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Monday, April 2, 2012

Well, It's All Done

Well, I thought I would write an update. I apologized to Roger. Anna and I went downstairs and he was there waiting for the mail to arrive. I asked to see him, and he asked me what for, and I told him it was something very important, and I didn't want to say it in front of the other people sitting there. So we went outside. I told him that I was the person who posted the hateful message on his door, and I apologized most sincerely. I thought he was going to rant and rage and call me every name in the book. But he didn't. He took it surprisingly calmly, and said he accepted my apology. Believe me when I say I felt like shit after I found out the truth. But I must also correct something else too. Actually 2 things:

1. Lois told me that the note left on Anna's door said "you're a fat, lazy mutt. Why don't you go move to the dog pound!?" I didn't know someone had referred to Anna as a "mutt". She didn't tell me that! That could mean it's anybody. If the person had called Anna a bitch, that would have been one thing. Mostly men are the ones who call women bitches like that. But a "mutt" could have been anybody, man or woman. Besides the fact that that sounds incredibly stupid! It's the first time I've ever seen anyone call someone a "mutt"! LOL! I wish someone would call me a "mutt". I like dogs. I wouldn't mind.

2. That the culprit could not have been the woman I said earlier was fatter than me and Anna. That woman even gave us a Christmas card last year. Somehow I didn't think it really was, seeing as she's fat herself. But it could have been done to throw us off the scent.

Lois knows who the culprit is, but she is not saying. She did say it's someone who is old, but immature, and thinks they're perfect. And it has to be someone who is on this floor, and most likely down that hallway. And they are a coward! Even Lois agrees the person is a coward. So unlike what Karen said this morning, the person does not "pack a punch", unless they are talking anonymously behind closed doors. But anyone can do that! It doesn't take a tough person to do that at all. At least I can say neither Anna nor I are cowards! I actually confessed to Roger that I wrote the note on his door. That is what a mature person does, who is not afraid of taking responsibility for their actions. When I am wrong, I am wrong, and I admit it. I have no problem admitting it. One thing I can never truthfully be accused of is being irresponsible. But a coward, in my eyes, is the same as being on the level of irresponsible, and there is nothing I hate more than irresponsible people!

Well, the one person on this floor that I believe thinks she's perfect is Betty Warwood. Like I said in several previous posts (here and on in prizon), she's stuck-up! And she had just returned from some trip the day before. She is one of my top 2 suspects right now. It's a toss-up between her and Dan, the ugly dude. I don't even talk to Betty anymore. Not since that last time I thought she was talking to me and she wasn't. But she walks around here like she believes she's perfect. Sometimes she still talks to me and looks at me, even though I don't want her to!! But this person who, like a cowardly little bitch, left that note on Anna's door, I hate him (or her)! I don't care who this person is, or who their friends are, I hate him (or her) anyway. Not just because of the note they left on Anna's door, but also because they made me accuse an innocent man of the crime! If I find out who it is, I'll scratch their eyes out! Irresponsible people make me SICK!!!

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