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Friday, June 8, 2018

I Want To See Proof!

Ya know one thing I'll never understand about people? They always want to see proof of everything! No matter what it is. That is why we have so many atheists around today, because they all want to see proof of GOD existing. To them, if there is no tangible proof that they can see or touch, then it doesn't exist, or it never happened. It's really sad that that is what people today have become. No one bases anything on pure and simple faith anymore. We live in a society where everyone wants to see proof of everything. Reminds me of the early days of Sesame Street, where no one believed the Snuffleupagus was real, and every time Big Bird would bring him up, they always called him his "imaginary friend". I still remember the episode where Big Bird finally got so sick of everyone saying his friend was imaginary, that he took a stand, and some of the people on Sesame Street started to believe Big Bird was telling the truth. That's one episode they never ran on Noggin!! But I remember it. It ran some time in 1984.

People today are the same way! Only worse. They want to touch and see actual proof before they believe anything is real. And it sucks, because even on YouTube, when you tell someone about an experience you have, especially the panther fags, they always say "Show me the video, or it never happened!" I get that a lot! There is a video of a jaguar getting attacked and eaten by a South American crocodile. They are very rare and very large crocs that have been known to take prey larger than jaguars. The crocodile in the video, his head alone was as big as the jaguar! And yes, it was a full-grown jaguar. There is also another video of a jaguar attacking a small caiman and killing it. Of course I really don't know if the jaguar kills it, as the video only shows the jaguar grabbing it and carrying it off. The rest was cut off. It is a small, approximately 7-foot long caiman, the jaguar was probably bigger and heavier than the caiman was!

Now, you may believe this or not, but EVERY damn panther fag on YouTube believed for sure that the jaguar was capable of killing the caiman. Well, of course! Caiman are small, and not nearly as aggressive as crocodiles! They are easy prey for something like a jaguar. But the video where a jaguar was attacked and killed by a crocodile, every panther fag totally believes the jaguar had to have been drugged in order for that to happen!! UGH!! People (especially panther fags) are SO DUMB!!! Seriously! They've got to be the dumbest people on the face of the earth! And they call ME dumb! Not saying they're wrong nor nothing, but panther fags are so dumb, they don't even know how dumb they are!!!! They think just because they love panthers, that they're smart. LOL!! They want to see proof the jaguar was not drugged for that video! Yet they did not ask to see proof if the caiman was drugged in that video where it is attacked by a jaguar. And now, EVERY panther fag uses that video as proof that any panther can kill any crocodilian. I'm always saying "Uhh no. Show me a video where a jaguar attacks and kills a 15-foot long South American crocodile. Then we'll talk!" A South American crocodile is NOT the same as a caiman!!

I have a friend who has lived in Nairobi with her family for many years, and she tells me some wild stories. But even she says she's never even seen grown male lions defeat full grown Nile crocodiles! This same friend described to me back in the late 1980s of an experience she had where she witnessed a full-grown male leopard being attacked, killed and eaten by a 15-foot long African rock python. She even showed me pictures she took of the whole attack. Unfortunately I didn't keep any of those pics, but I do remember seeing them when she showed them to me.

Well, I told about this experience to some panther fags in another video, and one of them said "I believe your friend is full of bullshit!" Immediately identifying him as one of those panther fags who denies everything against panthers, I just told him to keep on trying to convince himself of that. Another one actually said to me that he wanted to see proof! I asked him what kind of proof he'd like to see? He wanted to see an actual video! LOL!! I told him that I would love to have shown him the video, but that took place back in the late 1980s, and we did not have YouTube back then. Besides, she didn't have video, she only had her own eyes and some still pictures to prove it. But you see, everyone wants to see video proof, or they say it never happened! These people never would have survived back in the days before Google, or before YouTube!

Well, I was grateful for this friend, because she proved to me that felines are WAY overrated!! Today, they are even more exaggerated than ever before with the internet and all. People believe panthers cannot be beat. The problem is most people don't want to post videos where panthers are defeated. I remember some years back on YouTube, someone who was a professional nature photographer, told a story of one of his friends, who was also a professional nature photographer, filmed a wolf attacking and killing a cougar. He had the video, but he did not want to post it because he loved cougars and didn't want to show one being killed by a wolf. When I read that comment, it made me think. I wondered how many other nature photographers have videos out there of some kind of feline being killed by another predator, but did not want to post those either. Either because they loved the feline too much, or because they were afraid of backlash from other panther fags out there accusing the photographer of "drugging" the feline? There's probably miles of unseen video out there of panthers being attacked and killed by other predators that are themselves not felines. It boggles the mind!

I've also told some people of my experiences with GOD. I've actually felt HIS presence. I cannot prove it in a way that would be acceptable to anyone who does not believe in GOD, but I did feel HIS presence before. But a lot of people now are dropping the concept of GOD, because they have not yet been touched by HIM. Most of them are vegans, who don't believe anything anyways. I just don't try to explain my experience anymore, because atheists are already people with a fixed mind. You can't change their minds no matter what. They want actual proof they themselves can see and feel. They don't want to hear about faith. They want to see photos or videos. Well, since faith is something that you feel, not see, it's impossible to make a video of someone actually having faith in something.

My mom once posted something about a first grader being asked by her teacher why she believed in GOD, because you can't see HIM. Well, the little girl turned to the class and stated "Do you see the teacher's brain? No you can't. So he must not have one." I don't know if that actually happened, but it does prove a point. Maybe the atheists don't have brains, because you can't see or touch them. And you can't film thoughts, so maybe it's true the atheists don't have brains. That's using their logic. So, I guess, think about that next time someone tells you they want to "see proof". I agree there are some things that should have proof, like if you're going to accuse someone of a crime you should have enough proof to convict them. But for something that cannot be seen or felt, but is just there, one should not have to be provided with proof in order to believe. But that is what the world has become now.

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