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Friday, May 12, 2023

A Goal I Never Hoped For

 I've been very popular on Facebook lately! As of this afternoon, I am up by almost 900 friends. That's a margin I've never reached before. And it grows daily. That's a margin I've never even reached with the INXS fans! Well, let's face it, not many of the INXS fans really liked me that much. I think I always kinda knew that. It was not because of something anybody said. I'm just always a bit antsy about people. I think of everyone as an enemy until they prove differently. I know I am an abrasive person. Not a lot of people like that. They would rather be lied to and treated with kindness (or what they perceive as kindness) than to hear the truth. Especially when it comes to other people they consider friends. The INXS fans didn't like me because I didn't like people they considered friends. Even though the people they considered friends were real jerks. Like that dumb ol' Matt Burney goon! What they didn't know was that ol' Matt started shit with me. I did not start anything with him. He could not accept the fact that I just don't like Paula Yates. But again, that's what liberals do. They think everyone has to agree with them. I'm not that kind of a person. I call them as I see them. I've been hated throughout my life for that. So, it doesn't bother me that the INXS fans felt the same way.

I still have a few INXS fan buddies on Facebook, but they are the rare good ones. You can tell how rare people like them are by seeing how few friends I have that are INXS fans. Even though I am a fan of the band. A MEGA-fan! I have maybe a dozen INXS buddies out of almost 900 friends. I'm happiest this way. I love my buds, and I am gaining literally hundreds more. I don't feel as on edge anymore like I did before. I always felt a wee bit nervous before when I had like over 400 INXS buds. Mostly because one thing I've noticed over the years is that INXS fans gossip! And since most of them are leftists, they won't ask for your side of the story. They'll just shun you and turn their back on you. Leaving you to wonder what it was you did wrong. In the cancer incident, it wasn't until one of my friends spoke up to me that I learned the reason why that day I was losing friends left and right. All of them were INXS fans. None of them knew me very well. And all of them were being led by a nitwit. But the friends I've been making there now, I feel good about. These are people I actually have a lot in common with. People I can learn from. People I wouldn't mind going out with for coffee or a soda or something.

Now, I can say anything I want to. I can curse Paula Yates and no one will give a care. Though I don't want to curse her too much. She was a dog-lover, and she bred that into her children. So that's like one good thing about her. But that's it. I can talk about dogs and my favorite cat breeds and have people answer me back. I can even still talk about Michael and Timmy and how cute I think they are. I can even talk about how I think Kit Harington is the best pick for playing Michael. How he looks more like him than anyone else. More than Luke Arnold, and especially more than Aiden Turner. I've never been one for numbers. I never really cared how many friends I've had on Facebook. But I've just never had this many before!! It's a bit exciting, scary, refreshing, all at the same time. I never felt this before!

Anyway, remember Tux? Or Venom? I need to start referring to her by her real name. It's just I have such a huge block against the word venom. Especially for a sweet cat like her. Well, her sister had kittens, and the owner has offered to let me and my sis have one. I loved Venom so much! I actually agreed to take one of the kittens. I especially fell in love with a little solid black kitten that crawled up on my shoulder while I visited them. My sis fell in love with a little white kitten with gray spots. Not tabby. Just gray. I wouldn't accept a gray tabby. I still don't like them. So my sis and I decided to take both of them. We're just now waiting for them to be weaned. Katrina, who still hates cats, said to me when I told her "Boy! You've changed!" I said yes. Tux (Venom) and Mya changed my mind. Mya has always loved cats. She always runs up to them wanting to play. And remember I said Venom was about the sweetest cat I ever met. So, I am hoping these kittens will be just like her. And I have always loved black cats. I've always found them to be the friendliest. I never believed in the superstition that they are bad luck. And also, I miss my bunnies. So, having a kitten will be sort of like having my bunnies back. I had to let them go when my sis moved here because there was no longer any room for them and their cages. Plus all my sis's things. But we have room for a couple kittens here. It's not like we'll be keeping them in cages.

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