New Orleans is located. But where my grandma lived for most of her life, in Leesville, it was quiet. At least in the area where she lived at. I haven't been there in almost 40 years myself. I have no idea what has happened now, if perhaps the liberals have trashed that town too. But you notice the majority of the states listed here are liberal states. With the exception of Alaska. That's because liberals will mug you just for having a different opinion than someone else has. That's why I don't want to live in a liberal state anymore. It won't be long before Oregon is on this list of dangerous states.

I spent most of my life growing up on the west coast. It's going to be a radical change leaving here. But the east coast should be just as good. At least the ocean is there. Of course, the list of best states seems to vary from one article to another. I saw one that listed Iowa as one of the best states to live in! Iowa!! I once knew a woman from Iowa, she was a chihuahua "breeder", and she was nutty as a fruitcake!! LOL!! TOO nutty for me!

You want to hear a joke? I saw this site, called DumbAsset, listed what they think are the top 10 safest cities in the USA. I TOTALLY disagree with them!! Three of the cities listed is in California, which is not a safe state at all! And Bellevue, WA. I lived in Washington most of my life. I used to hear of nothing but shootings, killings, and rapes happening in Bellevue. That list has got to be a joke!

But here, this is a list I most agree with. It's from a site called HomeSnacks, and it's very similar to the one I posted before:

New Hampshire (Photos)
Maine (Photos)
Vermont (Photos)
Idaho (Photos)
Virginia (Photos)
New Jersey (Photos)
Connecticut (Photos)
Rhode Island (Photos)
Wyoming (Photos)
Kentucky (Photos)

Again, I agree with this because the first 5 are mostly conservative states. You'll never see the irrational anger liberals will give you coming from conservatives just because you disagree with them. That's why I'd prefer being surrounded by conservatives than by liberals. On this video I saw, the guy said there was a woman who moved to New Hampshire, and she was a spanish-speaking Columbian woman. She was distraught because she could not find anyone to speak spanish with there in NH. She griped because she had to go from speaking spanish every day to having to learn how to speak english. Which tells me she is in this country illegally. I don't feel sorry for her. If she wants to speak spanish every day, then either move back to Columbia, or can it and learn to speak english! It's not difficult. That was what helped me get more serious now about moving to Maine. I'm tired of the only hispanics I see around here only know how to speak spanish. I'm mexican but I never learned spanish. And it's not my language of choice.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Something To Think About...

I found this on a video as a comment. The person I copied this from is not the original publisher of this comment. I actually have no idea who wrote it originally, but it makes plenty of sense. It puts this illegal immigration problem in perspective. Leftists want to demonize those of us who do not want people entering this country illegally, but the problem with leftists is they do not see the bigger picture. They have tunnel vision. I think I've said that before on here about liberals. But it's true! Sadly, I know any libtards reading this won't consider it. But perhaps someone might come to their senses and make the connection. Anyways, here's the comment...

*Joe legal works in construction, has a Social Security number and makes $25.00 per hour with taxes deducted. Jose illegal also works in construction has no Social Security number and makes $15.00 per hour cash, under the table. Ready?... now pay attention.... Joe legal: $25.00 per hour × 40 hours = $1,000.00 per week or $52,000.00 per year. Now, take 31% away for State and Federal taxes. Joe legal now has $31,231.00. Jose illegal: $15.00 an hour × 40 hours = $600.00 per week or $31,200.00 per year. Jose illegal pays no taxes. Jose illegal now has $31,200.00. Joe legal pays medical and dental insurance with limited coverage for his family at $600.00 per month, or $7,200.00 per year. Joe legal now has $24,031.00. Jose illegal has full medical and dental coverage through the State and local clinics and emergency hospitals at a cost of $0.00 per year. Jose illegal still has $31,200.00. Joe legal makes too much money and is not eligible for food stamps or welfare. Joe legal spends $500.00 per month for food or $6,000.00 per year. Joe legal now has $18,031.00. Jose illegal has no documented income and is eligible for food stamps, WIC and welfare. Jose illegal still has $31,200.00. Joe legal pays rent of 1,200.00 per month or $14,400.00 per year. Joe legal now has $9,631.00. Jose illegal receives $500.00 per month Federal rent subsidy. Jose illegal pays out that $500.00 per month or $6,000.00 per year. Jose illegal still has $31,200.00. Joe legal pays $200.00 per month or $2,400.00 per year for car insurance. Some of that is uninsured motorist insurance. Joe legal now has $7,231.00. Jose illegal says, "We don't need no stinkin' insurance."... and still has $31,000.00. Joe legal has to make his $7,231.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline.. etc. Jose illegal has to make his $31,200.00 stretch to pay utilities, gasoline and what he sends out of the country every month.... Joe legal now works overtime on Saturdays or gets a part time job after work. Jose illegal has nights and weekends off to enjoy with his family. Joe legal's and Jose illegal's children both attend the same elementary school. Joe legal pays for his children's lunches while... Jose illegal's children get a government-sponsored lunch. Jose illegal's children have an after school ESL program. Joe legal's children go home. Now, when they reach college age... Joe legal's kids may not get into a State school and may not qualify for scholarships, grants or other tuition help, even though Joe has been paying for State schools through his taxes, while... Jose illegal's kids go to the, 'head of the class' because they are a minority. Joe legal and Jose illegal both benefit from the same police and fire services, but Joe paid for them and Jose did not. *

All this, on top of committing murder, rape, identity theft, and other crimes. Yet no punishment by the leftists because they want to pardon all minorities. UGH!! Now you see why libtards make me sick?! They want to allow these people to get away with it. They call Donald Trump (and all conservatives) "racist" and "xenophobic" because they want to keep illegal immigrants out of this country. Which brings me to another comment left on that video by someone who calls himself Sysiphus Syziggy...

"LISTED BELOW are several of the arguments that have been used by misguided people to try and justify illegal immigration. Next to each is the reason why that argument has no merit.
1) "They are an economic necessity" - Not true. The idea that a bunch of desperately poor, uneducated, unskilled, non-English speaking foreigners are an economic necessity is ludicrous. In fact, when you compare cost vs. benefit, it is obvious that they are not only NOT a necessity, they are not even an asset. Rather, they are a liability and a huge one at that. 2) "They do work Americans won’t do" - Not true. They do work Americans won’t do for $7 an hour (especially if Americans can collect welfare and unemployment instead). Of course, if you got rid of the illegals, the jobs wouldn’t pay $7 an hour. The people who wanted the work done would have to pay a wage that was attractive enough to get Americans to do the work. And it might even be enough to get Americans off the unemployment and welfare dole and back into the taxpaying workforce! 3) "We benefit from all that “cheap” labor" - This is nonsense. The only people who benefit from the cheap labor are the unscrupulous people who hire illegal immigrants. Taxpayers are left holding the bag. Ultimately, it is they who must pay to support all the Americans who have been put out of work by illegals and must also provide billions of dollars in services and benefits to the illegals themselves. 4) "They are just trying to make better lives" - Aren’t we all? The difference is that most of us understand that we DO NOT have a right to acquire by illegal means those things that we find difficult to acquire by legal means. And we certainly don’t have the right to do it in a foreign country. 5) "It is impossible to round up and deport the illegals" - We don’t have to. All we have to do is remove the incentives that brought them here in the first place. No jobs. No housing. No taxpayer financed services or benefits (including education). Once we remove the incentives that brought them here, they will leave on their own. 6) "Immigration control is racist / xenophobic" - This is just another play of the race card by people who have no other cards to play. Immigration control is the world-wide status quo. There is nothing racist about it. Furthermore, the USA welcomes LEGAL immigrants of all races and ethnicities from all over the world who have gone through the legal immigration process. This is not just a bad argument, it is an attempt to create racial hatred and division. 7) "We are a nation of immigrants" - This is the “BIG LIE”. The vast majority of Americans are native-born. I am not an immigrant. Nor were my parents. Nor were my grandparents. We are a nation that has, historically, allowed and even encouraged LEGAL immigration. And we continue to do so. The issue at hand is illegal immigration, which has nothing to do with legal immigration. 8) "They are people. We must treat them humanely" - Yes and yes. But lets not pretend like they are victims who were dragged here kicking and screaming against their will. Nothing could be further from the truth. They came of their own free will and for their own benefit and they broke the law to do it. PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED FOR BREAKING LAWS AND COMMITTING CRIMES. SENDING THEM HOME IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. There is nothing “draconian” or “mean-spirited” about it. 9) "It is wrong to break up families" - Yes. Unfortunately, families are often broken up by criminal activity. If you don’t believe it, just drop by any prison or jail on visiting day. We can’t keep families together if some family members choose to participate in criminal activity. 10) "They work contribute to our society" - So do I. And if I break the law and commit crimes, I can expect to pay a penalty of some kind. Anything from a small fine to the death penalty. I do not receive a reward. WHY SHOULD WE TREAT FOREIGN CRIMINALS BETTER THAN OUR OWN CITIZENS?"

I especially like what he points out in #6. This is what I am trying to prove here. Immigration control is NOT unique to the USA and Donald Trump did NOT start it!!! I am not a fan of Donald Trump, but I am a fan of FACTS, and that's something that libtards NEVER have!! Try to navigate through Europe and tell me you were able to without any passports or visas or whatever. It would never happen! And the libtards would probably go there crying "racist" as well. Or maybe not because most Europeans are white, or at the very least, brown and liberals don't believe brown people can be racist. UGH!!! That's why libtards make me mad! They always want to put incriminating labels where there shouldn't be any!! Donald Trump can sneeze in the middle of a BLM speech and the libtards would call him "racist" and "disrespectful" because he sneezed!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

No More Fat Pride

Well another result of me not being into this new leftist propaganda is that I will no longer be spouting about fat pride. Now, I cannot promise I will be losing weight. I'm fat. I'm not saying it's something to be proud of, but I have learned to accept it. If I lose weight then fine. If I don't lose weight then OK, I can live with it. I've been doing fine so far. I get check-ups every year by my doctor, and she says my b-pressure is perfect, heart is good, breathing is good. That's all I need to hear. I can work on losing weight. But like I said, if it doesn't happen that I get back down to 109 pounds, well, I can live with that just fine. Fat names don't bother me anymore. They actually haven't bothered me in years! I've heard them all now. There's nothing left for anyone to say that will shock or offend me. Most of the people who say that shit would never say it right to my face anyways. So, it doesn't bother me.

Besides, I've found "fat pride" is a feminist thing, and I don't want to support today's feminist culture. Not in any way, shape or form! Of course I never demanded respect. I believe in the rights of free speech. Come to my blog and say whatever you'd like. I don't care. As long as people are reading. It's a different story on my YouTube though. Sadly, I am no longer paid on YouTube to deal with trolls, haters and negative people. So I've had to fix it so all the videos now only show approved comments. I hated to do that, but I had no choice. You wanna blame someone, I heard all this new change on YouTube is because of Logan Paul and his suicide forest video. Though I don't know if that's really accurate.

This morning I was watching a video. I've been really into Ben Shapiro lately. He's a Jewish libertarian conservative who is just like me, has some very conservative views. He's actually been threatened by leftists for speaking his mind. He says transgenderism is a mental disorder. Leftists don't like it when he says it. But it is true!! REAL transgenderism is a mental disorder. Modern transgenderism is also a mental disorder, but it isn't always caused by gender dysphoria. No! Nowadays, it's caused by a desire to control. That's what I've noticed. I don't know if Ben Shapiro has noticed. But this morning I heard one guy in an interview say it is a "natural phenomenon" to be transgender. No, it's not. How many animals do you see in the wild that are males pretending to be females? I've known about gay animals in the wild, but never a male acting like a female. No such thing has ever been recorded among any living wild mammals.

Today, transgenderism is definitely a mental illness. But it's more about control. Not really how a person sees themselves. If it wasn't about control, then today's trannies and queers wouldn't be going around saying "If you misgender me, it's an act of violence and I am going to shut you up!" That is how I know it's all about control today. I can accept a transgender who is such because of gender dysphoria. But I don't like transgenders or queers who are doing such because they want control. Those are the ones I don't like. And I TOTALLY REFUSE to use those stupid new gender labels!! No WAY in HELL!!! I'd rather call those people an "it". But if I say something like "What does he/she want from me?" I am NOT going to run down the line of 40-or-so gender labels just to ask a question. And I am definitely not going to wait until someone says they prefer such-n-such a pronoun. I will probably instead say "What does it want from me?"

That's why I like gays better than transsexuals. I've always readily accepted gays. I have no problem with them. At least they are not the ones going  around demanding we use different confusing pronouns. They are honest about their gender. And transsexuals who have gender dysphoria cannot help how they see themselves. They should not be punished for that. But these low-class trannies who want to control how others address them by making up these silly pronouns, I don't like them! I don't care if I am labeled a transphobic, I don't like them! I don't like being controlled by anyone. And as for the "misgendering is an act of violence" thing, fuck that!!! They made that up because it'll give them an excuse to change the laws so they can slam someone in the head just for speaking their mind. You can't do that. Well, you can but it is unjust and you will go to jail in the USA for assault. I get called fat names all the time. I've NEVER once considered it an "act of violence"!!! The violence is when people touch me just because I am fat. The violence is like the bullying people have encountered because they're fat. I don't like being touched, especially by strangers. If a stranger comes up to me and touches me, they'd better expect I'm gonna slam them over their head! But someone who says "you fat, ugly bitch" or "Hey fatso" or "Fatty! Fatty!" that's not an "act of violence"! That's free speech and they have a right to say it. I won't slam anyone over the head for just speaking their mind.

Maybe some transsexuals have committed suicide because of words. But that's not the speaker's fault. Fat people have also committed suicide because they have been called names relentlessly. Again, it's not the speaker's fault. They're just doing what people do because people are disgusting. But the person who kills themself because of what is being said to them can learn to grow a thicker skin and just ignore the people saying the bullshit. I did. I never saw it as a reason to end my life when there are worse things in life that can happen than being called "big mama" or "fatso".

Actually, I kinda like "big mama". LOL!!

Well, Ben Shapiro is so good, Rosie O'donnell even blocked him on Twitter. Now, I used to have a lot of respect for Rosie O'donnell. I loved the interview she did with Michael, and she has some beautiful dogs (she has a chihuahua and an australian shepherd)

I still respect her as a dog-lover. But when I found out she blocked Ben Shapiro on Twitter, that was a real downer. The first thing I thought was "What a puss!" Only wussies block people and then talk about them on social media. Kinda dumb if you ask me. At least have the decency to say what you need to say to that person's face, and give them a chance to respond. Of course, I blocked the SJW libtard INXS fans on Facebook. But I don't talk about them on Facebook while having them blocked. I got more guts than that. It is actually rare that I block anybody at all. I'm not a wussy. That feature is basically for people who want to live in a plastic bubble all their lives. The only time I block people is when they've wronged me or my family specifically. I blocked one person because I believed she was playing childish games with me, and I'm too old for petty, childish games. Especially on the group that person was in. My friends can take care of themselves. I might ask that person why they feel that way about my friend, but I won't block them. Again, that's for wussies. This made me see Rosie O'donnell in a totally different light!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Everything Is Racist

Ya know one thing I always used to hate was racists. I still do. But what I hate just as much is people who call "racist" where there is none. That's what modern libtards and SJWs do. I was watching a video on YouTube about a college woman who stole a guy's hat right off his head on campus. You know why she stole his hat? Because it was one of those Trump supporting hats that said "Make America Great Again". She went to the student center on campus saying it "represents genocide". Oh my GAWD!!!!!! She said "Many people have been killed because of attitudes like this!" And the poor guy was calm through the whole thing. All he wanted was his hat back. I would love to know, how many people has Trump "killed"? Exactly, how many? How many people has he deported? Not one liberal can answer that question. You ask them and all they can tell you is "a bunch of people". You know Obama deported "a bunch of people" too. More people died under Obama's administration the first 2 years than anyone has under Trump's administration so far. Do you ever hear anyone complain about that? No. You don't. Because complaining about the things Obama did in office is considered "racist".

Liberals make me SICK!!! Can you even see the double-standards there?! Instead of blaming Obama, they'll blame Bush. But ya know, Obama let it go on even though he had the power to stop it. It went on all the way through his first term. Obama did not respect the flag before he was elected. The only world leader he respected was a muslim/Islamic leader. Now, liberals are becoming just like him. And they blame Trump for all the problems in this country. It's so stupid!! All it is is an unofficial extension of Obama's administration carried over into Trump's administration, and the liberals are blaming Trump for it.

And now, did you hear? Dr. Seuss is considered "racist"! Melania Trump sent a library a bunch of Dr. Seuss books because she enjoyed them as a child, and the librarian rejected them, calling them "racist". UGH!!! I had Dr. Seuss books when I was a kid! I loved them! But apparently there is something someone linked between the Cat In The Hat and black people being "manipulative and sneaky". I dunno, I really wasn't paying much attention as it was so stupid, a speck of dust flying before my face became more interesting! But I think that was the jist of it. But I must ask, what the HELL has the cat in the hat got to do with black people?! How do they derive that conclusion? "Manipulative and sneaky"? Come on now!!! THAT'S WHAT CATS FUCKING ARE!!!!!!! That has NOTHING to do with race!!! Cats ARE manipulative and sneaky!!!! Liberals just don't want to see that!!! Most libtards are cat people anyways. They totally want to deny that cats are evil creatures.

You know, I heard the exact same arguments about that one scene in Disney's Lady and the Tramp where those two siamese cats were sneaking around getting into trouble. Asians didn't like that scene either because they equaled it to Disney portraying Asian people as being "sneaky". I never made that connection!! I never heard this stigma before that asians are supposed to be "sneaky". More likely, Disney was doing what all cartoonists did back then when a cat was portrayed in their shows, they made the cats being sneaky, because cats are sneaky! That's what they do!! It has NOTHING to do with race/nationality!! But all the asian liberals decided that picture fed into a stereotype!! So, all of a sudden, Disney (and Dr. Seuss) are racists!! UGH!!!!

I'll tell you, I'm getting sick of these crybaby millennials today putting racist labels where there shouldn't be any!! We need to wipe the slate clean. We need to forget about Obama's administration and get back to normal here. We need to go back to the days of spanking kids when they do something wrong instead of trying to negotiate with them and treat them equal to adults. If you don't spank your kids, they don't learn there are consequences for their actions. We've now seen what happens when parents try to be friends with their kids instead of teaching them right from wrong. I've said it before and I'll say it again, kids need to have that fear of authority. And the only thing that gives them that is a good paddle on the behind! They eventually learn not to do that thing again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This Video Looked Into My Head and Pulled Out My Thoughts!

Video Courtesy of YouTube/The Dave Cullen Show

I swear this guy opened up my head and pulled out my thoughts! That turmoil I had with the libtard SJW INXS fans a couple years ago is beautifully simulated by this guy in this video, with a little bit of help from Family Guy. Now, I don't like Family Guy. I still don't watch it, on account of there was still the thing about them poking fun at my Michael! But in this video, this guy points to certain scenes and shows why today's SJWs and libtards are so fricken annoying. This is why I don't want to make friends with other INXS fans! Because I found out they all act like the SJWs specified in this video.

Two things stand out in the clips. One is the guy on the smartphone that is asked what are his triggers, and he gets triggered by someone asking him what his triggers are. Such a minor stupid thing! But that's how today's liberals and SJWs respond to everything new. Apparently they don't like change. Another thing that stood out was when Brian the dog tweeted he was white, and suddenly an angry mob surrounded his house, and when he tried to apologize for the joke he told, the libtard SJWs wouldn't have it. The guy conducting this video also stated never to apologize to anyone. SJWs don't want apologies. They just want to destroy someone that is not PC.

That statement reminded me SO MUCH of the turmoil I had with the libtard SJW INXS fans right after my father died, it made me think this guy opened up my head and took out my thoughts. That is what they wanted to do, they wanted to destroy me. Most of them had been wanting to ever since I said all radicals should be blown off the face of the Earth. I still believe that too. Good to know I'm not the only one who believes they should all be nuked! I hate radicals. I just don't call them "radicals" much anymore. Now, I just refer to them as SJWs. It sounds better, and better describes their lifestyle. LOL!

See, I know Kelly P. read my blog, and she must have found out that way that my father died of cancer. And Kelly P, being the kind of attention-seeking cunt that she is, got jealous because I was getting more attention from people I called "friends" than she was at that time. I think she got scared thinking 'Hey! I'm not getting any attention from these certain people anymore. I need to do something to get the attention back on myself!' So, she made up the story that she too had cancer. Frankly, from the beginning, I did smell a rat there. If she did have cancer, she sure recovered quickly with no side-effects. My dad was not that lucky! His cancer claimed his life, and it's not something I am happy about or told people just for attention. No matter what Kelly P. thought. In fact I remember one day I told my dad that I have all my friends on Facebook praying for him, and he was grateful for that. He actually said thank you. That's something I never mentioned online and told no one else.

Well, someone else I knew, from another kind of lifestyle, got a bladder infection and ended up in the hospital, and it was a person I did not like. She'd always treated me and my sis and friends like dirt. That was about the same time Kelly P. got jealous and greedy enough to tell people she had cancer. So when I spoke of the person I did know on here, people thought I was talking about Kelly P. because I didn't like her either. I didn't like Kelly for many reasons. Main reason being she's a fricken two-faced liar. I'd bet 95% of everything she says online is nothing but a lie. Including her own loyalty to whatever it is she calls "friends".

Anyway, I apologized for the confusion because people thought I was talking about someone I wasn't talking about at all. At the time I wrote the post, I had no way of knowing Kelly P. even announced she had cancer. She had me blocked on Facebook then. So, I never would have seen any posts from her. I didn't know Kelly P. even wrote such a post until one of my friends told me what I wrote about her was disturbing to her. At first I thought she thought I was talking about another libtard named Kelly, whose brother was also suffering from cancer. And I told her that I wasn't talking about her. But then she pointed out she was talking about Kelly P. I honestly did not know what she was talking about. But I'd never known this friend to lie, so I believed her. But I told her I had no idea Kelly P. even had cancer. I never saw an announcement. All I saw was people deleting themselves from my friend list on Facebook. Even people I thought really were good friends. That was when I apologized for the confusion. I never apologized to Kelly P. though. I remember Rosanda demanded I do so. But I refused. I wasn't even coming close to apologizing to Kelly P. as I did nothing wrong to her.

That's one of the points made in this video. NEVER apologize to libtard SJWs. They don't want to hear it. All they want to do is destroy you. The facts pointed out in this video; ie, the disdain against me for no reason, accusations without proof or trial, and general lack of empathy for someone who is not PC; reminded me so much of the SJW libtard INXS fans, it just seemed like this guy took a piece of my memory and made a video around it. Funny thing is Seth McFarlane is a liberal too. But he's definitely not an SJW! Perhaps there is a difference. I saw a guy on Quora today who himself admitted that he laughs at crazy liberals too. He's only the second one I've met like that in my short, political career.

Well, like Rosanda said, the damage is already done. Now, I don't make friends with anyone, especially libtard INXS fans, and I don't trust SJWs. And I am not the nice person I was before this all happened. Now, I am MEAN!! Hateful and nasty!! Yep, the damage has been done. But not in the way Rosanda expected. LOL!

Monday, July 30, 2018

Choices, Choices!

I was watching a video about vegans protesting a restaurant in Canada, this restaurant is called Antlers and it serves deer meat. I've tried deer meat before and it is pretty good. It's very lean meat too. Not like factory farmed beef that makes you get fat. Yes, I know I am already fat!! But it's because I like chocolate. Not because I like meat. I've given up chocolate before and lost weight. But I never gave up the meat. Anyways, in this video, these vegans say they oppose killing animals because they just want to live their lives. But when asked how they feel about abortion, they said that they refused to answer that question. Well, here is the video, courtesy of YouTube/Rebel Media.

I find it funny that these vegans can answer questions relating to slaughtering animals for food, but cannot answer questions about aborting babies. Of course that proves that vegans are liberals. Liberals are all for abortion. Even if it does mean killing their own species in fetal-form. They'll kill another human, but they don't think twice about saving another species. Libtard logic! There is none!

I saw this video and the first thing that came to my mind was "I bet each and every one of those protesters has a cat at home". NO ONE needs cats!! But like I told one friend of mine, a vegan who owns a cat has no right to complain about people who eat meat. Cats are the biggest enemy of vegans because it shows their hypocrisy in plain sight. Either they are feeding that beast a vegan diet, which slowly kills them, or they are not feeding it a vegan diet thus still contributing to the slaughter of other animals for food for a creature that no one needs to have around. Vegans talk about how killing animals for our own consumption is wrong because they think we don't need it. Well, I say again, NO ONE needs to have a cat! So, if you are a vegan and you own a cat, you are needlessly contributing to slaughtering animals anyways.

Vegans always bring up the same bullshit argument; "Cats are obligate carnivores". That's still not a good argument for being a vegan and owning a cat! Like I said, NO ONE needs a cat! Cats are the most useless creatures you can even have. I'd respect vegans more if they owned vegan pets, like rabbits, or hamsters, or guinea pigs, or birds. But not if they own (or even would love to have) a damn cat!! I have zero respect for a vegan like that. Because they are hypocrites. I even had one vegan tell me "I like rabbits, but I prefer cats". Well, apparently veganism is not about what you prefer. I would prefer to have a nice, juicy steak over a plate full of broccoli. It's about what is "ethical" (by vegan standards). I also had another vegan say "If a vegan chooses to own a cat, then it is their choice". My answer was "Then it is my choice if I want to have a steak or a salad". At least those animals usually die quickly. Cats torture other animals before they kill them.

Honestly, I don't know how vegans cannot make the connection between the hypocrisy they show in owning a cat, but do their damndest to try to connect eating beef and petting our dogs as some innate form of hypocrisy. That's one thing about vegans I will never understand. And why I have absolutely NO respect for vegans.

Speaking of cats, I have some funny anti-cat memes. LMAO!!!

I made this one up myself. This is what I always want to do when some idiot libtard compares my Michael to a dumb cat...

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Liberals Have The Highest IQ?

Really?? Naw! Well, in all fairness, they do know better than anyone else how to screw things up in this country. I guess that does take a higher IQ. They do know, better than anyone else, how to drag made-up facts out of their ass. That would take a higher IQ. They also know how to make up those facts that they pull out of their ass. That definitely takes a higher IQ and a good amount of creativity. But having a higher IQ just simply means their basic skills are good. I have a high IQ. Mine has been measured at around 149. But sometimes I just don't act like it, like the liberals. My memory SUCKS!! And sometimes I don't say what I need to say at the moment I need to say it. Especially when I am in a confrontation. I get very flustered in situations like that.

Personally, I think only a liberal thinks other liberals have the highest IQ. Some just may even. But per capita, it seems they have more brain farts than any other populace. They think they're doing good, but really, all they are doing is ruining everything. Now, they are creating a divide in this country. I'm personally on the side of teaching all immigrants to speak english. Leave their language back in their native land! Don't bring it here! My dad learned to speak english! So can they. But liberals would argue that I am prejudice because I believe everyone in this country should speak english. It's not too much to ask. I don't even talk to many people in this complex because most of them only speak Mexican. It's annoying!! And they are taking over, unfortunately! Well, I thank GOD that fat manager who used to bug me about Mya is gone. My dad was Mexican too, but he was a hard worker. He took the time and effort to learn to speak english, then came to this country. Throughout my life, I only heard him speak spanish a few times, and that was usually to cuss.

Liberals don't make a difference. Well, yes they do, but never in a good way. Now, they are trying to take away our rights of free speech. And see, I knew this was going to happen. Once Obama took office, I just knew everything from then on was going to be topsy-turvy in this country. And look at it now. It is! Once this bill in California passes saying we'll be arrested and fined for "misgendering" someone, then our country truly will have reached rock-bottom! I don't complain when someone calls me fat names. Trust me, people have tried! I recently got some gay guy on YouTube who kept calling me a "fat ugly bitch". It didn't have any affect on me at all. I just said to him "yah, yah, yah." which basically means I'm getting bored with someone. He thought he had triggered me. LOL!! But he didn't say anything I haven't already heard before. I think he was just trying to deflect the fact that I had already triggered him when I called him a panther fag. LOL! But anyway, I don't get angry anymore when people call me fat names because I just figure it's their rights of free speech.

Actually, if I am going to be an asshole, I need to build a much thicker skin than I've ever had before. I am still working on the asshole thing. Most of the liberal INXS fans have stopped speaking to me, which means at least I'm getting better at this. And I am perfectly happy with them not speaking to me. Once again, at least I know I won't have any false friends like the last time. I don't even do my Timmy-squeals anymore for that particular reason. Well, I did it for one good friend, but ONLY for her! I told her the only reason I did it was because she said only the two of us could see that post. I'd do that for her, but not for anybody else.

Well, there's plenty of advantages to liberals not speaking to me on Facebook, and they FAR outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, I cannot think of any disadvantages to that at all. LOL! The liberals gripe when ever I say I don't like Paula Yates. Now when they do that, I just tell them to shut up. I don't try to reason with them anymore because I've found you can't reason with libtards. Paula has no rights, as a celebrity. Even Dr. Phil recognizes now that he is a public figure, he has no right to complain about people calling him names. And he says people on his forum call him some nasty names!! It's true though, you put yourself in the public eye, some people will like you and some people won't. That's just the way it is. And I just happen to not like Paula Yates for various reasons. One of the biggest is how she ruined Michael's life, AND Lily's. Yes she had his baby. But anyone could have done that! I could have done that! Having Michael's child does not make Paula special! Paula also abandoned Michael's child. To me, that makes her a dumbass. I don't even like calling her the "mother of Michael's child", she's not Lily's mother. She's just the woman who birthed her. IMO, she lost the rank of 'mother' when she abandoned Lily.

I can excuse Michael because I truly believe he was murdered. But Paula deliberately killed herself. She isn't worth shit in my eyes. I don't like her and I am gonna say so! If the libtards don't like that, ppth, then they can go fuck themselves! That's their problem. It's not disrespecting Michael. Paula already crossed the line in disrespecting Michael when she abandoned Lily, leaving her with Michael's worst enemy to raise. To me, Paula is just a reproducer. And heck! A cat can reproduce. A mosquito can reproduce! Can't get much lower than those two! LOL!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why Leftists Are So Dumb!?

Oh my GOD!! If you ever want to insult me, call me a leftist. They are the dumbest creatures on the planet. I saw a video about a university in Missouri that fires teachers and expels students for not using the right pronouns. This rule right now is in the visionary stage at this university, but knowing how leftists push, there is no doubt in my mind it will become law. It's so dumb!! A student can even be expelled from school if they won't accept a transgender dorm room mate. Well, I am not sorry to say, but I will NOT accept a strange man as a roommate. I don't care if it's a man who thinks he's a woman, or a man who dresses like a woman, or a man who already transitioned into a woman! I totally refuse to share my space with a strange man until I get to know him VERY well! And that could take an entire semester. I don't make friends very quickly and easily. I prefer to take time to get to know someone before I associate with them. And it takes even longer with men. Even men who have already become women. And yes, I would know the difference.

I remember after the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is acceptable, I once saw someone say online that now that gay marriage is accepted, all kinds of weirdos are going to demand acceptance. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for gay marriage. Who a person prefers is their business, not mine. Gays don't bother me at all. What I don't like are these trannies and whiny queers that put their lifestyle in my face by saying "Misgendering someone is an act of violence" or "If you misgender someone, you will be expelled" or arrested, or sued, or whatever it is these whiny bitches want to do! It's beginning to piss me off because it's causing a severe divide in this country. I totally blame Obama for this bullshit!! All this is going to do is cause even more discrimination, because nobody is going to want to even talk to anyone else for fear of "misgendering" them.

Well, now that gays have acceptance, now transsexuals want acceptance, and now even pedophiles are demanding acceptance. I don't mind giving gays acceptance. Transsexuals, that's kindof pushing it. I can accept them if they are legit, but not someone who is doing it just because of what some dumb feminists are saying or because it's "the in-thing". I'll never accept these 30-40 or so genders because it is not natural. Nature created 2 genders only, and that is what I live by. And I totally refuse to accept pedophiles. You may call me a "closed-minded idiot" all you want to. One stupid leftist libtard already did this morning. I don't care. I called him a fool. And I'm not changing my mind. Yes, I've heard all the arguments. But I also have arguments of my own. This is just something that leftists are putting out there to try and change the way things really should be. I'm beginning to feel grateful Trump won. If we had gotten another damn democrat for president, by now, things would have gotten worse! So we at least have 2 more years of sanity in the white house. But I do dread the next election.

Let's face it, we're never going to have a libertarian president. Our best bet, if we want to keep these leftists at bay, is to vote republican. Can you imagine what the world would be like if leftists take over? 35-year old men will be able to rape 6 year old girls and not get punished. Those who oppose that would be the ones to get punished! I don't know how these dumb leftists don't see how wrong that is! First, they want to kill unborn babies, and now they want to allow grown men to have sex with very young girls! Has anyone even asked the children how they would feel if a 35 year old had the hots for them? Has anyone asked these unborn babies if they want to be aborted? Leftists want to ask newborn babies what gender they want to identify as. Asking an unborn child if they want to live does not sound any more far-fetched than asking a newborn baby of they want to identify as a boy or girl or nothing.

I guess that doesn't sound stupid to leftists because they're stupid. These are the same kind of people who met Michael Hutchence and then went out the next day to get a dumb cat. No connection at all. It's just their STUPIDITY!!!! These are the same kind of people who thought I made fun of someone else [not] having cancer, only 2 months after I lost my own father to the same disease. Again, no proof of it. It's just their STUPIDITY!!!!!! These are the same kind of people who argue about meat-lovers grilling a steak, and then turn around and force vegan diets on totally carnivorous pets, which slowly kills them. It's hypocrisy. It's STUPIDITY!!!!!! This is why I hate people.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Are People Today Better Than In The Past?

As part of my feline-canine debate, I saw a video of someone who was advertising a cat for adoption. It was a cat named Pinky, and the ad was from the early 1990s. That ad became famous for Pinky's apparent unprovoked attack on the man who was holding him. Someone said they felt Pinky did not get adopted because of the attack he did on that guy. I don't know if he did, but I do remember in the early 90s, it was very rare to find a cat-lover anywhere. I said that was an age when people were real people, they preferred dogs. It wasn't until the mid-90s that people started to prefer cats over dogs. I blame both "the Lion King" movie and that panther diary show for that. You know people! They're DUMB!! They think glorifying panthers will mean cats are the same way and deserve the same glory. But they are totally different animals. If a lion (or any kind of panther) sees a smaller feline, it will surely kill and eat it. There are several videos on YouTube of leopards and lions killing cats. Panthers don't connect cats as being their descendants.

Anyway, someone saw my comment about people in the early 90s being real people who preferred dogs, and he said people today prefer cats and are better than they were back then. Personally, I don't think people today are better. We have people today with no talent taking over the movie and music scenes. We have people who are gay just for the hell of it. We have families breaking up, or women having kids without being married at all. We have segregation all over again, only this time it's on all sides. We have more school shootings than we've ever had in history. We have the internet where people are just plain nasty to each other. We have terrorist attacks coming to this country. And if you think we have less bad in this world now, you're wrong! We have the same evil in this world now as we had back in the 80s and 90s, we just have more of it, and more things that have turned bad. SJWs think they are changing the world, but they're not. They are actually making everything worse.

We still have some things we have had in the past, just today a lot more people are doing it secretly.

We had bullies in the 80s, we have bullies today, just more people prefer to do their bullying online.

We had terrorist attacks in the 80s, we have them today. The only difference is in the 80s, the terrorists kept their terrorism in their own homeland.

We had bad movies in the 80s, we have bad movies today. The difference is there is more of them today.

We had talentless people in the 80s, we have talentless people today. The difference is we did not create TV shows around the people who had no talent back in the 80s. And if there were such shows, they didn't last long because we knew how much it sucked to see people on TV with no talent.

We had some bad music in the 80s, we have bad music today. The difference is today, 80s crappy music has been upgraded to the rank of classics.

We had vegans in the 80s. We have them today. The difference is back in the 80s, they knew how to mind their own business.

The 1990s is when the world started turning over on it's head. And I know I cannot blame cats for that! But I do find it too much of a coincidence that just as the world began to change that dogs became less popular than cats. Nowadays, we even have individual cats that have their own TV shows. I never watch them, because what the hell is a cat going to do in a TV show? Nothing but lay there and look at the camera as some twit behind the scenes does it's speaking for it. This is one of the ways we are centering boring TV shows around talentless actors. Since we are now creating TV shows around dull, talentless, boring cats, why not make a TV show about me eating and sleeping. Think about it, if there are people out there who are willing to watch a dull cat in a TV show, then there's got to be a market out there for a show centered around me taking a nap. We don't even have to discuss what I dream about. Just put the camera on my bed while I sleep.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quora Quotes

I currently reside on this site called Quora.com, it's a site where people ask questions and then get different answers and ideas from different people. The only thing I don't like about Quora is they don't seem to believe in free speech. And anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows I speak my mind! Even brutally. All the same, I expect other people to speak their minds with me. Even if they are shit-talking me. Of course I usually use that to prove what dumbasses they are because they're almost always vegans or some kind of fags. GOD I hope not everyone becomes vegans!! Then we'll all be obnoxious fags. We have enough damn problems with liberals and SJWs as it is! I'll never understand liberals and SJWs. I guess because I am not among them. I'm a free-willed free thinker. Its a good thing I got a tough skin.

I remember my very first post on Quora, someone asked the question why do people hate cats. LOL!! You know I'm going to answer that question! I actually gave my answer a surprise ending. This is what I said:

I can only tell you why I don’t like cats. Before I do, I am not one of those types that has never had a cat before and is just spewing bad stuff about them. Actually, when I was a child, up until I was about 10 years old, I loved cats as much as any little girl does. I’ve had dozens of cats living with me over the years, and I did love them as much as I did any other pets at the time.
Now, to get to the nitty-gritty…
#1 reason I hate cats—They STINK up the house!!!!! Yeah a dog’s crap smells just as bad, but at least they do it outside, and it doesn’t stink up the inside of the house. You have to keep cleaning that litterbox every time the cat uses it or it will get funky and the whole house will smell bad!
#2 reason I hate cats—They get up in places they don’t belong. I always hated it when we had a cat and it would walk in it’s litterbox and then put it’s dirty feet on my kitchen counters. Cat people think that’s funny. But I don’t. My kitchen is my space. I love to cook and bake. I don’t want some cat’s big, dirty feet ruining it.
#3 reason I hate cats—They’re destructive. When we had cats, especially in their first year, they would get in the garbage cans and topple them over, then spread the garbage everywhere all over the house. Also, they would ruin my furniture with their claws, even if I had a cat post for them. I never had a dog do that. So, cats are definitely much more destructive than a similar-sized dog. Cat people do not believe this to be true. But trust me, it’s TRUE!!!
#4 reason I hate cats—They’re just no fun! You can’t play with them. You can’t take them on walks. You can’t teach them to play frisbee. I guess cats are one of the reasons we have so many obese people now, because cats are lazy, thusly so are their owners.
#5 reason I hate cats—They’re USELESS!! The only thing a cat can do that no dog can is climb trees. And if I want a pet that can climb trees, monkeys and lemurs are far better at it (and look more graceful doing it) than any cats!
But you know, more than I hate cats, I hate cat people. They’re annoying! They’re rude. Most of them have no life. Other cat people say “I’ve never seen a cat person that hated dogs”. Well, I have. Other cat people say “I’ve never seen a cat person that gets so outrageously angry because someone else prefers dogs”. Well, I have. Other cat people say “I don’t understand how you can’t like cats”. My response is, if your mind is not too closed, you’d know why. And my all-time favorite comment from cat-people: When someone gets a dog, all the cat-people are like “Now you need to get a cat”. Yet someone I knew got a cat and then wanted a puppy and all her cat-loving friends were like “You don’t need a dog, you already have a cat”. And also cat people are like when someone has a cat already, they want to egg that person on to get more cats. It’s annoying to watch! And it’s not good for the cats either. Cats are not meant to live in large groups.
Someone named Faith Resnick said “People who don’t like cats will come back as mice in their next life”. Well, in response, Dee TimmyHutchFan says “People who don’t like dogs will come back as cats that get tortured by dogs in their next life”.

Well, this was odd, someone responded to my post (yes, a cat-person responded) and actually agreed with me. I've hidden the person's name for their protection...

I am trying extremely hard not to release an avalanche of unsavory comments onto you as that would be proving you right and I don’t want to do that, so I respectfully disagree. I won’t start a debate, not here on Quora. I agree with some of those, actually- and I have five cats, but I don’t have to deal with most of the problems because they’re outdoor cats. And you’re absolutely correct about not liking the cat owners. It isn’t the cat’s fault! It’s the owner’s responsibility to care for it and make sure that the reasons you stated don’t happen. Also, there are good cat people, okay? I’m sorry you had to go through that. Not all of us are like that (we hate them as much as you do! Seriously, a friend told me to get rid of my hamsters because apparently I wasn’t spending time with my cat!) It’s totally okay to hate these kinds of cat owners, just don’t lump us decent cat people in with them, alright? Also, cats and dogs are cool but I personally prefer rodents. And yes, my cats are okay with this. I don’t play favorites with my pets.
In my response, I quoted some sentences this user said that really sparked my interest. My response to her was this...

“that would be proving you right and I don’t want to do that”
LOL!! I have to give you kudos 1) for making me laugh, and 2) for being so upfront and honest.
“I don’t have to deal with most of the problems because they’re outdoor cats. “
So you pawned your little problems off on people and wildlife that live around you that now have to deal with the destruction of outdoor cats. Way to go dude!
“And you’re absolutely correct about not liking the cat owners. It isn’t the cat’s fault!”
I didn’t say it was. I said “more than cats I hate cat-people” and I said why. But that wasn’t to say I blamed the cats for their behavior, entirely. But there is a parasite that cats carry specifically called Toxoplasmosis, that does eventually make people go crazy.
“Also, there are good cat people, okay?”
I didn’t say there wasn’t. I’m sure in some remote households there are good cat people, just like among vegans there are some who are actually compassionate about people. But to find them, you have to sift through a shitload of bad apples.
“ I personally prefer rodents. “
I like rodents too, I love rats and squirrels. :)
I have to say, I have no hatred for you. In fact, I admire your honesty.

 Yes, I know there are some good cat people out there. But I've met more bad ones than good ones. Another thing I will never understand, especially among INXS fans, I've heard a couple people say when they met Michael, back in the day, the next day the first thing they did was go off and look for a cat to bring home. To me, that's stupid! Because it doesn't make any sense. And frankly, I don't believe a word of it! I think most of the people who are saying that just say it because some dumbass fag got online and said Michael represented a feline, which is also stupid and doesn't make sense at all. That line was posted somewhere AFTER Michael died and was probably quoted by a catfag. A person who does not know real beauty and grace. The kind you won't find in ANY feline. Or at least I've never found it, and I have had cats before, and I've seen panthers in action.

I guess I'll never understand that connection because I am not a libtard. I see Michael for who he was. Not for what some libtard thinks he represents. But if I were going to compare him to any animals out there today, a cat or panther would be the poorest choice of all!! Michael could sing. No feline can sing worth shit! Michael could dance. Felines are too lazy and heavy-boned to dance. Michael had cute little buns. Have you seen cat butts? Or panther butts? They're the ugliest sights in the world! They have no buns. Just a big, huge anus that sticks out like a sore thumb! It makes me literally physically ill to look at any feline's butt. I never felt that way when I saw Michael's butt. LOL! When I saw his behind, I wanted to squeeze it. LMAO!! OK not really. But it was a damnsite easier to look at than a cat's butt!!

There's so many animals out there I can compare Michael to, NONE of which are felines. But it's difficult to compare Michael to anything that would make pure sense. So, I just compare Michael to Michael. Just like anyone with sense should. But then again, I'm not a libtard. I don't see cats the same way the liberals do. I see them as useless squatters that should be outlawed in all countries of the world. Now that we have rat-killing dogs, which do the job better, we don't need cats.

In a similar thread, someone asked "Are you a dog person or a cat person?" Well, without even thinking about it, this was my response...

Dog person all the way!!! I wouldn’t have me any other way.
I think cats are much dirtier than dogs, and they stink worse.
I have a sheltie now, and she hardly smells at all. I think it’s all in how you bring them up. Yes my sheltie does get dirty occasionally, she loves to run. Cats don’t love to run and play so they don’t get as dirty. But they still stink worse than my dogs do!
Dogs are easier to train. If you don’t want them to do something, you tell them not to do it enough times and distract them away from it, eventually they won’t do it anymore. Not so with cats. I hate it when cats get on my kitchen counters. And no matter how many times you tell them not to, they still do it. I’ve had many cats come and go from my house for that very reason. Or similar reasons.
Dogs are far less destructive than a similar-sized cat. I used to raise chihuahuas and had several of them. Also had a cat so the chihuahua puppies could be acclimated to cats when they went to their new homes. But guess who made the biggest messes? That’s right! The cat did! That one single cat messed up my house, and caused more problems, than all of my chihuahuas (and all their puppies) put together.
Cat people think these annoying little behaviors of their cats is “cute” or “funny”. I call it what it is: Annoying! It’s the reason I haven’t had a cat since 2002, and I don’t miss them either. I see a person with a dog and I think “that lucky person to be so blessed to have such a gorgeous dog”. I see a person with a cat and I think “That poor person. Has to clean shit out of a litterbox, probably has dirty cat paw prints all over their kitchen, and their house must stink to high-Heaven!” I won’t even enter a house where a cat lives because cats make me feel so dirty when they are around.
I remember Patti had 2 cats, and I used to see them walk all over the counters in the kitchen, as well as the stove. I was totally disgusted! That's probably why I got so incredibly sick while I was there. Especially that third night. I lived with Donna for 8 months in Reno. She didn't have a cat, just a little dog named Phoebe. I never got sick at her place, nothing like I did when I lived with Patti! That was when I made up my mind that I would never again enter any dwelling that had cats. I'd rather die than get sick like that again. Patti made it all worse too by acting like an ass. Shoot! Now, I can  be an even bigger ass than Patti was! LOL!! I was nice back then, and I should have learned my lesson back when I was living with Patti!! Being overly nice to people gets you NOWHERE! Well, now thanks to the INXS SJWs, I've learned not to be so nice anymore. I'm never making that mistake again. Now, I'm only truly nice to people I know personally. And even that is selective.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Already Answered This Question!

I mean really! People amaze me sometimes. Someone again asked on one of the INXS groups I follow who would be best to play Michael if there were ever a movie. Once again, more people say Aiden Turner. Someone posted a pic of him that made him more look like Rhett than Michael! LOL! But really, in all seriousness, I cannot see Aiden Turner playing Michael. I still favor Kit Harington as Michael's lookalike. You know one thing I've noticed over the years, most of the people who say Aiden Turner would be the best fit are usually people who have never met, or gotten to know, Michael! And the people who did know Michael personally agree that Kit Harington is the better fit. Michael had a partly-dangerous, partly-innocent look, as does Kit Harington. Aiden Turner has none of the innocent look. He's more all-beastly. Seriously, when I first saw Harington's pic in a magazine, I thought I was looking at a picture of Michael himself!! But it was an article titled "Top 10 most handsome men of 2014", and Michael wasn't alive in 2014. So then I thought I was looking at his long-lost twin brother! LOL!

You know one thing I find particularly funny, whenever someone mentions Kit Harington playing Michael, the Turnerfags get angry. Probably because they know Kit Harington is indeed the better fit, and a more handsome man than Aiden Turner is. But that's a fricken liberal for you! They get angry at the dumbest things!! I was more offended by someone saying Aiden Turner was prettier than Michael! UGH!! I was sitting here thinking "You must be joking! Or blind! Or brain-dead! Or something!!" Turner is nowhere NEAR as good-looking as Michael!! I should have posted that out loud! LOL! Michael is like the #1 MOST handsome man of all time! I was sitting here thinking, I can think of several men who outrank Aiden Turner in being handsome! Michael being one. The only one who comes closer (or equal) to being as attractive as Michael is Timmy. And then after Timmy, I'd have to say the next most attractive man ever is probably Bill Bixby. Bill Bixby was gorgeous enough to have been a male supermodel!

Kit Harington may not be the 4th most handsome man of all time, IMO. But he is definitely in my list of top 10 most handsome men of all time! As for Aiden Turner--he's not even in my top 100. Which means I can think of at least 100 men in history that I think was more attractive than Aiden Turner!! LOL! Anyone who says he's more attractive than Michael has got to be blind!

Well, Aiden Turner may not be attractive to me, certainly not attractive enough to play Michael in a good movie. But I do have respect for him, being a dog-lover. Dog people are so rare these days, most people nowadays are favoring cats. The fact that Aiden Turner prefers (and owns) dogs proves to me at least that he is a man's man. Men who prefer cats are usually wussies. That's why I find it difficult to see most singers, writers and artists as real men. Those are usually the types that prefer cats. To me, the manliest men are actually cowboys. There's just something particularly attractive about a man with a dog and a horse!