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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Quora Quotes

I currently reside on this site called Quora.com, it's a site where people ask questions and then get different answers and ideas from different people. The only thing I don't like about Quora is they don't seem to believe in free speech. And anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows I speak my mind! Even brutally. All the same, I expect other people to speak their minds with me. Even if they are shit-talking me. Of course I usually use that to prove what dumbasses they are because they're almost always vegans or some kind of fags. GOD I hope not everyone becomes vegans!! Then we'll all be obnoxious fags. We have enough damn problems with liberals and SJWs as it is! I'll never understand liberals and SJWs. I guess because I am not among them. I'm a free-willed free thinker. Its a good thing I got a tough skin.

I remember my very first post on Quora, someone asked the question why do people hate cats. LOL!! You know I'm going to answer that question! I actually gave my answer a surprise ending. This is what I said:

I can only tell you why I don’t like cats. Before I do, I am not one of those types that has never had a cat before and is just spewing bad stuff about them. Actually, when I was a child, up until I was about 10 years old, I loved cats as much as any little girl does. I’ve had dozens of cats living with me over the years, and I did love them as much as I did any other pets at the time.
Now, to get to the nitty-gritty…
#1 reason I hate cats—They STINK up the house!!!!! Yeah a dog’s crap smells just as bad, but at least they do it outside, and it doesn’t stink up the inside of the house. You have to keep cleaning that litterbox every time the cat uses it or it will get funky and the whole house will smell bad!
#2 reason I hate cats—They get up in places they don’t belong. I always hated it when we had a cat and it would walk in it’s litterbox and then put it’s dirty feet on my kitchen counters. Cat people think that’s funny. But I don’t. My kitchen is my space. I love to cook and bake. I don’t want some cat’s big, dirty feet ruining it.
#3 reason I hate cats—They’re destructive. When we had cats, especially in their first year, they would get in the garbage cans and topple them over, then spread the garbage everywhere all over the house. Also, they would ruin my furniture with their claws, even if I had a cat post for them. I never had a dog do that. So, cats are definitely much more destructive than a similar-sized dog. Cat people do not believe this to be true. But trust me, it’s TRUE!!!
#4 reason I hate cats—They’re just no fun! You can’t play with them. You can’t take them on walks. You can’t teach them to play frisbee. I guess cats are one of the reasons we have so many obese people now, because cats are lazy, thusly so are their owners.
#5 reason I hate cats—They’re USELESS!! The only thing a cat can do that no dog can is climb trees. And if I want a pet that can climb trees, monkeys and lemurs are far better at it (and look more graceful doing it) than any cats!
But you know, more than I hate cats, I hate cat people. They’re annoying! They’re rude. Most of them have no life. Other cat people say “I’ve never seen a cat person that hated dogs”. Well, I have. Other cat people say “I’ve never seen a cat person that gets so outrageously angry because someone else prefers dogs”. Well, I have. Other cat people say “I don’t understand how you can’t like cats”. My response is, if your mind is not too closed, you’d know why. And my all-time favorite comment from cat-people: When someone gets a dog, all the cat-people are like “Now you need to get a cat”. Yet someone I knew got a cat and then wanted a puppy and all her cat-loving friends were like “You don’t need a dog, you already have a cat”. And also cat people are like when someone has a cat already, they want to egg that person on to get more cats. It’s annoying to watch! And it’s not good for the cats either. Cats are not meant to live in large groups.
Someone named Faith Resnick said “People who don’t like cats will come back as mice in their next life”. Well, in response, Dee TimmyHutchFan says “People who don’t like dogs will come back as cats that get tortured by dogs in their next life”.

Well, this was odd, someone responded to my post (yes, a cat-person responded) and actually agreed with me. I've hidden the person's name for their protection...

I am trying extremely hard not to release an avalanche of unsavory comments onto you as that would be proving you right and I don’t want to do that, so I respectfully disagree. I won’t start a debate, not here on Quora. I agree with some of those, actually- and I have five cats, but I don’t have to deal with most of the problems because they’re outdoor cats. And you’re absolutely correct about not liking the cat owners. It isn’t the cat’s fault! It’s the owner’s responsibility to care for it and make sure that the reasons you stated don’t happen. Also, there are good cat people, okay? I’m sorry you had to go through that. Not all of us are like that (we hate them as much as you do! Seriously, a friend told me to get rid of my hamsters because apparently I wasn’t spending time with my cat!) It’s totally okay to hate these kinds of cat owners, just don’t lump us decent cat people in with them, alright? Also, cats and dogs are cool but I personally prefer rodents. And yes, my cats are okay with this. I don’t play favorites with my pets.
In my response, I quoted some sentences this user said that really sparked my interest. My response to her was this...

“that would be proving you right and I don’t want to do that”
LOL!! I have to give you kudos 1) for making me laugh, and 2) for being so upfront and honest.
“I don’t have to deal with most of the problems because they’re outdoor cats. “
So you pawned your little problems off on people and wildlife that live around you that now have to deal with the destruction of outdoor cats. Way to go dude!
“And you’re absolutely correct about not liking the cat owners. It isn’t the cat’s fault!”
I didn’t say it was. I said “more than cats I hate cat-people” and I said why. But that wasn’t to say I blamed the cats for their behavior, entirely. But there is a parasite that cats carry specifically called Toxoplasmosis, that does eventually make people go crazy.
“Also, there are good cat people, okay?”
I didn’t say there wasn’t. I’m sure in some remote households there are good cat people, just like among vegans there are some who are actually compassionate about people. But to find them, you have to sift through a shitload of bad apples.
“ I personally prefer rodents. “
I like rodents too, I love rats and squirrels. :)
I have to say, I have no hatred for you. In fact, I admire your honesty.

 Yes, I know there are some good cat people out there. But I've met more bad ones than good ones. Another thing I will never understand, especially among INXS fans, I've heard a couple people say when they met Michael, back in the day, the next day the first thing they did was go off and look for a cat to bring home. To me, that's stupid! Because it doesn't make any sense. And frankly, I don't believe a word of it! I think most of the people who are saying that just say it because some dumbass fag got online and said Michael represented a feline, which is also stupid and doesn't make sense at all. That line was posted somewhere AFTER Michael died and was probably quoted by a catfag. A person who does not know real beauty and grace. The kind you won't find in ANY feline. Or at least I've never found it, and I have had cats before, and I've seen panthers in action.

I guess I'll never understand that connection because I am not a libtard. I see Michael for who he was. Not for what some libtard thinks he represents. But if I were going to compare him to any animals out there today, a cat or panther would be the poorest choice of all!! Michael could sing. No feline can sing worth shit! Michael could dance. Felines are too lazy and heavy-boned to dance. Michael had cute little buns. Have you seen cat butts? Or panther butts? They're the ugliest sights in the world! They have no buns. Just a big, huge anus that sticks out like a sore thumb! It makes me literally physically ill to look at any feline's butt. I never felt that way when I saw Michael's butt. LOL! When I saw his behind, I wanted to squeeze it. LMAO!! OK not really. But it was a damnsite easier to look at than a cat's butt!!

There's so many animals out there I can compare Michael to, NONE of which are felines. But it's difficult to compare Michael to anything that would make pure sense. So, I just compare Michael to Michael. Just like anyone with sense should. But then again, I'm not a libtard. I don't see cats the same way the liberals do. I see them as useless squatters that should be outlawed in all countries of the world. Now that we have rat-killing dogs, which do the job better, we don't need cats.

In a similar thread, someone asked "Are you a dog person or a cat person?" Well, without even thinking about it, this was my response...

Dog person all the way!!! I wouldn’t have me any other way.
I think cats are much dirtier than dogs, and they stink worse.
I have a sheltie now, and she hardly smells at all. I think it’s all in how you bring them up. Yes my sheltie does get dirty occasionally, she loves to run. Cats don’t love to run and play so they don’t get as dirty. But they still stink worse than my dogs do!
Dogs are easier to train. If you don’t want them to do something, you tell them not to do it enough times and distract them away from it, eventually they won’t do it anymore. Not so with cats. I hate it when cats get on my kitchen counters. And no matter how many times you tell them not to, they still do it. I’ve had many cats come and go from my house for that very reason. Or similar reasons.
Dogs are far less destructive than a similar-sized cat. I used to raise chihuahuas and had several of them. Also had a cat so the chihuahua puppies could be acclimated to cats when they went to their new homes. But guess who made the biggest messes? That’s right! The cat did! That one single cat messed up my house, and caused more problems, than all of my chihuahuas (and all their puppies) put together.
Cat people think these annoying little behaviors of their cats is “cute” or “funny”. I call it what it is: Annoying! It’s the reason I haven’t had a cat since 2002, and I don’t miss them either. I see a person with a dog and I think “that lucky person to be so blessed to have such a gorgeous dog”. I see a person with a cat and I think “That poor person. Has to clean shit out of a litterbox, probably has dirty cat paw prints all over their kitchen, and their house must stink to high-Heaven!” I won’t even enter a house where a cat lives because cats make me feel so dirty when they are around.
I remember Patti had 2 cats, and I used to see them walk all over the counters in the kitchen, as well as the stove. I was totally disgusted! That's probably why I got so incredibly sick while I was there. Especially that third night. I lived with Donna for 8 months in Reno. She didn't have a cat, just a little dog named Phoebe. I never got sick at her place, nothing like I did when I lived with Patti! That was when I made up my mind that I would never again enter any dwelling that had cats. I'd rather die than get sick like that again. Patti made it all worse too by acting like an ass. Shoot! Now, I can  be an even bigger ass than Patti was! LOL!! I was nice back then, and I should have learned my lesson back when I was living with Patti!! Being overly nice to people gets you NOWHERE! Well, now thanks to the INXS SJWs, I've learned not to be so nice anymore. I'm never making that mistake again. Now, I'm only truly nice to people I know personally. And even that is selective.

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