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Saturday, March 14, 2015

What If I Did?

What if I made up things like this Amy Lee whom I wrote about here a month or two ago. That woman whose blog is full of crap that she actually believes she did. One thing I will say for her, she is creative! One has to admit that! She has to have a lot of imagination to be able to bring events together that would seem to be connected, but really are not. I like that! I go to her blog now and then to read it for the entertainment value. One of her latest blogs talks about the death of Kurt Cobain, which happened on April 5, 1994, and how it was somehow linked to the death of Howard Hughes some years earlier. Apparently on the same date. This Amy Lee is delusional, but she is really good at seeking out patterns in things that are in no way related!! I have to hand her credit for that!! LOL!! I'm a creative person and even I cannot do it to the degree she does! She could make a bundle writing fiction novels.

You know a lot of the things Amy says are lies, and I'll tell you why. She talks a lot about spending a lot of time with Kurt Cobain as early as 1983. Well, I commented once on Amy's blog (a comment which was rejected, naturally) asking how was it that she spent all this time with Kurt Cobain in 1983, when he grew up in Hoquiam, WA and she grew up in Birmingham, TX? That's a long way to go every day just to meet a boy who was not even famous in 1983! And apparently, she was only 14 in 1983, not old enough to travel on her own. I know when my sis and I were 14, my parents didn't let us travel a lot, especially not as far as from Washington to Texas!! Well, Amy has to approve all comments on her blog, and she does not approve those that opposes her blog posts in any way. She doesn't want her regular fans to read them and discover the possibility she is lying.

She can hide behind clever little patterns she's found. She can excuse her lies by making a quote by Napoleon, who is one of history's most notorious liars. I realize this is the internet and a lot of people make up things to sound important or make themselves sound special. I do it sometimes too. Who doesn't? But Amy Lee cannot hide behind facts. I know a lot of the things she says, especially about Kurt Cobain, is nothing but a bunch of lies. She may have seen him in concert, and maybe even met him. But I don't think she had the closeness to him that she displays in her blog. I would love to have been close to Michael Hutchence and Tim Farriss myself. But I'm not. That's life. Accept it and move on.

But what if I did make up some stories like her's? What could I say? I'm not sure I can make something up that she hasn't already about someone I'm most likely to be close to in the entertainment industry. I'm not a fan of Kurt Cobain. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was very talented, and I like a few of his songs, but I am not a Nirvana fan whatsoever. I don't see them the same way I did INXS. You won't find a single Nirvana song on my MP3 player. I like a few songs, but not enough to hear them every day. But I could make up some believable bullshit like "On April 5, 2004, a memorial statue that I suggested to the town of Hoquiam, went up in honor of Kurt. It was made in Hoquiam, but I told them they should put it in Seattle, where Cobain put on his first famous performance, and they agreed. I called MTV associates and told them what was going on, and they agreed to fund the project, and came to honor Kurt on the day the statue went up. When the statue did go up, a lot of rock stars were in attendance that day, as well as Kurt's parents and other relatives. They thanked me for suggesting the statue and kissed me with tears in their eyes."

Well, that whole story was bull! It doesn't even sound believable to me! LOL!! But it was a fun story to write. I get a lot of pleasure out of writing my stories. I don't mean the stories on this blog, I'm talking about my stories like what I got up on my UMG Productions website. Maybe writing stories like this gives Amy Lee some pleasure. Like I said earlier, she's got quite an imagination. She really should consider writing fictional novels. I think she'd be great at that!


mikessa said...

Sounds like a loser to me. She doesn't know Kurt Cobain. She probably made it up.

A person who's full of herself.

I hope she's not the REAL Amy Lee.

Dee TimmyHutchFan said...

She thinks the singer of Evanescence named herself after her.