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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dogs Aren't Perfect

I've been reading some of the posts on the Rants and Raves Forum on Craigslist, and there are a couple of different people who came in and said there was some old fart who goes jogging in an off-leash dog park, and has even kicked at some of the other peoples' dogs. Now why someone, who does not own a dog and apparently does not like them, would want to even go jogging in an off-leash dog park is absolutely beyond my realm of knowledge. Because if I didn't own a dog and I didn't like them, the last place I'd ever even want to go would be an off-leash dog park! For one reason, a dog off leash is definitely going to approach me, and I know it would, that's just how dogs are. They are sociable animals. Another thing, your chances of stepping in dog crap is also very great. Not to mention the possible fleas that would get on you and other parasites that some peoples' dogs may be carrying. If I didn't have a dog, or even didn't like them, I sure as Hell would not walk through an off-leash dog park. I cannot even imagine why this man would go jogging through that park unless it is just to be an asshole and piss off dog owners. Some day, he may anger the wrong person by kicking at their dog and that dog's owner might punch the man in the face, or blast his brains out. One of the reasons I don't even take my dogs to an off-leash park is because most people around here own nothing but big dogs, and I'm afraid my dogs might get carried away and wind up being attacked by one of them. Vegas likes to attack and chase after bigger dogs. Some bigger dogs may not take it from Vegas and crush him.

Some people were complaining because dogs come up to them and poke their noses in that person's butt or crotch. I admit I hate that too! If someone's dog does that to me, I would not hesitate to back-kick them. Usually gently, but firmly. The kind of dogs people own around here, like hunting dogs, are very notorious for that! That is why I do not like being approached by big dogs. And when they do approach me, I carefully keep my eyes on them. I try very hard not to let them sneak up behind me because that's usually when they like to poke their noses in a person's behind. That's one reason I don't like strange dogs coming up to me. I remember I once saw a clip from a show about funny home videos, in fact I've seen this twice, with different dogs. Someone turned a dog loose in a park where people were sunbathing, and the dog goes up to them and pokes it's nose in their butts. I can't even believe there are people out there filming things like that and thinking it's funny. It's NOT funny! To me, it looks like rape. Rape is not funny in any way, shape or form. I know it's natural for a dog to sniff another dog's butt. It's when the dog crosses the species barrier and does it to anything besides another dog, that's when it looks like rape. When I see clips like that, I can sometimes understand why there are people in this world who don't like dogs. One of the biggest, most legitimate complaints I hear about dogs is that people hate it when dogs poke their noses where it doesn't belong. I say I hate that too, and I am normally a dog lover. I guess dogs just aren't perfect. If it wasn't for their butt-sniffing behavior, they could be the world's most perfect animals!

Dogs are just that step away from being perfect. They love us, they look up to us, that makes them great companions. Dogs have done so much more than that too. They actually helped us build civilizations. Cats didn't have much of a hand in building civilizations, except during the black plague, that was the one and only time they played any part in building human history, and that was just in Europe. But in my research for this dog book (which I am trying to make better), I found that it was actually the domestication of dogs that made humans what we are today. If it weren't for dogs, we would not be here at all. Dogs helped early humans with hunting, which made us more intelligent and social. Dogs herded prey animals like deer and ox so early humans could either eat the animals or use their strengths and abilities to help build farms and towns. Dogs helped us in that aspect in domesticating cattle, horses, even sheep and goats. We rewarded them by sharing our leftovers from the hunt. Dogs transported humans and their goods from one place to another on migrations, long before horses came into playing that role. Thus humans were able to adapt to the climate and could live basically anywhere they wanted to. Simply put, humans would not be humans if it weren't for dogs. But understandably for some, it's just hard to look past their crotch-sniffing behavior.
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