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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Michael's Mediums

LOL!! I gotta say, I saw 2 posts on this group for people who claim to be able to channel to Michael on the other side. I believe there are authentic psychics. But I am very wary of anyone who claims they are the "only" celebrity psychics. This woman says that very thing. She said not to believe anyone who says they are able to channel to Michael on the other side. She said he only converses with a very few people, and one person who he calls MJ. I laughed when I saw that, I thought "Michael Jackson"? LOL! These people always make me laugh. Anyways, this was the article that intrigued everyone on the site: http://divinechanneljacqueline.blogspot.co.uk/2011/07/michael-hutchence-here-to-tell-truth.html I read through it at first with an open mind. But then I came to a portion of the post that told me the whole article was nothing but bullshit. It was when she said: "He was a huge Jim Morrison fan on earth". Not true! Michael was not a fan of the Doors at all. He said that in an interview. He even hated it that he was always compared to Morrison. So when I read that, I knew this whole blog post was nothing but bull.

I think people like this should be horsewhipped, but I really think they are just attention-seekers. Kindof like that Amy Lee person. But I must admit, the blog was entertaining! Some of the things she said, if they had been true, would have been so nice to know. Like Michael is looking over his daughter all the time. Which I am pretty sure he is! But it would also have been nice to know he is not with Paula on the other side too. The way she schemed to get him, and killed him, and then killed herself, leaving Lily to fend for herself, Paula doesn't deserve Michael in the next life! Yes, I still believe Paula trapped Michael. I just don't say now she used Lily to do it. Apparently Michael had signed affidavits that said he was the one who wanted Lily. Not Paula. So I cannot any longer say Paula had Lily to trap Michael. But she did trap him.

I know a lot about Michael. Mostly from reading, and what has been said by other fans, the band members, his family, and my own personal experiences. Which are not many, but I have some. Some things are basically instinct. Like that premonition I had about him back in 1995. I have no idea why I had that premonition!! I even forgot I had it! But I remembered after an interview with one of his closest fan/friends. We were talking about connections with Michael once. I don't think I have any connections with him at all. But his mama was a Kennedy, and I have a lot of Kennedys in my background too. They may or may not be related. But if they are, it could explain the almost supernatural synergy I seem to have with Michael. The notion I got in 1995 was just one. About 2 months before Michael passed, I also was falling in love with him again. I didn't even know I was really falling in love! I never mentioned it to anyone. Just that whenever I looked at him, my heart would flutter. Now why that happened, after barely thinking anything about him in 5 years, I may never fully know. I don't really even like mentioning things like this because people tend to think those who write things like this are delusional.

Well, I cannot say for sure whether I am delusional or not. But I never claimed to have any love affairs with Michael. Though when I was a teenager, I did fantasize about marrying Michael. But I never would have really done it! I knew it was nothing more than a fantasy. I never stalked Michael. I didn't want to. I don't claim to be his medium. I never did. The only person who he would possibly be looking down on and communicating with should be none other than Lily. Though I do believe he does give signs to the fans that he is still there. One of my friends visited the bay where some of Michael's ashes were thrown into. She put a rose bouquet into the water, and she said she felt his presence all around her. I know even in spirit form, Michael cannot be everywhere. But I do believe he is with his fans, in small ways. But this medium doesn't want anyone to believe he communicates with anyone but her. That's OK. I don't believe any of what she says now either. Maybe that is wishful thinking. Or maybe it is true. No one really knows but Michael.

I remember after Timmy's accident, I wondered if Michael was angry at his band mates because of the movie. I thought about that and I got this sinking feeling in my belly after I said that. I then turned to my pics of Michael and I slapped one of them, like I would firmly, and gently, slap his lap, or something. I then said "Stop it baby! I mean it!" I was serious, even though I did call him baby. LOL! I was still crying over Timmy at that time, but that bad feeling I had in my belly lifted. Hopefully that meant the guys will no longer be suffering anymore bad luck. Only time will tell now.

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