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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The Loser Loses

A couple months ago, I was very interested in a story about a man named Johnathan Yaniv, who claims he identifies as a woman. He buys pads, and even can be seen going in womens' locker rooms and rest rooms. But the biggest stories about him were how he was suing women who worked at waxing parlors. They refused to service him because he is a man and still has all his male parts. See, this is the big difference between male and female. They are built different. You can't go into a waxing parlor, that is certified to only work on women, just because you are a man who thinks he's a woman. That's not right. And really, you can't force people to see you as a woman if you're really a man.

Well, he referred to those business women as "transphobes". That's an SJW's favorite word! That and "homophobe". But the lawyers for the women say they had no animosity against Yaniv when he walked in. They just could not go ahead with waxing him because they are not set up to work on men. There are plenty of other waxing parlors Yaniv could have gone to. Ones that will work on his balls. But he chose those specifically because they are run by women who are immigrants from India. And Yaniv hates Indians. Yes, he actually admitted that in a tweet. I think he was lying personally, I think he really gets the hots for them. Yaniv has lied so much about everything over the past few months, I don't believe a word he says anymore!

Anyways, long story short, he took them to court and LOST!! HAHAHAHA!!! I'm glad he lost too. This proves a point. I hope this opens Justin Trudeau's eyes! Though I highly doubt it. That ape in Jack ass's clothing is incapable of learning anything! And don't even get me started on Morgane Ogre. Anyway, I'm happy about the outcome of this case. Though I'm sure it's been a tough year for those women. But now, Yaniv is ordered to pay them $6000 in damages. He thought he was going to get over $50,000 from them. But instead, he is ordered to pay them $6000. Can you taste the irony in that?? LMAO!! I love it! I love it when things like this works out. It serves Yaniv right!

I really wish everybody would stop pandering to these trans people!! But who didn't see this coming? I mean, who on the right didn't see this coming? Obviously the left didn't see it coming because they're dumb. Damn! And I was once one of them! Thank GOD I wised up! But I really wish people would stop pandering to trans people. I heard about Kotex removing the Venus symbol (♀️) from their pads because a lot of trans "women" and "men" complained that it wasn't "inclusive enough". I think they just hate it because it reminds the trans "women" that they're not really women, and it reminds the trans "men" that they are still women. LMAO!! But Kotex went and removed them anyways! See what I mean about them pandering to these people. This is why I am beginning to hate trans people! Now, I have nothing against real trans people. But they are never the ones who are complaining to companies like Kotex. It's always the trans-trenders (which they claim doesn't exist) who are complaining. Almost 99% of trans people today are trans-trenders. Not transgenders. And ALL of them come from leftist parents.

That's why I think the trans problems today is such a big hassle. That's why I don't like trans-trenders. When America accepted gay marriage, it was to be fair. No one is against gays marrying, because who are they hurting by falling in love? But these days, it's become a big fiasco. When gays marry each other, they are just simply trying to live their own lives, and minding their business. That's fine. But trannies are a whole other story! They don't just want to just live their lives. They want to demand that everyone change their ways. See, it's all about control! I have been saying this ever since 2015. This whole transgender thing is about nothing but control. They want to invoke their will on others. They want to force us to use their "preferred pronouns". They want us to see them as the opposite sex, or some other gender that does not exist in nature. They make up all these ridiculous genders and say we have to agree with them. And anyone who refuses is called a "transphobe". Or they call it an "act of violence" if we don't comply. And then they say "Let's meet violence with violence". That's why groups like Antifa are so hostile.

I heard France is fighting to get their country back. I say we Americans should do the same. I was even reported on Twitter for saying trans "women" are not real women, and "non-binary" does not exist at all. No, I don't believe in "non-binary". That's something the leftists made up. And leftists lie all the time. I believe some women/girls can have manly characteristics, and some men/boys can have girly characteristics. But I do not believe in "non-binary" as a gender. I was a tomboy when I was a kid. And when I was in my 20s, I thought I was bisexual. Although it turns out I really wasn't. If I was, I would still have similar feelings, and I don't. I've never been in love with a woman in my life. I just think some are attractive. But I don't have a physical attraction to them at all. I'm only attracted to men. Manly men. Not men in dresses or girly make up.

Anyways, I think our race is doomed. We're already seeing a decline in the number of births. Face it, this is the end of humankind. And I blame the leftists.

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