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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Most Moronic Manager

OMG! I am SO glad I no longer live in Bozeman!! Some time ago my sis told me that the old night manager, Larry, was kicked out of the complex. What a shame! He seemed like a nice person! I cannot imagine what he did that the new night manager hasn't done that would get Larry kicked out. Well, guess who the new night manager is? It's Roger Melvin! LOL!! Apparently the new apartment manager Janet has some kind of affinity to Roger. What she doesn't know is Roger is only nice to her because she is the manager, and he has to be nice to her. If she were just a regular tenant, he would be bitchy towards her too. Just like he's always been to all the other tenants. Roger seems to have some kind of unfortunate idea that he owns the complex, and that he can control who moves in and who does what in that building. Everyone knows he's crazy! No one likes him either. Like I said before, the man is never happy unless he is bitching about something.

Well I had a long chat yesterday with a new friend on Facebook who is also a resident in that complex. She thought Roger had singled her out and is just picking on her alone. But I told her no, he's not. He bitches at everyone. I told her about how he got on one of my YouTube videos a couple years back and made a comment, saying how ugly he thought I was and things like "you like pussy" and "so glad to be free of your ugliness" and "ugly" "ugly" "ugly". Every other word in his comment was about being ugly. LOL!! Made me laugh then, and I still laugh about it to this day. Poor old fart thought he was going to hurt my feelings! When in fact, the opposite happened. I know his type. I'm used to people like him. His comment only showed the last resort of a desperate man. I always laugh at that type of person. Because that is just 2 steps away from him killing himself. I think he's in the final step now. LOL! I know, I've been there myself. What stopped me was actually when "the Watcher" called me a stalking whale. I loved that compliment!! Made me feel so good!! I wanted to stick around so I can enjoy it!! Roger thought he was going to hurt my feelings by calling me things like "ugly" and "dogface". I love dogs! How is a name like "dogface" going to insult me? LOL! Some of the cutest animals on the planet also have doglike faces. Look at pteropods. Look at lemurs, kangaroos, foxes. Some of my favorite animals are "dog-faced". LOL! As for "ugly", well I never said I am supposed to look like a supermodel. GOD made me the way I am, and that's what I'll take. Ugly or not. It's who I am.

Well, it would be no surprise to me that Roger would accept a job such as night manager. He just wouldn't be himself if he hadn't. Someone like Roger Melvin give up a chance to bitch at and boss other people around, and get paid for it? And the fact the other tenants would have to listen to him or else risk getting evicted?? Oh no!! Roger's not going to give up an opportunity to do that!! That's the kind of thing he loves doing! He won't pass up that job for nothing in the world! No way!! This new friend even told me Roger has had sound recording devices on every floor! UGH! That too is no surprise to me. So now he gets to eavesdrop on other peoples' private conversations. Another thing I am sure Roger has always wanted to do. He hates it that now everyone in that building hates his guts. No one there will talk to him. So now, the only way he gets to hear the voices of someone besides himself is to record other tenants talking to each other, and pretend they are talking to him. And I can just picture Roger going to Janet first thing every morning, squealing like a little schoolroom sissy that so-n-so was talking about him the night before and he wants to have that person evicted.

Personally, I don't care what people think of me. When I left Bozeman, I was probably the most hated person in that building. But did I care about that? No. Even when I got back to Washington, I didn't care what they thought. They could have thought I was Jack the Ripper, it wouldn't have mattered to me. When Roger wrote that comment saying how relieved he was to be "free of my ugliness", do you think I cared if he was? No. I didn't. I didn't care if he was relieved, and I sure as hell didn't care if he thought I was ugly. Never going to matter to me. LOL! But apparently what other people think of Roger matters to him a great deal. He has yet to learn to just go about his own affairs, mind his own business and the hell with what other people think. Otherwise he would not have installed sound recording devices on all floors. I told my sis that if she ever finds out those devices are recording anything she says in her own apartment to get out of there! I don't care what she has to do, just pack the dogs and leave! I won't have them invading her privacy. She pays her rent, after that whatever she does is her own business. Not Roger's. Not the manager's. Not anyone's! Go to Missoula, go to Reno, she can even come here if she wants. But don't stay there if they are going to invade her space!! I hope she heeds that advice too.

If I were Janet, I wouldn't trust Roger. I don't trust him around the corner! I don't trust him as far as I can throw him! He's evil, vindictive, obnoxious, controlling, not to mention he is a moron. He'd do anything to be able to control people. If he has keys to every apartment in that building, I would worry! Because he may set some kind of booby trap while that person is away in their own apartment. Or go in their apartment to steal something. Who knows? But I am so glad I got out of there when I did! I'd be damned if I am going to ask for anything from Roger!! I'd rather sleep in my car! I'd rather die than to need anything from Roger!

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