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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Why Leftists Are So Dumb!?

Oh my GOD!! If you ever want to insult me, call me a leftist. They are the dumbest creatures on the planet. I saw a video about a university in Missouri that fires teachers and expels students for not using the right pronouns. This rule right now is in the visionary stage at this university, but knowing how leftists push, there is no doubt in my mind it will become law. It's so dumb!! A student can even be expelled from school if they won't accept a transgender dorm room mate. Well, I am not sorry to say, but I will NOT accept a strange man as a roommate. I don't care if it's a man who thinks he's a woman, or a man who dresses like a woman, or a man who already transitioned into a woman! I totally refuse to share my space with a strange man until I get to know him VERY well! And that could take an entire semester. I don't make friends very quickly and easily. I prefer to take time to get to know someone before I associate with them. And it takes even longer with men. Even men who have already become women. And yes, I would know the difference.

I remember after the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is acceptable, I once saw someone say online that now that gay marriage is accepted, all kinds of weirdos are going to demand acceptance. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all for gay marriage. Who a person prefers is their business, not mine. Gays don't bother me at all. What I don't like are these trannies and whiny queers that put their lifestyle in my face by saying "Misgendering someone is an act of violence" or "If you misgender someone, you will be expelled" or arrested, or sued, or whatever it is these whiny bitches want to do! It's beginning to piss me off because it's causing a severe divide in this country. I totally blame Obama for this bullshit!! All this is going to do is cause even more discrimination, because nobody is going to want to even talk to anyone else for fear of "misgendering" them.

Well, now that gays have acceptance, now transsexuals want acceptance, and now even pedophiles are demanding acceptance. I don't mind giving gays acceptance. Transsexuals, that's kindof pushing it. I can accept them if they are legit, but not someone who is doing it just because of what some dumb feminists are saying or because it's "the in-thing". I'll never accept these 30-40 or so genders because it is not natural. Nature created 2 genders only, and that is what I live by. And I totally refuse to accept pedophiles. You may call me a "closed-minded idiot" all you want to. One stupid leftist libtard already did this morning. I don't care. I called him a fool. And I'm not changing my mind. Yes, I've heard all the arguments. But I also have arguments of my own. This is just something that leftists are putting out there to try and change the way things really should be. I'm beginning to feel grateful Trump won. If we had gotten another damn democrat for president, by now, things would have gotten worse! So we at least have 2 more years of sanity in the white house. But I do dread the next election.

Let's face it, we're never going to have a libertarian president. Our best bet, if we want to keep these leftists at bay, is to vote republican. Can you imagine what the world would be like if leftists take over? 35-year old men will be able to rape 6 year old girls and not get punished. Those who oppose that would be the ones to get punished! I don't know how these dumb leftists don't see how wrong that is! First, they want to kill unborn babies, and now they want to allow grown men to have sex with very young girls! Has anyone even asked the children how they would feel if a 35 year old had the hots for them? Has anyone asked these unborn babies if they want to be aborted? Leftists want to ask newborn babies what gender they want to identify as. Asking an unborn child if they want to live does not sound any more far-fetched than asking a newborn baby of they want to identify as a boy or girl or nothing.

I guess that doesn't sound stupid to leftists because they're stupid. These are the same kind of people who met Michael Hutchence and then went out the next day to get a dumb cat. No connection at all. It's just their STUPIDITY!!!! These are the same kind of people who thought I made fun of someone else [not] having cancer, only 2 months after I lost my own father to the same disease. Again, no proof of it. It's just their STUPIDITY!!!!!! These are the same kind of people who argue about meat-lovers grilling a steak, and then turn around and force vegan diets on totally carnivorous pets, which slowly kills them. It's hypocrisy. It's STUPIDITY!!!!!! This is why I hate people.

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