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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Booby

Vegas had to go to the vet today, I rushed him to the one vet in this town that was open today that would let me postpone a check (having end-of-the-month money problems again!) I took a nap with him and Minnie, and when I got up, I was petting him, and when I got to his behind, he started to growl a little bit. I knew something had to be wrong, usually when we all wake up from a nap, Vegas likes to have a little scratch on his backside. I thought nothing much about it again, until I had to put him outside to go to the bathroom. I looked and he was bleeding from his butt. I looked at him and shouted "VEGAS!!!" I could not do anything about it right then, but I knew I had to do something as quick as I could. But first I needed to find a vet that would allow me to postdate a check. So I came back in and called around until I found one. Thank GOD I was able to find a vet fairly quickly. My usual vet is not open on weekends, and apparently does not have emergency services. So I rushed Vegas over there as fast as I could. I knew what was wrong, he had a ruptured anal gland. It happens to small dogs a lot. The vet cleaned it out and gave me some antibiotics to give to him. Vegas HATES the medicine!!! I also have to soak his rear end in warm water and epsom salts.

You would think with the economy the way it is that more vets would accept alternative payment plans. But no. Most vets are just interested in getting their money. I wish more vets would do their services for the love of the animals, but they don't. Especially not emergency services. That is why I had to call around. I didn't want this to go untreated. What if it became septic and I'd lose Vegas? I'd really feel terrible then! Sometimes I'm not even sure he gets his meds. I have to cut up each pill and give him half. I put the pill half in his mouth and try to hold it shut, but he keeps moving! But I just wish that more vets would actually help their patients regardless of the owner's ability to pay right away. After all, there are human hospitals like that. I don't see why veterinarians are not like that too. Maybe it's because having pets is considered a luxury. Most peoples' attitude is if you cannot afford pets, you shouldn't have one. But can't the same thing be said about having kids?? A person does not have to have kids. And look at how many are out there having them only to have the government pay for their care! I don't have kids, and really don't want any at all. I don't even want to get married! I've been there before and didn't like it. My dogs are my kids. If that sounds bad or twisted to some people, then that's just too bad for them! I like dogs better than kids. Dogs never back-talk you, and (almost) always obey you. A lot more than kids do anyway. Little dogs cost less to feed and you don't need to spend any money buying clothes or diapers for them. I think I should have the same rights as any person who has kids. Somewhere someone needs to create a vet hospital that will give the owner's dog care regardless of the owner's ability to pay.

If it weren't for most vets' inability to help an animal regardless of the owner's ability to pay for it right away, my Groucho might still be alive. The first vet I took her to was an emergency vet in Olympia. I waited in that waiting room for 30 minutes for the front desk secretary to ask the doctor if he would even look at my Groucho even though I only had $35 in my pocket at the time. I was willing to do ANYTHING to save my baby! I said I'll give them a postdated check, take down my credit card number, sign a promisory note, anything! But they would not even look at her. And thanks to that fraudulent "school" I went to, I don't qualify for Care Credit. So I could forget about that! That was 30 minutes of precious time wasted, time I could have had spent saving Groucho! But that dumbass doctor would not even look at her. Instead they sent me to another all-night hospital 30 miles away. That was about another 20-25 minutes wasted! But thankfully that vet looked at her. But could not save her. Anyone near to me would tell you how badly Groucho's death affected me. Katrina was here, Anna was here, my ma was here, my pa was too. It was Katrina and Anna who tried to get me to eat something one night, after I had not eaten anything for 3 days. It's just as bad, if not worse than, losing a child! Many parents would argue that I didn't carry that dog inside me for 9 months. I say SCREW THAT!!! Groucho and I were spiritually connected since before she was born. I cannot really explain it, but there was a spiritual connection there. And everything that dog did was cute! No matter what it was. My favorite thing was when she would jump on my bed when I was lying on it, make her way up to my arms that would be folded in front of me, crawl in between my arms, get on her back, kick up her feet, and lick my ears! That was so adorable!!! I wish I had gotten a video of her doing that because now, I sure do miss it! Vegas doesn't do that. Neither does Minnie. Minnie barely lets anyone pet her, let alone crawl up and cuddle in my arms!

Ironically, I got Minnie to help me get over losing Groucho. Vegas alone just was not cutting it. I don't know why! But when I got Minnie, I started being able to get Groucho out of my mind better. I stopped crying every 10-20 minutes and began to smile again. I've been tear-free now for almost 4 years, since I got Minnie. But Minnie is not as lovable as Groucho. She was raised by a breeder who obviously did not love her, just had her as a puppy-producing machine. So Minnie came to me not really trusting anyone. She's gotten a little bit better, but she still acts a bit scared when someone holds her.

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