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Thursday, May 2, 2013

UMG Plus More!

Well, I got the UMG Productions site up and running again, and a few more stories have been added. A couple I had to do some clean-up on, but I finished the site. I found a platform, Sellfy.com and am using that for digital sales. Actually the money for those goes to my supervisor. Not me. Some of the stories I put up are up on the site for the very first time. They are as follows:

A Tribute to Mount St. Helens

To Work or Dress

Futuristic Fight-Club

The Twister (yes, I worked out the slip-ups)

The Pendant

The Lemur and the Mouse

Adventures In Moving

I am also working on more stories. Right now, I am heavily engrossed on another St. Helens story. This one is St. Helens, 100 years from now. Well, from the year 2000, when the story was first written. That will be the next story to be put up on the site. It's a good story, IMO. About a Dyscampturus lemur (again, from Metazoica. Modern animals are boring to write about) female and cub, who live on the mountain. Mount St. Helens erupts again, and the mom is taken away. The cub is left behind and is rescued. At the rehabilitation center, he is bandaged up and meets another cub, a female, who also lost her mom in the eruption. But she is something of a bully. Well, I don't want to give the story away too much. It'll be available on the site soon.

Ya know with all these putting old stories together, and sometimes even tweaking them a little, I never have time anymore to write new stories. Just rehashing old stories. But I want them to look perfect for their debut on the site. If I am going to offer any story on the site, it's going to be one that I am proud of. Some stories I have on the site just for the hell of it. Some I wrote just to get everything out of my system! I put them in book form so that hopefully other people can learn something from them. A great example is Adventures In Moving. Most of that story is about the time I lived with Patti, the evil roommate (and check out the picture I made of her in the article). That pic is NO exaggeration! That is what Patti really looked like! Now that I am no longer living with her, the pupils in her eyes must have relaxed again, now that she can shoot up her street drugs again. She couldn't do that when I was living with her. But anyway, that was what I saw that third night in the kitchen, when she would not let me go back into my bedroom.

Another such story is Hutchess (A Picture Diary). The story really has no point to it. I am only offering it on the site because I am hoping it gives comfort to someone else who has lost a pet before. I once had a similar story, only less pictures and more story, I put up on lulu after I lost Groucho. But I don't offer that one on the UMG Productions site. It's just something I slapped together. But the story about Hutchess is more of a story. It has funny little happenings throughout the story, and goes into detail about what happened to her. And also what happened to me after I lost her. Like the strange dreams I had. Those were the worst!

Well, I also still have the INXS story, but only as an ebook. Ya know I went to the inxs.com site yesterday, and I noticed they have a tab on their online store for ebooks. But NO WAY am I offering this ebook on the site!! If INXS ever finds out I wrote a story with them in it, I could be in trouble. I hope to GOD they never find out about that story! One of the good things about them not looking into my website. But I still think that story needs some more tweaking. It took me 7 years to write that story. It'd be a shame if INXS asked me to take it down. One of the reasons it took me so long was because I am notoriously bad at endings! I still don't think I should have ended that story with Michael's death. But my friend who helped me write it said it's good. It should set the stage for a number of other continuing stories. IF I ever get around to writing them. HA!

Well, that's about all I have to say. Check out the UMG Productions site! It's better! This time, the ebooks are staying! No more dealing with PayLoadz!!

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