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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dog Lovers Are Antisocial

Hmm, now there is a question. Are dog people antisocial? Hmm. I recently saw a video on YouTube about people who hate cats meeting kittens. A lot of catfags commented on that video saying they hate people who hate cats. I hate cats. I tell them so too. The funny thing is, cats don't seem to hate me back! Every time I go to someone's house that has a cat, that cat always begs me to pet it. Sometimes I will, but I don't like to. I generally don't like touching cats because I think they are totally disgusting creatures. I don't even like kittens. Kittens are worse than grown cats because they get their dirty feet everywhere. And a kitten can have your house completely torn apart before you manage to get them to understand that no means NO!! By that time, you're already infected with their parasites and don't care.

Puppies are cuter than kittens because they give you the big smile and the sad eyes. Those tricks don't work as well on kittens. Even kittens still have a somewhat sinister look. Not the cute, friendly, playful look that puppies give you. Believe me, I have had cats before. I understand them. But it's because I understand them that I don't like them. The catfags *think* they understand cats and those of us who do not like cats simply don't understand them. I see that a lot too. I always say don't knock something until you've tried it. I know people who don't like chihuahuas either. One guy I came across on YouTube says he didn't like them because he's been around them. But he's never had one of his own. He was going by what his friends' chihuahuas were like. Or acquaintances chihuahuas, which is even dumber, because with an acquaintance, you have really no idea how that dog has been raised. I was told Minnie was housebroken by the person I got her from. But I had no idea how she was really raised. The person I got her from was an acquaintance. Not a friend. He said Minnie was housebroken. He said Minnie would be bathed when I got her. He said he always took her on car rides. He said Minnie went into the house quite frequently. NONE of which turned out to be true! An acquaintance can tell you their dog was housebroken. They can tell you they crate trained. But it doesn't mean it's true. So that is why I say don't knock something until you've had it. I never do. All I could say to that guy who hates chihuahuas was I never had any problems with mine.

Well, I would not be hating cats with such passion if I'd never had one before. But it's because I have had them that I don't like them. It is because I understand cats that I don't want them in my house. I understand them far better than a lot of the catfags I've seen on YouTube! None of them have said anything I didn't already know. Believe me, there is nothing any cat can do now that will make me like them anymore. They're just not for me. And people who say "I hate you because you hate cats", I hate them too. They're fags! That's the very definition of a fag. I don't hate people who hate dogs. In fact, I've never seen any dog lovers say "If you hate dogs, then I hate you!" That's probably because owning cats causes dementia. It's true. Toxoplasmosis causes brain malfunctions that eventually lead to dementia. It's not good. And it's not funny or cute. Cats need to be totally outlawed. Unless the government props up more asylums.

But are dog lovers antisocial? Hmm. On that same video, one person who called herself Incc Ognito made an interesting comment, which I cannot seem to find anymore. Usually, I tend to ignore people who call themselves anything relating to "incognito" or "anonymous" because they are usually cowards, as I am sure this person was. But she said something that I have thought about once before myself. I do notice that cat people do seem to be more social and outgoing than dog people. Even though the fags often say things like "if you don't like cats, then I don't like you". But again, they say that because they are fags. Fags, as I've once pointed out before, are just insecure people who haven't come to terms with their own interests yet. They don't know yet how to handle differences of opinion. Well, this Incc Ognito said something to the effect of "I like to watch pathetic dog people try to socialize. Their attempts make me smile because it's always disastrous." And for many years I thought it was just me. The funny thing is, I was not born shy. I used to be very outgoing too, and I've had dogs and cats, and learned to love them both. When I was in 3rd grade, I had a cat, and my attempts at being social were nothing short of unsuccessful. In 4th grade, we didn't have a pet, and I was bullied mercilessly. By the time I was in 4th grade, my last pet had been a cat with kittens. I became less and less social though.

In 5th grade, I had an interest in dogs, and owned several. I was very well liked in my school then. In 6th grade, half and half. Half the kids were OK with me, and I had learned to socialize better, and half the kids either wanted nothing to do with me, or just liked to bully me. Middle school, I had 2 dogs. Again, it was the same story as was in 6th grade. Some kids were OK with me, some were not. I'd grown much more shy because of previous experiences, and my social skills were farther from my mind than they were in 6th grade. I don't think the pet I owned had much to do with my socialization skills. In fact, I found with my dogs by my side, I was more social than I was when I walked alone. Andy, my papillon, was quite a looker, and all kinds of people would always stop me to tell me how beautiful of a dog he was. Except in 1993, when I met an ice cream woman who did not like dogs and was even going to run Andy down with a grin on her face. But said my sis's cat was adorable. She exclaimed "I am totally a cat person." The funny thing was, that woman had a loony look in her eyes that was almost reminiscent of a hateful, almost psychotic, redneck. That's the kind of crazy expression I'd expect a hardcore cat person to have.

Well, I don't know what it is that maybe makes cat people more social than dog people. Mind you, I am going by my own actions. I think though I was just as shy of a person when I had cats as I was when I had dogs. I don't think in my case it was the pets. It was the result of a years-long battle with bullies. I'm more cautious, much more jaded than the average person is. People are always giving off little clues about their personality, probably without even knowing it. Even those who try to hide it. I can pick up on those pretty quickly. Sometimes I do let my guard down, like right after I moved to Bozeman and was desperate to make friends.

Well, I cannot explain the reason for real why cat people are more social, but if I were going to put a theory about it out there, I would probably say it's because of Toxoplasmosis. Look at what it does, Toxo is a parasite, parasites have to breed. They breed in rats and cats. Toxo causes rats to lose their fear of cats so they can get caught and eaten. Thus the life cycle of the parasite can continue. I think this is maybe why cat people socialize better than dog people. They have no sense of danger, just like the infected rats. So, they feel completely comfortable going up to anyone and just talking up a storm. One bad side-effect of this disease though is that you have no instincts. You lose the ability to feel fear of other people. Dog people are just the opposite. We can have great instincts. It's kept me alive for many years. I don't think I'm going anywhere else soon either.


mikessa said...

Well I am not sure if a dog or cat has anything to do with a person's personality. I think the real blame is on other people.
I'm not really that much into cats, I rarely talk about them. I only like Siamese cats because they are smart and very dog like in their personality. Most people don't like them because there loud, but then some people don't like small dogs because they think there so yappy. Its all a matter of opinion.

I always remembered Amadeus. Everytime you left for school, that cat would be crying and crying until you got home. Some days it would get so bad, I had to take him into my room just to shut him up. Sometimes it didn't work cuz he would keep meowing at my door wanting to go out.
I didn't know what it was like when I left for school, but the only time he would ever shutup was when you got home. He would be there at the door with Andy and Muffin greeting you when you got home from school. I don't think half the time Amadeus knew he was a cat. He always thought he was a dog.

I talked about getting a Siamese after Odessa died, but the real truth was that you know how hard it is to find a Siamese cat nowadays? I rarely see them anymore. They were more popular when we were teens than they are now. Now everyone wants these ugly cats that are only worth throwing away in the garbage.

I love having dogs. They have more character and their fun to have. I just love the cute way Minnie sticks out her tongue and how Vegas plays with his bumble. Dogs are always the best.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Amadeus was THE best cat there ever was. And Dad made me get rid of him. I know you are right about him thinking he was a dog, he did act like it a lot. I do miss Amadeus, but like you said, today's cats aren't worth shit. I wouldn't have another one ever. Not even as desperate as I am now for a pet.