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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Democrats = 0, Republicans = BIG WIN!!!

Oh man! I am so glad I left the democrat party! I guess that's another thing I can thank the INXS SJWs for. But at every turn, the left (which the majority of them are democrats) make themselves look bad! Especially that Antifa. Even some leftists are losing respect for them. I'm not a violent person. I can never join Antifa. I'm not violent, I just sound like it online. LOL! Normally, I avoid contact with strangers when I can. I used to be a liberal, I used to would side with Antifa. But back before Trump became president, I noticed a pattern among the democrats. I had one say "If you're voting for Trump, then delete me from your friends". That woman was a jerk! But she was what became the norm among Trump haters. She was just the first one I saw. I've seen the same behavior in other Trump haters since. That woman went catshit loony and just deleted all her friends, except for the idiot that lured her into that mindset. She even deleted me! And I wasn't voting for Trump. I never even did anything to that woman. And she had a LOT of friends who were real friends that she just brushed off. I saw where one of them wrote how she was there for this woman when she was in the hospital and even at one point supported her. Yet, just because this friend liked Trump, this woman was totally willing to drop her as a friend.

After Trump was elected, I saw similar behaviors in people I thought would never be like that; the INXS fans. They became like that in a round-about kind of way. Only with them, it wasn't that I would vote for Trump, but because I didn't like the [then] moderators of the Statue for Michael group. It started when Kelly P. announced that someone (me) had one of their moderators on ignore. She was hinting towards me. But what she didn't know was that I'd had him on ignore since before that group was created, and I saw no reason to take him off ignore then. I was there to support Rosanda and her idea for the statue. Not him. And not Kelly. I didn't care about them in any way, shape or form. That's how I usually am with people who are not on my friends list. LOL! I'm like that again now more than ever. But anyways, I was still recovering after my father passed from cancer when Kelly P. spread rumors about me. Kelly has been trying to destroy me ever since the days of the Switchboard. She discovered my one weakness at that time, my deceased father and the accompanying emotional rollercoaster and she took advantage of that. Or she tried to. I had other things on my mind, I was in no mood to listen to her. Then, when I didn't bite her bait (her own fault) she spread shit about me behind my back.

Well, no matter how friendly and supportive I was with the people I considered friends back then, they still believed Kelly's bullshit and went with it. Once I got over the initial shock, I began seeing a real pattern among liberal snowflakes. The way they treated me on Kelly's say-so, was exactly the same thing I was seeing in the media being done to Donald Trump. It made me think "Is this how liberals really are? Is this really what they do?" Because if lies like that can be spread around about me through the liberal SJW INXS community, then I figured that Donald Trump must be misrepresented in the media too. I began to notice how easily liberals are manipulated and swayed. This is what I generally was! I didn't like it. So, I stopped being a liberal. I began to study the conservative side, and noticed how UN-like the INXS SJW fans they were, and I decided that is what I want to be like. The only catch is conservatives get called "nazis" and "racists". Well, I was called a "cunt" and "vindictive" by the snowflake INXS fans who sided with Kelly P and Tess O'brien. So, what's a few more names? None of them actually mean anything anymore. Name-calling means nothing to me anymore. Most of the name-callers are always liberals anyways, so their attacks mean nothing to me anymore.

I don't think my dad would have liked Trump. I know Kathy and her family didn't because they were hardcore libtards.

Ya know what's funny about that? My mom and I, on a trip to Bozeman, were discussing Kathy keeping my dad's things after he died. I wanted something of my father's! But mom wanted to figure out a way to ask Kathy to send something of his to me and my sis. So, on the way home, to occupy our time, I thought about doing a little role-playing. I told mom to pretend like I was Kathy sitting next to her, and show me what she would say to Kathy. Mom played along. She was very straight-forward as she always is, but polite. I gave her an A+ for her performance. But I told her "I have no idea how Kathy is going to respond. But she is a liberal. Remember that! You know how liberals are!" However I was hoping, for once in her life, Kathy would behave like an adult, and not like the scared little sissy like she always did. I think the only reason Kathy had children at all is so they can fight her battles for her. And Stephanie was not even that good at it! LMAO!!! She said something to the effect of "I'm gonna slap you with a harassment lawsuit so fast it'll make your ignorant head swim if you don't leave my mother alone!" Yep! Typical libtard, Antifa, SJW snowflake response! My mom was not even "harassing" Kathy. That was when I called Stephanie an idiot, and said "sue her for what?? For asking Kathy to give us some of our dad's things??" I told her to "bring it on, bitch!" I knew she couldn't sue my mom! She probably knew it too. She was just trying to intimidate us, just like Antifa does.

See, Stephanie, Jennifer and Kathy want to forget that my dad was my dad! They wanted him to forget he had any daughters at all. That's why they moved him to Arizona. That's why Kathy kept on pestering him to move to Arizona. And to be honest with you, I totally believe that is what killed him, was moving there! So, in a sense, Kathy killed my father! That's probably also why we haven't heard from her. See, my sis and I were perfectly willing to continue accepting Kathy and them as family. But Kathy wrote herself off that list. And I knew that was going to happen. Kathy never much liked me and my sis. I totally knew we were never going to hear from them again once my dad died. I knew that LONG before dad ever even fell ill. Kathy was not a good choice for a mate for my father. I only accepted her and her children because dad loved them. Nothing else. They're not my type. They're too preppy! They're too snotty. And they're libtards, and libtards are mean and hateful.

The odd thing is, after I left Bozeman and my sis didn't want to move back in with me, I was going to start a sort of sister-type relationship with Jennifer and Stephanie. Well! They were in WA state, and I had no other sisters, and I wanted someone else I could look up to. Someone older, who is a sort of sister-figure. Someone to go out and have fun with, like I did with my own sis. I thought then would have been a good time to get to know Stephanie and Jennifer better. Boy! I'm glad I never pursued that!! I am SOOOOOOOOO glad!!! It would have been hard anyways, they blamed me because my sis wanted to stay in Bozeman. They said I "abandoned her". LMAO!!! When my sis was here last time, I told her I believe Stephanie and Jennifer tricked her into saying a bunch of shit about me, just so they can hold that against me. I picture their conversation to have gone something like this...

Jennifer: Your sis is such a dumbass to leave you in Bozeman on your own!
Sis: Yeah, well she was happier here in WA.
Stephanie: Still, I think she shouldn't abandon you in Bozeman.
Sis: Well, she'll be happier here.
Jennifer: But you don't really want to be in Bozeman all by yourself, do you?
Sis: Well no. But I can deal with it.
Stephanie: So she pushed you to move there and now she's just leaving you in Bozeman, that stupid, obnoxious bitch!
Meanwhile my sis is thinking "I moved to Bozeman to get away from you guys! But I don't want to tell you that!" Thus, I had to tell them after dad died.

Yep, after dad died, and Stephanie accused me of lying to her (about what??) I told her the truth! I told her part of the reason my sis left WA state is because of her and Jennifer. It happened when my sis wanted to take a cosmetology class, which she had to give up, again because of Jennifer. Wacky-ass Jennifer had a friend in that cosmetology class, who would keep on telling her things my sis did in that class, in turn Jennifer would tell dad, and dad would yell at my sis about it the next day. My sis finally got sick of it and left the class! But she never lost the desire to take another cosmetology class. She just could not do it there because of Kathy's family. To this day, she still hasn't enrolled in any cosmetology classes.

But see, that is what liberals do. That is why I am no longer a liberal, and not a leftist. You might say, I left the left before it became a thing. Again, thanks to the INXS SJW libtard fans! I'm grateful to them for showing me the light!


mikessa said...

Let me tell you about Kathy and her fucked in the head family of hers. First of all, we never even really liked them. We only did because of dad. And for years I have been very upset with the fact that I never finished beauty school, and its all their fault. If they are blaming me, then they are wrong. Second, I have moved to Missoula and they will never know about it because we have blocked their sorry asses and kicked them outta our family. This is a family of conservatives, NO LIBTARDS ALLOWED!!! We have no respect for them as well as the likes of them. I only wanna remember dad, and they had no right to take our dad away from us. I do believe Kathy did kill him. I dont think dad really wanted to move to Arizona. If they try to find us, they are gonna have an awful time. Besides, I never wanna speak to any of them again. I dont even like them anymore. We tried to get along and this is how they respond, with hate!!!
Better yet, just pretend they never existed. And Stephanie better watch herself if she doesnt wanna find my fist where her nose used to be. She maybe taller than me, but Im bigger than her and I can beat her up. I will not hesitate to challenge her in an all out fight to the death. That goes for Kathy and Jennifer too. THIS IS WAR!!!!!!! If I ever see them again, this is exactly whats gonna happen. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Im through with being nice to libtards. Its time for some serious shit!!!

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Yes, well they kicked themselves out, I didn't kick Kathy out. I just wish she'd grow up. I cannot completely dislike Kathy, that would be hard. She did help me get my apartment. But I do believe she had a hand in killing our father.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

Ya know in another bizarre twist, when I finally got home from that trip, I noticed Stephanie had called and left a message on my answering machine. I couldn't understand most of it, as it was mostly staticy in the background. But I heard her say something about the Uber driver (who drove me and my sis to the bus depot), and my dad is dead. So, I assume she was telling me that she knew the uber driver told me my father was gone, but I am not sure. It might have even been just more loony ramblings from a crazed libtard. I don't know. I wonder if my sis got a call from Stephanie too, and if so, what she said to her.