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Monday, January 11, 2016

Another One Bites the Dust

The first celebrity death of the year, I think. Oh GOD! I don't even know why I am writing this! I don't even like the bastard!! It's fecking David Bowie. UGH!! Some of my hardcore buds are probably going to hate me for this post, as I should be more understanding having lost Michael. Well, for my buddies, it's more about the music than anything else, as it really should be. Especially in his case, because Bowie was as ugly as a cat's butthole! But as for me, Bowie meant nothing at all. I do not like him. I don't even like his music! Every song that came from him sucked an octopus's garden of ass! I hated that one song "Let's Dance" that came out in the early 80s. I still cannot listen to it! It hurts my ears! I had it on a compilation album and I kindof expected it to sound like technopop. But it didn't. It just flat-out sucked! But then again, we're talking about 1982. Between 1980 and 1983 was when some of the suckiest, corniest, stupidest songs of the 80s came out. By about 1984 was when music began to sound a bit better. Except from those British bands. They were still on the corny-disco kick.

I don't even know why Bowie called the song "Let's Dance". It's like, you hear the song, and you can't dance! It sucks too much to dance to. All that song makes me want to do is fast-forward to the next song, as long as it's not one of Bowie's! I have never bought any of his albums, I have absolutely no songs by him on my MP3 player, and whenever I hear him on the radio, I turn him off if at all possible. I just don't like him, not even a little bit. I can't even stand to look at him, he's such an ugly dude. His face looks like he overdid it with the botox, then deflated it too quickly. Well, a lot of my buds like him, and I let them have this moment now that he is gone. But I have nothing more to say about this. He meant nothing to me, so I am not grieving over him myself. I am sad that my friends feel sad though. But I am not sad myself about Bowie's passing.

Face it, I don't put a lot of emphasis on the life or death of any celebrity, with the exception of INXS. I am just not as fascinated by celebrities as a lot of other people are. I hear a song from a particular group or singer, and I like it, and I may listen for more good songs. If I like them, I may say about the band "They're pretty cool." But that is as far as it goes. For me to say something like "They are awesome and I love them!!" They would have to have more than one or two good songs, and have great-looking men, like INXS. Back when I used to be in love with Roxette, I probably should have just said I was in love with Per Gessle. Not Roxette. Because he was really the one I liked out of that group. I hardly looked at Marie Fredriksson at all. Even though she did the majority of the singing. I know it may sound silly, but I don't take to female singers at all. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I like ogling men more than women. I'm not a lesbian. Not even close. Though I do prefer drawing women as opposed to men. I learned how to draw women early on, and I just do it better than I do drawing men. But I think that came about because I used to use myself as a model for my drawings.

Well, bands like INXS are nearly impossible to find nowadays. We don't have good-looking men anymore like INXS. There will never again be another Michael Hutchence. Not with his good-looks, talent, and voice all in one package. Add that to the list of things we will never see again. These days, all the kids want to look emo, and I think that look is disgusting!! Nobody has the combination of soft, brown eyes and long, curly hair and nice pouting lips anymore. Michael had those latin good looks. These days, men either want to be bald, emo or are gay. Which isn't fair!! Gay men don't usually seem to know how to treat women with respect, and that was one of the things that made Michael so fascinating. Not only was he so handsome, he knew how to treat a lady like a lady. Well, not all gay men are like that, I have some gay friends and they are genuinely nice people. But most gay men are not gentlemen. I've seen gay men (and even transsexuals) who did strike, harass and disrespect women. And gentlemen are rare these days, even among straight men, and I think it's because of these damn feminists. Either that, or it's all because of single parents raising children the wrong way.

Some great examples of gay men who are disrespectful to women would be spkenn36, JohnFaa, Viergacht, and Hoboczarandco. Yes, I found out he is gay too! LOL! That's why he harassed juggalos. I heard he was angry because the men of ICP are not gay. Who cares anyways? I don't even like ICP. I never did! I don't know who's idea it was that I was a juggalo. I can't stand rap music. I like old school rap, but I hate this modern rap-crap. And the men of ICP are not even good looking!! With or without the make-up, they're all ugly as shit!!! And fat too.


mikessa said...

Here is where I really agree with you for once, Bowie was shit and his music was shit. Dude cant even sing. I never liked him or his songs even long before you got into listening to music. I heard that "Lets dance" song on the radio and at first I thought it was gonna be a disco type song, but it wasn't. Seriously, if one's gonna name a song "lets dance" at least make it easy to dance to. That song stunk just like him.
I also heard that David Bowie was a liberal, one less libtard in this world.

mikessa said...

Did you also hear Natalie Cole died too? At least she was someone I liked.
And also she had talent, and a much better singer than David Bowie.

TimGal said...

Yes, I heard about Natalie Cole too, she was a better singer. I will miss her. I have 2 songs of her's on my MP3 player.