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Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Third Bathroom

The world is so full of wussies right now and everything has to be so damn politically correct. Well, this is going to be another brutally honest post. So if you don't like it, tough nookies!! I saw a video last night that gives me a good reason to fear this new trend going around now. You know how these transsexuals are now, they can be men who identify themselves as women, or women who identify themselves as men. OK, I get it already. But now, they want to be able to use the bathroom for the sex that they identify with, and now no one is allowed to stop them, or say anything against it. I completely call bullshit!! Now I don't want anyone to misunderstand my message, I have nothing against transsexuals, as long as they are legit. But how do you know they are actually legit? That is what scares me.

I have a real problem with a man who would claim to identify himself as a woman, when that really is not the case. Same goes for a woman who claims to identify herself as a man. But now I am not saying there are not female rapists, but the majority of rapists are indeed men who target women. Let's be honest here! How do I know for sure the man, who says he identifies himself as a woman, is really a person who does identify himself as a woman, or if he's just using that as an excuse to walk into a woman's restroom so he can kidnap some young, unsuspecting girl, haul her into his stall and rape her? This is something that has been bothering me ever since I started hearing about transsexuals now wanting to use the public restrooms of the sexes they identify with, instead of the sexes that they really are. But about a week ago, I began to hear of some problems with this new trend.

It all started with a high school boy, who identified himself as a girl, wanted to start using the girl's restroom. Well, the school was against it, because they did not want to make the other girls uncomfortable. The boy even wanted to start using the girls' locker room. A very big concern! The school was against that too. But they did allow the boy another option. He could use one of the staff's unisex, single-stalled bathrooms. But the boy refused. He wanted to be treated like an equal. OK, this is what gets me. Why would he refuse something like that? If I were that boy, I think I wouldn't give a shit about being treated like an equal! I'd be thinking "Wow! The staff must be thinking I am something special, allowing me to use their restrooms, where no other student can!" LOL! OK I know that's not really the case, but that is what would cross my mind. He would have had a bathroom all to himself. No one else had to look at him, and he would not have to look at another girl. But then again, maybe he's not really a boy who identifies himself as a girl. Maybe he's a young pervert who really just wants to make his way legally into a girl's restroom and locker room so he can look at nude, or semi-nude, girls and quietly ogle them.

That is what scares me! A man can claim he identifies himself as a woman, but how do you know for sure that he really does? How do you know for sure he's not just claiming he does so he can stalk women in one of their most private moments? Or so perhaps he can grab some young girl, take her into an empty stall and rape her? Then I saw this video from a friend last night. It is a video of a man who grabbed a young teenage girl and tried to drag her off...

I think Walmart has the best idea ever. Some locations have installed unisex bathrooms. They are single-stalled bathrooms with doors that lock, only one person can use them at a time. I think the transsexuals should consider using those where available. And I know I am definitely going to get a lot of hate for saying this, but if you are a man who identifies himself as a woman, and you don't feel comfortable using a man's restroom, then that's too bad! You were given a penis! Not a vagina! You still have to stand up, with your penis over the bowl, to take a piss. That is why they have urinals in men's restrooms. Not in womens' restrooms. You still have to lift up the toilet seat to piss. I, for one, do not want to have to put the seat back down because you cannot identify yourself as a man! That's not my problem! That's your's! If you don't want to use the men's room, then hold your piss until you get home! Don't bring your nasty male habits where I have to clean up after them. Or right your wrongs! Using a public restroom is bad enough. I don't want to have to put my hands on more than is necessary!
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