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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lest We Remember

Well, tomorrow will be the 10th anniversary of the attack on NYC's Twin Towers. I always felt terrible about that happening, and about the numerous people who suffered in that attack or that died in the attack. It was terrible. Today at the dog park, we did a little bit of reminiscing about what we were doing when we first heard the news. Well, I remember I had just woke up, and I went into the living room to watch my usual early morning TV shows that I liked back then. That was back when TV was still good. Not crappy like it is today. Well, when I tried to change the channels, all I saw was this disaster posted on every channel. My shows never did come on. But I somehow did not care, because this was a big deal!! I watched it, I could not take my eyes off it. I remember some scenes of firemen going into the building some time before it collapsed to help people get out. I also remember seeing people falling out of windows and being squashed on the pavement like bugs on a windshield. It was horrible!! And sad! That was a sight I will always remember.

I remember thinking that this decade was going to be a bad one! I quoted that in 2000 in my journal. I still have the journal too. I look back at it and think how eerie it was I said that then. That was more than a year before this tragedy happened. Unfortunately, 9/11 was only the beginning. It was a very sad day in our history. Of course my heart goes out to those who lost friends and loved ones on 9/11/01. My prayers will always be with them. Even now, 10 years later. I do happen to know some people who had lost friends and family in that incident. So this day is going to hit them hard I'm sure. It's hard to imagine it's been 10 years since that happened. And so far, as far as I know, they have no plans to rebuild the World Trade Center there. Though I do remember Obama wanted to build a mosque there for the muslims (the very people who caused that disaster). I could not believe him!! That's like a total slap in the face to those who were killed by those people!!

Well, in honor of 9/11, and those who were lost in the tragedy, I will be putting a candle on this page. It's a candle of rememberance. Feel free to pass it around!

In other news, I have ALWAYS wanted to do this!! I was just waiting for the right opportunity! I always get some crackhead skanks on YouTube who act like they know my every move, when they really don't know the first thing about me. Well, tonight, it was someone who calls himself chorn000. It was so funny!! He said and I quote:

"You know those snakes never came out of those tubs"

So I responded, rather sarcastically:

"@chorn000Oh yeah, tell everyone how you showed up at my house while I was unpacking those snakes, and my 12-foot tall pair of rottweilers hated you so much, they gave you a wedgie and put you over the outside banister, and then President J.F. Kennedy came to my neighborhood and saw you hanging there and pointed and laughed like a child and my ma's pet unicorn came down from the Heavens and kicked your jaw loose that very same day (off camera). LOL!"

LOL!! I have always wanted to do that with these people who think they know it all! hur-hur-hur!! :D The funny thing is, there is no way he could ever know what I did with my snakes after that film was made. Just like there is no way President JFK could ever have visited me in my neighborhood. Or any way rottweilers are 12-feet tall, or that my ma really does have a pet unicorn. I'm just matching his story with another one. Mine is more truthful than his though. LOL!

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