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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bad Dog!

Well, this morning when I went to the dog park, there was another little problem. I put Minnie and Vegas in there, and grabbed the poo-scoop to pick up a mess Minnie made this morning that I was unable to pick up then. I went out to the area around the building where she did it, and while I was there picking up Minnie's old droppings, I heard a commotion in the dog park. I heard Vegas going crazy, and Anna yelling. And it sounded like she was yelling "Brandie!!!" She shouted it several times. I raced back to the dog park, wondering what the Hell was going on. I saw Karen wrapping what I first thought was Vegas, in a blanket, and handing it over to Anna. Anna shouted "Come in here, quick!" So I rushed faster. As it turns out, it was Minnie, and Brandi had attacked her and pinned her down. I was livid! To say the least! I saw Anna point at Brandi and shout "BAD DOG!" Karen gathered Brandi up and took her back to the landlord's apartment. As they were coming out I shouted at Brandi. I said "BRANDI!! Damn you!!!" In the process of pulling Brandi away, Karen got bit by her.

Well I was mad at Brandi, and I still am! This is the second time she attacked Minnie! Fortunately Minnie was not hurt at all. She has no puncture wounds anywhere. But it may be a LONG time before either she, or I, trust Brandi again! Poor Minnie was so shaken up! I would have understood a little bit better if Brandi had attacked Vegas. Vegas after all has been asking for it for weeks now! But not Minnie! Minnie doesn't hurt anyone, and pretty much leaves Brandi alone. Of course I still would have been pissed if Brandi had attacked Vegas, don't misunderstand me there! But at least I would have had an answer why she did it, and hopefully would avoid such a confrontation again. But Minnie does nothing! So there are no answers. Did Brandi just have this pent-up anger because Lois is now away from home? I don't know. But why attack poor, innocent Minnie???

Well, Brandi's days may be numbered anyway. Rory went and opened his big, stupid mouth and blabbed on Lois! He told Animal Control that Brandi attacked his dog, Taz, one day in the dog park. But Brandi did not start that fight! Taz did. But I bet you Rory did not tell Animal Control that. Rory thinks his dog can do no wrong. What a dumbass!! But unfortunately, Brandi may get the worst of the consequenses because she is the landlord's dog. The landlord is not considered a tenant, and because of that, if Brandi were to get into another fight with any other dog or pet in the building, she's going to be taken away from Lois! And Brandi did it again today with Minnie. If Animal Control ever found out about this, Brandi would surely be taken away from Lois! Frankly, if Brandi were my dog, she'd have been GONE already! She's simply not safe to have around other dogs!

When we were walking out of the dog park, Karen kinda looked at me out the corner of her eyes and said "Would you dare to call Animal Control?" But no. That's not how the Timmyfan works! LOL! The last thing I ever want to do is get the landlord in trouble, or bring harm to another dog. I said though that all I want is for Lois to do something about Brandi! Either get her some good training, or send her to live with someone else! Lois's sister looked responsible enough, perhaps she could take Brandi. It's none of my business really, but then at least Brandi would still be in the family. I don't want to get Lois or Brandi in trouble. But having Brandi is a violation of the lease. The lease says that any pet that harms another pet or person will not be allowed to live in this building. Brandi has gotten into more than one or two fights, which she did instigate. Not just with Minnie, but also with Deb's dog Ziggy, and there are several others whose dogs cannot be in the park with Brandi because Brandi just automatically attacks them.

I'd hate to see Lois lose Brandi, but she has to do something! I'll have to talk to her tomorrow. I hope she's available. I must tell her about Brandi attacking Minnie again. I don't want to not go into the dog park, that's the only time I really get to chat with my friends. But what can I do? Karen comes in with both Brandi and her own dogs. Lois does not take Brandi to the park. She's too busy. And Karen once told me that Brandi is MUCH worse when Lois is around. But I don't want Minnie killed. If Minnie ever gets hurt really bad, I'm going to have no choice but to report Brandi.

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