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Friday, July 20, 2018

Are People Today Better Than In The Past?

As part of my feline-canine debate, I saw a video of someone who was advertising a cat for adoption. It was a cat named Pinky, and the ad was from the early 1990s. That ad became famous for Pinky's apparent unprovoked attack on the man who was holding him. Someone said they felt Pinky did not get adopted because of the attack he did on that guy. I don't know if he did, but I do remember in the early 90s, it was very rare to find a cat-lover anywhere. I said that was an age when people were real people, they preferred dogs. It wasn't until the mid-90s that people started to prefer cats over dogs. I blame both "the Lion King" movie and that panther diary show for that. You know people! They're DUMB!! They think glorifying panthers will mean cats are the same way and deserve the same glory. But they are totally different animals. If a lion (or any kind of panther) sees a smaller feline, it will surely kill and eat it. There are several videos on YouTube of leopards and lions killing cats. Panthers don't connect cats as being their descendants.

Anyway, someone saw my comment about people in the early 90s being real people who preferred dogs, and he said people today prefer cats and are better than they were back then. Personally, I don't think people today are better. We have people today with no talent taking over the movie and music scenes. We have people who are gay just for the hell of it. We have families breaking up, or women having kids without being married at all. We have segregation all over again, only this time it's on all sides. We have more school shootings than we've ever had in history. We have the internet where people are just plain nasty to each other. We have terrorist attacks coming to this country. And if you think we have less bad in this world now, you're wrong! We have the same evil in this world now as we had back in the 80s and 90s, we just have more of it, and more things that have turned bad. SJWs think they are changing the world, but they're not. They are actually making everything worse.

We still have some things we have had in the past, just today a lot more people are doing it secretly.

We had bullies in the 80s, we have bullies today, just more people prefer to do their bullying online.

We had terrorist attacks in the 80s, we have them today. The only difference is in the 80s, the terrorists kept their terrorism in their own homeland.

We had bad movies in the 80s, we have bad movies today. The difference is there is more of them today.

We had talentless people in the 80s, we have talentless people today. The difference is we did not create TV shows around the people who had no talent back in the 80s. And if there were such shows, they didn't last long because we knew how much it sucked to see people on TV with no talent.

We had some bad music in the 80s, we have bad music today. The difference is today, 80s crappy music has been upgraded to the rank of classics.

We had vegans in the 80s. We have them today. The difference is back in the 80s, they knew how to mind their own business.

The 1990s is when the world started turning over on it's head. And I know I cannot blame cats for that! But I do find it too much of a coincidence that just as the world began to change that dogs became less popular than cats. Nowadays, we even have individual cats that have their own TV shows. I never watch them, because what the hell is a cat going to do in a TV show? Nothing but lay there and look at the camera as some twit behind the scenes does it's speaking for it. This is one of the ways we are centering boring TV shows around talentless actors. Since we are now creating TV shows around dull, talentless, boring cats, why not make a TV show about me eating and sleeping. Think about it, if there are people out there who are willing to watch a dull cat in a TV show, then there's got to be a market out there for a show centered around me taking a nap. We don't even have to discuss what I dream about. Just put the camera on my bed while I sleep.

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