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Sunday, January 17, 2016

How I Feel About Otherkin People

I've been watching some videos lately that discusses the subject of otherkin. Those are people who think that they are not only not themselves, but also think they are another species of animal. Like when I described Andy back in Bozeman, acting like an ape in front of people. He was one example of an otherkin. Or this one boy, whose name was Joel that I used to see at a friend's house back in Lakewood, that would bark like a dog sometimes and call himself a chihuahua. He was an example too of otherkin. Though some kids grow out of that. I'm not sure he did though, he was always so adamant that he was a chihuahua, I think it may have just sunk in deeper as he got older. But anyways, do you think it's natural for a person to want to be another species? I always thought it was crazy. Though sometimes, the desire to get out of the human race fascinates me because humans are so corrupt. Animals, at least, are easier to understand. Humans, I will never understand.

I think, to some degree, it is natural for a person to feel like they are some other species. To a certain degree. Now, I love lemurs. I would love to be a lemur. I could see myself gracefully leaping from one tree to another. But I totally identify with the fact that I am not a lemur. But the idea of getting out of the human race and becoming a lemur does sound intriguing. But the desire to become another species is not the same as becoming that other species. I read about this man named Dennis Avner who lived in San Diego, who was told when he was a teenager that his spirit animal (he was native American) was a tiger. Well, he wanted more than for that to just be his spirit animal. He actually wanted to become a tiger, and actually killed himself to become one. That is when I think the desire goes too far. This once attractive young man took steps to change himself completely into a tiger, to the point of not only getting tattoos of orange and black stripes all over his body, but also having whiskers and shit implanted on his face and wearing cat-eye contact lenses. By the time of his death in 2012, he was completely ugly, just like that evil beast he was trying to become physically and spiritually. Now, he did go too far.

However, there is a difference between what he did and what say, the furries do. Ever seen furries? They even go so far as to wear costumes of the animals they portray in their lives, and most of them don't even talk. You ask them something, all they give you is a bunch of grunts and whimpers, like a bunch of dogs. As most of them are either dogs, cats, or wolves. If a person wants to be a furry, then be a furry. But if you are going to get into my face, then talk dammit!! I don't like furries who get in my face and just make animal noises. I used to deal with people like that back when I was in middle school and some in high school. Even on the bus to the vocational school when I was going there in 1989. I came across kids who literally barked like dogs and meowed like cats. None of them even wore the animal costumes. That was weird enough. But I think they did it to tease me because I always said I liked animals better than people. I kinda wonder if today's animal lovers in middle school and high school also have to deal with the same thing? Though I think people nowadays are becoming a little more understanding with why there are more people who prefer animals over other people. More of the world is becoming animal-lovers. Or cat-fags. I could definitely see catfags going around saying "meow" all the time. Maybe that is what these kids were; catfags and dogfags. LOL!

I learned about something new today too, I learned about bronies. Those are extreme fans of My Little Pony. Now, I used to hear about My Little Pony in the 80s and early 90s, and they were pretty cool then. Although now they seem to have turned them into anime cartoons, and I am not into that at all. Bronies want to be My Little Ponies. So, they go around believing they are My Little Ponies. Now, I think it's one thing to want to be another animal, but to become a cartoon character, that's a person that I believe may be ready for lockup in a mental institution!

Well, people are usually uncomfortable around anything that is strange or different to themselves. So, a lot of people are uncomfortable around furries and otherkins. I personally am all for freedom of expression, but again, if you are going to do that stuff, then remember that you are a person, not an animal. You are not a dog or a cat or a lion or a wolf. When I say hello, I don't want to hear "woof" or "meow". If you do that, it's just going to want to make me walk away from your loony ass! It was scary enough encountering kids in school who did that shit! I sure as hell don't want to meet someone like that in my adult world!

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