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Friday, December 11, 2015

Going For An All-New Look!

I have decided it is time for a change. Though I will still occasionally roast, I cannot stop doing that because sometimes it is fun! Even if someone does it to me. So what I did was I completely changed the whole background look. That green all over was kinda dull after a while, so I wanted to go with something completely new and exciting! Well, this is it. This is the change. I actually like this new look! It's beautiful! Now, if only Blogger would let me put my own background picture on here, it'd be totally awesome!!

Also, I now have a little store on the premises, where I sell INXS items. I actually have fun making those things!! Putting the guys' images on some items that are unusual. I even have thermal mugs, which I think are fascinating. They're called "morphing mugs" and they are in the store. You get them, and they look totally white until you put a hot drink in them, then the image appears on the mug. I also have keychains and necklaces, watches, clocks, lamps, all that good stuff, there's even cookies with images of the guys on them. I love those!! Some day I am going to adorn my own home with these knick-knacks. I am working on a whole room devoted entirely to INXS. Everything in that room is going to be ALL INXS. I even intend to put another Boze radio in there, with a multi-disc CD changer, and have it play nothing but INXS music all day every day. I've already gotten started, by getting my first canvas. Check this video out! And I am gonna get one of each of the guys.

My next canvas is going to be Timmy. Then everything will just expand from there. I plan to have all kinds of INXS stuff you cannot get anywhere else. Unfortunately all the official INXS items are only available in Australia, and those that are not is simply nothing more than their logo, which is cool. But I'd rather have images of the guys themselves on an item. I love looking at them. They are my favorite guys! They make me feel happy. Makes me happy to see their faces. If I could hear their voices, that would also make me happy. But unfortunately I was never as close to these guys as I would like to have been. So, having pics of my favorite men is the next best thing. Now that they are retired, this is all I got. Damn that Michael!! It's all his fault!! No wait! Scratch that. It's all that Paula and Bob's fault!! I hate those two!!

Anyways, the store is hosted by Zazzle.com, which is a great platform because they have other sellers contributing to the items you can customize and sell. I was amazed they have a person selling custom lamp shades!! I sure cannot wait to see that in my INXS room!! I got one in my own store with an image of Timmy on it. Oh! I can't wait to see that!! I want to get a multi-color silk screen machine. I found one available from a reliable dealer for only $500. That is cheaper than I thought it would be!! When I get that, I'm going to do my own silk screening on T-shirts and other items. I'm learning how to do those things on YouTube, and I have some awesome ideas that I think would be great. I'm just waiting now to hear from someone who also does designs. I sent her a friend request on Facebook, I am hoping to strike up a deal with her. I saved a design she did with Michael. I like it! I'd like to have her do something like that with all the guys. Maybe cut her in for a share of the profits. Like I said, I have some ideas of my own that I think will make a t-shirt like that totally riff!!! Keep watching here! When I have them available, I will post them in my little store here. To visit my store, go to the blog links at the top of this site (under the title) and click on the button that says "Shop INXS Stuff". Everything I currently have is right there, under each of the categories.

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