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Friday, January 15, 2016

I Hate Animals

So I got this message from another fag. She said because I hate cats that I hate all animals. She said if I didn't hate cats, then I would be an animal lover. While I agree in some ways, there are other ways I do not agree. I am an animal-lover. I always have been. I gave her the disclaimer that I am "an animal lover with limits". I don't like cats, spiders or cockroaches. All for mostly different reasons, but I hate them all. I find spiders terrifying, but also in some ways fascinating. I think cockroaches are repulsive, but again, I find them fascinating in some ways. They are incredibly smart for insects! Now cats are a totally different story. I've had cats before, and while we got along OK, that is to say I never had a cat attack me, or run away from my house, I just don't like cats. My house felt dirty when I had them. So, I find cats to be the most disgusting thing anyone can have in their home. That's why I won't have another one.

When we had those persians, I had to get rid of the carpet because they would mess it up totally. And this was a time I only had cats. No dogs at all. The carpet stunk constantly!! They would smear shit all over the carpet instead of going into their litterbox. They would cough up hairballs all over the carpet. I had to shampoo that carpet many times a day because of those doggone cats! So, I got rid of the carpet. But guess what. The house still stunk!! So, I got rid of the cats and the smell eventually went away. So did the feeling of disgust I had when they were around. I swear I had gotten to a point where I wouldn't even touch the cats. What's the point in having an animal roaming around your house that you cannot even stand the feel of? You can't pet it. It still makes me feel disgusted to even think of petting a cat, which I won't do! It felt so gross to touch them! So, I call myself an animal-lover with limits.

Well, last night this girl brought that up again, and I reminded her once again that I have my limits, I told her I don't like cats or spiders. Then she brought it up again saying that if I am an animal lover I wouldn't hate cats. Note the entire focus was on the fact I said I hate cats. Again I reminded her that I am an animal lover with limits. And then I asked her "So why aren't you bellyaching because I don't like spiders? Or is it just cats that count?" This is how big of hypocrites cat people are. To them, if you don't like cats, then you are a big animal-hater. But yet, they turn around and hate some animals themselves. Technically, a spider is an animal. So is a snake, so is a scorpion. If it eats, breathes, and grows, it's a living thing. Not like a rock or something. So, if someone hates spiders, they should be labeled an "animal-hater".  But you know what? I don't think spider-fags exist. I've never met one. I've met people who love spiders, but I've never seen anyone who's attitude was like "if you don't like spiders, then I don't like you!" In fact, the only animal-people I've ever seen whose attitude was like that has been none other than cat-people. And panther-fags too. They do make hating cats and panthers so much easier though, I will hand them that.

Oh! I got an especially evil one yesterday on my videos, I don't remember his name, all I remember was it had "Ozzy" in the name. He came on my videos, saying "You like to troll kids you old cunt?!" LOL!!! I troll fags, I don't give a care about the age of the fag. If they are old enough to say "if you hate cats, then I hate you" then they are old enough to handle being hated (and trolled) back. And don't be surprised when you are! Then he went on to call me things like "fatass old ugly cunt" and blah-blah-blah!! LOL!!! I just laughed at him. I know he was meaning to be hurtful, but he wasn't. He was trying too hard! Those types ALWAYS make me laugh!! You know a person is exhausting themselves trying too hard to hurt someone else's feelings when the only insults they can really conjure up are cuss words, and words like "ugly", and making fun of a person being fat, or the color of their skin. Believe me, I've been called much worse by people I respected far more than that fag!! He hasn't said nothing I've never heard before. LOL!! So, his words did not affect me at all. I went back and trolled the same kids all over again after his visit.

Well another thing this "Ozzy" said, he said "No wonder you have dogs, you're a lonely, fat, ugly cunt. Even cats reject you. No one else will have you." LOL!! Too funny!! First of all, I've never had a cat reject me before. EVER. They always come to me. That's why I find them annoying. They come to me and I don't want them to come to me. So, I really wish they would reject me like he says!! Then I don't ever have to look at them, or have them touch me. Second of all, lots of not-so-lonely people have dogs. I go to the docks all the time to walk. I see a lot of very athletic-looking people out there, some are quite attractive. And what do they have with them? DOGS, DOGS, and MORE DOGS!!!!! That's why I enjoyed going on my walks there. LOL!! So, "Ozzy's" theory about that is totally unfounded. He probably never leaves his own house. Just sits on his ass all day, playing video games, watching anime cartoons and masturbating with his cat. And as for nobody wanting a person with dogs, well, a lot of the people I see at the docks with dogs are couples. Besides that, I will show my partner what this dude says. Show him and let him answer this kid whether people don't want a woman that has dogs. Again, "Ozzy's" beliefs are very wrong. Just like any cat person, his instincts and perceptions of people in general, suck! On the other hand, who always winds up living alone, getting old, anti-social and ugly? The crazy cat lady, that's who! LOL! At least if they have a dog, they can take that dog for a walk once in a while. Even one of my friends, who was once one of those that became an anti-social cat-lady, admitted when she got rid of the cats and got a dog instead, it helped her to become more social. She was glad it happened.

Oh yes! And I'll wager you that "Ozzy" is one of those fat, blobby, twinkie-and-potato-chip-stuffing teenagers that does nothing but play video games all day long. Even his parents rejected him! LOL!! I do know this, he didn't have a picture on his profile, nor any videos of himself. That says enough to me. So, screw that shit! LOL! Well, I deleted his comments, I was just about tempted to respond to him. So, I deleted his comments to get rid of that temptation. It's happened before. Well, I was kinda kicking myself for deleting his comments, because I hate doing that!! So, if he comes back, I'll leave his comments next time.

Well, I haven't heard from the other girl yet. But I also had another one yesterday yelling at me because I don't like cats. Believe me when I say I am having fun!! This is a great mind-stimulant!! This girl must have been around 11 years old or something. Anyways, this was the conversation:

Madelynn Burgess
Yesterday 1:05 PM
+Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan YOU ARE PROBABLY THE WORST PARSON ON EARTH I MEAN REALLY HOW STUPID ARE YOU CATS ARE AMAZING 1. cats can sense earthquakes 2 cats can digest food that hasn't been chewed
3 They tolerate heat really well
4 In egypt cats are worshiped and dogs run from them on instikt
5 Last but not least .. They made Hello KITTY not hello dogyy
I don't hate dogs i just really prefer cats
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Dee Timmy-Hutch-Fan
Yesterday 1:13 PM
+Madelynn Burgess
1. I'm not a parson at all, I never claimed I was. LOL!
2. Cats are fucking USELESS!!! Me taking a nap is more amazing than a dumb cat tearing up my furniture and coughing up hairballs and getting their big,stinky feet on my kitchen counters.
3. Dogs can sense earthquakes better than cats. But ALL animals can sense natural disasters That is NOT unique to cats!
4. Dogs can digest food that hasn't been chewed too. So what? How is that helpful to anyone except a dog or cat?
5. Dogs can tolerate heat just as well as cats.
6. So what? I'm not an Egyptian. And the ancient Egyptians also went extinct. So apparently worshipping cats did not save their civilization.
7. Who gives a shit??!! I NEVER liked Hello Kitty!! Not even when that shit was popular in the 80s!!
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OMG! She uses "Hello Kitty" as an excuse to like cats???? OMG!! That only shows how very ignorant she is!! I wouldn't use that as an argument unless the other person you are arguing with actually likes anime, which I don't!! I hate anime!! I hate Hello Kitty. I don't even like typing those words!! To me, the more favorable phrase would be "Goodbye Stupid Cat". Or more like "GetLost Stupid Cat". LOL! Look at the older cartoons, like the old Tom and Jerry and Warner Bros. cartoons from the 1940s and 50s. Cats were portrayed the way they should be; as the bad guys, or are dumb and dopey. I pay no attention to modern animation portrayals, or internet crazes. I go with what works for me, and that's it. Anyone who doesn't like it, oh well I don't give a shit if they don't like it!!! End of story! LOL! :D
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