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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Angry People Piss Me Off

There is a site called angry.com and it's kinda like this blog, only public domain. It's a place where anonymous people go to rant about things in their lives. Well, I saw some posts from there (via Google) where a bunch of whiny-ass thin people were griping about us fat people. Well, that's normal really. Thin people gripe about fat people all the time. That is nothing new. What gets me is the thin folks who gripe about fat people and then have the nerve to say that fat people are rude to them. I mean really!! What do you expect? You go up to a fat person and start calling them names, giving them the evil eye, or point and laugh like we are monkeys in the zoo or something, and then bitch because the fat person you are harassing does the same thing back at you?! How fair does that sound? Not at all. In fact it sounds just dumb. Oh and here's a pip I love the most: Thin people thinking fat people are giving them the "go-to-Hell" look because we're "jealous of their thinness"! BWAH!!! That one makes me laugh every time!! Those same people who were making that gripe probably were standing around harassing some fat person, and the fat person sensed the thin person was talking shit about them, and that is why the fat person gave the thin person the look.

Well, I can tell you something, I am NOT "jealous" of your "thinness". LOL!! I am happy with who I am. I may be fat, but I am no fool. I've accepted the way I am. If you are a thin person and you don't like it that I am confident in myself, well that's your tough luck! I am no more "jealous" of you being thin than you are of me being fat. Let me put it that way. And don't tell me that you hate fat people because we are "unhealthy" and "unmotivated" and all that gibberish. What do you really care about our health or motivation!? I'll tell you now, I have a lot more respect for someone who says "I hate fat people because they smell bad" or "are rude" or "are just disgusting" than I do for someone who says they hate fat people because we are "unhealthy" or "unmotivated". Stop acting like you care about our health or motivation!! Because you don't!! I agree that some fat people do make excuses for the reasons they are fat, which is why I refuse to ever discuss my condition with anyone. But some people are fat because they have a legitimate problem. Here's a newsflash for you: Slow metabolism is a big problem in some people. For those unfortunate people, it takes a lot for them just to get out of bed in the mornings.

And this one about how fat people blame thin people for everything. Bull-fucking-shit!!! I think you got it backwards. The way I've seen it, it's the thin people who blame fat people for everything. But then I don't know. Maybe it's just me. I never blame anyone for anything. If I have created a problem, I don't blame some random thin stranger for it! If I have a problem, I don't blame anyone unless I feel someone else really is to blame. But it's not just a random thin person I blame. Or even ALL thin people! Because that's a lot of bull! Now, thin people are taking a lot to blaming fat people for healthcare insurance costs. I still believe that's nothing but a bunch of bull! I think it is nothing more than inflation that is causing insurance rates to go up so high. Everywhere you look, people are going to try and find something or someone to blame, and it's so easy to blame fat people now because fat hate is the only really acceptable prejudice there is now. I think those people are spineless jellyfish for not revealing how they really feel. They should just go ahead and say it: "My insurance rates have gone sky-high because I am (or once was) a smoker" or "a drinker" or "a drug abuser". DUH!!! No, they won't admit it. So they made up this thing that fat people are the cause of insurance rates going so high. And I'll wager you most of those griping do not even have any insurance of any kind! Most of them are teenagers.

And the fact they say fat people could never get a decent boyfriend, and those guys who love fat women are "freaks". Excuse me! One of my previous boyfriends lifted weights that weighed more than most of these skinny curmudgeons, and he fell in love with me while I was fat. He was no freak. He was an A and B student in school and smart as a whip! He was even working to become a lawyer. We are still friends too.

Well, I may be fat, but walk a day in my shoes, you might actually be surprised. I've always prided myself on being UNlike everyone else. For one thing, I don't hardly ever go to fast food places. Only VERY occasionally. But no, it's not an "every day, 3 times a day" thing for me. It's more like a "once in a 6-month period, or when I'm far away from home" type thing for me. And no, that is no lie. Thin people like to believe all fat people lie about their lifestyles. I readily admit I indulge in chocolate more than once a day. But in the same breath, I say I almost never go to fast food places. And I only drink sodas when I need to. My problem is I usually do not eat breakfast. So, my body is in starvation mode. But that is only part of the problem with me. The rest I will not talk about. As for fat people who smell bad, well that is not me either! I can't stand body odor any more than the next person! In fact, if I think I smell too bad, I don't leave the house until I have got rid of the problem.

As for me being a rude fat person. The ONLY time I am ever rude is when someone starts it with me. I'm not going to just stand back and take someone else's shit. I don't go out into the World, saying to myself "Hmm, I think I will give every thin person I see the evil eye today." No way! That's not how I work. I can be very, very sweet. But it depends on how you behave around me. If you are rude, then expect to get your shit thrown back at you by me. If you are nice and polite, I will give you the same kindness. But don't come up to me, giving me your bull, and not expect to get it back! And if I do give it back to you, don't go saying "The big, bad, fat woman was mean to me! Oh, woe is me!" And then accuse all  fat people of being rude, when in fact YOU were the one who started it! I'm not going to just stand there and let you walk all over me. I did too much of that when I was a little kid, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let anyone do it to me now that I am an adult. I've been known to make peoples' lives miserable that I don't like. Ask this idiot Andy who lives in this complex. Ask him how he's getting along here. You will see the results of my work.

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